Skoda Superb DSG problems 

Skoda Superb

The Skoda Superb is a well-built, elegant, and fun-to-drive car. However, it also comes with multiple problems, including DSG issues. But what are the Skoda Superb DSG problems?

Some of the Skoda Superb DSG issues are DSG gearbox juddering, solenoid failure, worn-out clutch, and mechatronic failure. Nonetheless, some owners have also reported having DSG transmission slipping and DSG gearbox oil leaks. 

What are the common problems with Skoda Superb DSG?

DSG gearbox juddering

This is a common problem in both 6-speed and 7-speed DSG gearboxes on the Skoda Superb. If your DSG gearbox is not smooth and it is shaking or vibrating, then it is time to visit a professional mechanic for inspection. Most Skoda Superb owners with this problem reported that the gearbox started juddering when accelerating and shifting from the first gear into a higher gear. 

Note that this issue is usually caused by worn-out clutch packs of the DSG transmission. As the clutch packs wear out, they start to judder or vibrate when they are under the most pressure. The mechanic should replace the worn-out clutch packs with new ones to fix the problem. 

Transmission solenoid valves failure 

Solenoid valves are a very vital part of your DSG transmission. They prevent the transmission from bogging down due to too much fluid or seizing up because of a lack of fluid. When the valves fail, you may notice things like juddering, delayed engagement, and much more. Some of the things that cause these valves to fail are oil contamination or electrical problems. 

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The good news with failing solenoid valves is that faulty mechatronics parts can be fixed, instead of replacing the entire unit.

Mechatronic failure 

The mechatronic unit is one of the main parts of a DSG gearbox. Since this part is made up of many parts, any of them can fail and lead to serious DSG issues. If the mechatronic unit fails, it can also lead to several problems like electric motor failure, solenoid valve failure, and high-pressure pump failure. 

So, if your Skoda Superb DSG is having any of the issues that we’ve mentioned above, you should have it inspected by a professional mechanic and the problem fixed. Nevertheless, even though replacing the entire mechatronic unit is much easier, you can start by fixing the faulty parts and seeing if the issue is resolved. 

Worn-out clutch

The dual-clutch transmission on the Skoda Superb utilizes two clutches. On top of that, they use two driveshafts and two gearboxes. While one gearbox keeps the present gear engaged, the other gearbox already has the next gear ready to go. However, for this procedure to go smoothly, you will require all clutches to work slowly. So, if one clutch is damaged or faulty, the process won’t work smoothly.

Some of the signs of worn-out clutches are gear slipping in between gears or gear juddering when accelerating. Ensure to replace the worn-out or bad clutch with a good one. 

DSG gearbox oil leak 

Another common Skoda Superb DSG problem is DSG oil leakage. Slow weeping of oil can accumulate to the point where you’re running low on transmission fluid. This can cause serious damage to your DSG. Nonetheless, it is vital to distinguish between engine oil leaks and gearbox oil leaks. Gearbox oil is usually yellow or clear, while engine oil leak is normally somewhat darker and not as translucent. 

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Have a professional mechanic inspect your car and find out why you’ve got gearbox oil leakage. The mechanic should fix the issue and replace the lost oil or fluids. 

DSG transmission slipping

DSG transmission slips are normally noticed when the driver accelerates, and the car builds up RPMs, but the engagement of the clutch is late, and you feel like the transmission is slipping. Some of the main causes of a slipping transmission are a worn-out clutch and issues with the electronics within the gearbox.

To fix this problem, you should have the mechanic examine the gearbox and fix or replace the damaged part(s). 


Which DSG gearbox is more reliable – 7-speed or 6-speed DSG?

Skoda Super comes with various DSG gearboxes. It has a 5-speed, 6-speed, and 7-speed gearbox. However, most cars feature either the 6-speed or 7-Speed gearbox. Nonetheless, the 7-speed DSG gearbox is less reliable than the 6-speed DSG. This is because of the dry clutch that is featured in the 7-Speed DSG.

On the other hand, the 6-speed DSG is more reliable as it is fitted with a wet clutch, which is more reliable, smoother, and stronger. 

How can you take care of your DSG?

Taking care of your DSG is crucial as it will ensure that you don’t encounter many costly issues. Some of the things that you should do to take care of your DSG are to allow the engine to warm before using launch control. Additionally, you should use the accelerator to keep the car on the slopes, as this can hurt the clutches. What’s more, you should ensure to carry out regular oil and filter changes. 

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What are the advantages of a DSG gearbox?

Despite the DSG being an automatic gearbox, it has several advantages over the traditional automatic gearbox. Some of the advantages are lower emissions, better fuel economy, more fun driving, and more responsive performance. On the contrary, it also has some disadvantages, such as lower reliability, higher cost of maintenance, and potential problems with low speed. 

How does a DSG gearbox work? 

A DSG gearbox works by having one clutch for odd-numbered gears and another clutch for even-numbered gears. This enables the gearbox to pre-select the next gear before disengaging the present one, leading to faster and smoother gear changes. Besides, the gear selection can be fully automatic or semi-manual using a lever or paddle. 

Final thoughts 

While the Skoda Superb looks fantastic with a comfortable ride and good performance, it comes with serious issues that interested buyers ought to know about. For instance, it has serious DSG problems that users should take note of. But with proper care and maintenance, most of the DSG problems that we’ve highlighted can be avoided. 

Ensure service the car as recommended by the manufacturer. Overall, the Skoda Superb is a wonderful mid-size car.  

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