Surprising Facts About VW T-Roc

Volkswagen T-Roc

The Volkswagen T-Roc is one of the more popular VW crossover/SUVs on the market as it is relatively affordable to buy while also being part of the most popular car segment out there right now. It is positioned between the larger VW Tiguan and the smallest new VW T-Cross. The first generation of the T-Roc came out in 2017 and VW has re-designed it for the 2022 model year.

In this article, we are going to mention the most surprising facts about VW T-Roc which are going to sure to sway future VW T-Roc buyers one way or the other. So, if you want to know more about the T-Roc, what makes it special, and what makes it a bit strange, be sure to read this article!


Volkswagen has intended the T-Roc to be a more customizable VW than most other ones on the market. For example, you can pick between a whole load of colors, most of which can’t be had with other VW models. Secondly, you can even decide to paint the roof and the rest of the car in a different color to make your T-Roc more unique and authentic.

You can pick between the standard T-Roc, the T-Roc Style, the T-Roc Sport, and the T-Roc R-Line. Four different panel colors and choices between cloth, leather, and suede are also there to help you make your T-Roc more up to your personal taste. You can even paint some of the interior trims in the car’s body color which is not something you can do with virtually any other VW.

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 It is also a Convertible

The T-Roc was envisioned as a sporty crossover/coupe SUV, but you’d be surprised to know that you can also buy it as a convertible. VW wants you to think that the new T-Roc can be a fashion statement as much as it can be a car which is why you can buy a crossover/SUV/coupe/convertible model which is almost unheard of, except for the Range Rover Evoque.

Seven Engines

Most automakers these days try to make their offerings as easy to understand and as cohesive as possible, but it seems like VW wants the exact opposite with the T-Roc. We already mentioned that you can use an extended suite of authentic options and trims, but the VW T-Roc can also be had with seven different engine choices.

Entry-level engines include small diesel and petrol units such as the 108hp 1.0L TSI or the 113hp 2.0L TDI. The range-topping model is the 2.0L TSI with 300hp which is sure to make the T-Roc feel like a Golf R on stilts.  


Volkswagen has also made sure to make the T-Roc packed with the very latest and greatest VW technology features available. It gets a fully digitalized interior with VW’s latest Virtual Cockpit display, a large touchscreen center console, and a whole host of impressive features such as Advanced Voice Recognition and ambient lights.

As far as safety and convenience are concerned, the T-Roc gets stuff such as Front Assist, Jam Assist, Pedestrian Warning, Auto Lights, Rear Traffic Alert, Lane Keep Assist, Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, the IQ Drive Assist, and all of the necessary navigation, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto suites.

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With such high levels of customization, technology, safety, and even space, you’d think that the T-Roc is a fairly expensive car, but that is not exactly the case. At $30,000, it isn’t the cheapest crossover SUV, but it does compete with cars such as the Audi Q3, and the Q3 does not really get any more features than the T-Roc does, even though it costs a lot more.

The engines on offer with the Q3 and the T-Roc are also quite similar which also goes to the AWD system and the transmission. The platform is the same, the driving position is the same. Sure, the Q3 is more premium, and you can feel that, but the difference really isn’t all that big.


Volkswagen managed to sell more than a million of these in the first 5 years since the T-Roc entered production which is an immensely large number. This only further reiterates the fact that the T-Roc is one of the more popular VW models to date, especially because it combines pretty much everything you’d want from a modern-day city and long-distance daily driver.

FAQ Section

What is Good About the VW T-Roc?

There are many upsides to the T-Roc, the main of which are the fact that it’s a crossover SUV and that it’s filled with all the latest tech VW has to offer. It also offers a decent amount of space which means that it’s too big or clumsy to drive while also being able to transport multiple adults without too much worry. Lastly, the trunk space is easily accessible and packs quite a bit of stuff.

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We need to mention that the T-Roc has also gotten a 5 out of 5-star safety rating which further adds to the occasion. Lastly, the T-Roc represents quite possibly the sweet spot of the entire VW internal combustion engine range for those who aren’t looking for as much space as they can possibly get. It’s a great all-arounder, and the sales are surely proving that.

What is Bad About the VW T-Roc?

No car is perfect which is why we are going to mention a few VW T-Roc downsides as well. Firstly, the T-Roc does not offer the best visibility thanks to its sloping roofline and the rear head space could be better only if the roof didn’t taper as much as it does. Secondly, the T-Roc looks a bit like the VW Polo on the inside which is a good thing to say for the Polo, but not the T-Roc.

We also need to add that the T-Roc isn’t a particularly characterful car to drive. It’s designed to be a great all-arounder, and it is, but it lacks a bit of character. Sure, the R Sport 300hp T-Roc is a bit different, but that car costs more than $50,000 which is a lot of money for a small entry-level crossover.

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