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The Volkswagen ID 5 is based on the ID 4, but some notable differences between them steer many people into the ID 5 camp, the main of which is styling as the ID 5 serves as a coupe version of the ID 4. Either way, the ID 5 is shaping up to be a really popular and successful car for VW which is also why we are now going to go through all the surprising facts about VW ID 5.

Some of these are sure to sway you to either buy the ID 5 or refuse to buy one, so you should consult yourself with this article if you are in the market for an ID 5. If you want to know more about the ID 5, what is so good about it, and what it lacks, be sure to read this article!

 The Most Slippery VW Ever Made

In the world of EVs, brands are constantly playing tom trumps with stuff such as range, power, technology, and acceleration times. However, in recent years, brands have also started competing with each other in regard to how slippery their cars are. After all, if your car is really slippery, it is going to benefit from more range, more power, and better acceleration times combined!

The VW ID 5 is VW’s most efficient car when it comes to aerodynamics as it offers an impressive 0.27 drag coefficient which is on par with some of the most slippery crossover/SUVs in the business.

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 Amazing Technology Palette  

The ID 5 is currently the top-spec most-expensive VW ID model on sale before it gets run over by models such as the ID 6, ID 7, and ID 8. As such, the ID 5 offers an impressive suite of technological solutions designed to make your daily ordeal more comfortable, safer, and way more entertaining.

The ID 5 gets the newest VW infotainment system, cool-looking ambient lights, all sorts of wizardry in the driving department, and an amazing sound system. However, the best part of it all is that VW is set to update the ID 5 consistently every time new software comes out which means that the ID 5 is never going to feel dated.

 The VW ID 5 GTX

The VW ID 5 GTX is the top-spec version of the top-spec VW ID range. It packs quite a punch as it manages to do 0-60mph in less than 6 seconds thanks to 300hp, but the best part is that even with that much performance, it manages to do 330 miles of range.

The ID 5 GTX is priced at around $50,000 which sure is a lot of money, but the ID 5 GTX is a comfortable daily driver with premium technology while also being fairly fun to drive and use as a daily driver, even compared to some more serious German performance coupe SUVs.

Practicality Is Excellent

When you hear the words crossover-coupe-SUV, you might think that the ID 5 is cramped in the rear and that it lacks head space. After all, that’s been the case even with some much larger coupe SUVs such as the Mercedes GLE Coupe.

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However, the VW ID 5’s practicality hasn’t been hampered by the low roofline which sure is amazing considering how the car looks. Moreover, the car’s trunk space is also amazing with an easy load bay and lots of available space.

It Improves on The VW ID 4  

The VW ID 5 isn’t just a re-bodied ID 4, but it also has a few tricks up its sleeve which does make these two cars different in other areas, not just the design. The ID 4 starts with a smaller 52kWh battery which isn’t ideal for the car’s size while the ID 5 can only be had with a 77kWh battery which solves this problem immediately.

The ID 5 looks better, it’s longer, more aerodynamic, has better trim options, and is much more desirable as a whole.

FAQ Section

What is Good About VW ID 5?

If you have no experience with electric vehicles, cars such as the ID 5 can introduce you to the world of EVs in the most enjoyable manner possible. VW has made sure to make the ID 5 feel like an EV, but they didn’t try to reinvent the wheel which means that those who are familiar with “normal” VWs are going to feel right at home with the ID 5.

Other upsides include the fact that the ID 5 seems to be holding its value in the first few years much better than the ID 4 while also being the looker of the family. The GTX model adds multiple styling trinkets which are sure to make your ID 5 stand out in the corporate car park. Lastly, we also need to mention that the ID 5 gets VW’s top technology.

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What is Bad About the VW ID 5?

Many people believe that the entirety of the VW ID range has downgraded VW’s quality of materials significantly. Hard-touch plastics are more common than ever and that is especially a problem for a car such as the ID 5 as it is the most expensive current ID product on the market. Also, the ID 5 feels a bit too much like a toy.

This means that it lacks character and isn’t really the type of car a car enthusiast would ever lust after. The GTX model isn’t sporty enough, at least as far as most people think. 300hp isn’t a small number, but it is when you compare it to the fact that some electric SUVs on the market offer upwards of 1000hp under your right foot.

How Much Distance Does ID5 Have?

The VW ID 5 has 314 miles with the 299hp model while the longest-lasting ID 5 models can do about 330 miles of range. Packed with a rapid charger, the ID 5 can replenish 200 miles worth of range in about 30 minutes which is more than enough for your daily commute.

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