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Skoda Roomster

Skoda Roomster automatic is a small family car made from 2006 to 2015. This five-door hatchback is reliable and spacious with exceptional performance. Nonetheless, this car also comes with multiple issues that users should know about. So, what are the Skoda Roomster’s automatic problems?

Common problems with the Skoda Roomster automatic models are braking issues, gearbox problems, fuel leakage, electrical problems, and faulty steering wheel lock. In addition, some users also reported having turbocharger problems, excessive oil usage, and failing fuel injectors. 

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What are the common problems with the Skoda Roomster automatic models?

Gearbox problems

Even though the Skoda Roomster models with an automatic gearbox last longer than the models with a manual gearbox, they tend to have more problems. Note that most of these issues occur as the car puts on several miles. Some of the automatic gearbox issues reported are gears slipping, failed gear engagement, and shift flares.

If you’re having gearbox problems, you will have to visit a professional mechanic for inspection before repairs or replacements are made.

Braking issues

Many Skoda Roomster automatic users have reported having braking problems. This problem is common in Skoda Roomsters used in cold or snowy areas. Besides, this issue is normally caused by a tear or leak in the brake booster vacuum hose.

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To fix this problem, you will be required to replace the damaged brake booster vacuum hose.

Excessive oil usage

This is another common problem that Skoda Roomster automatic models experience. However, this problem is more common in the Skoda Roomster 1.2 TSI petrol engine. What’s more, this problem occurs early and can cause serious engine damage if it’s not checked in good time.

Note that the main cause of this problem is a leak around the piston rings. Nevertheless, it can also be due to worn-out seals or gaskets. So, you should ensure that a professional mechanic inspects the car before replacing or repairing any of the parts.  

Faulty steering wheel lock

A faulty steering wheel lock may not be as dangerous as a faulty steering wheel, but it should be fixed to avoid any dangers to the car. This is because a faulty steering wheel lock can lock the car when you want to use it. Besides, a bad steering wheel lock is usually caused by a clogged rack or a faulty power steering rack.

This issue can be fixed by either cleaning the clogged rack or replacing it if it’s damaged.  

Fuel leakage

This issue was rampant in Skoda Roomster automatic models made between 2011 and 2015. However, the manufacturer recalled the affected models, and the problem was fixed. Skoda noted that the problem was caused by vibrations that are transferred to the fuel filter cover because of pressure pulsations in the fuel lines.

Additionally, this issue also made the fuel filter crack in the area of the supply neck and cause the fuel to leak.

Turbocharger problems

The Skoda Roomster automatic 1.2 TSI petrol engine is one of the most problematic engines from this model. Aside from experiencing excessive oil usage, this engine also has turbocharger problems. Some of the symptoms of a bad or failing turbocharger are poor acceleration, power loss, excessive exhaust smoke, and heightened gas usage.

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To fix this issue, you will have to replace the failing turbocharger.

Failing fuel injectors

Fuel injectors on the Skoda Roomster are known to fail after some time. Some of the signs of a failing fuel injector are engine misfires, reduced engine power, the car won’t start, poor gas mileage, and engine idling.

To fix this problem, you will have to replace the failing fuel injectors.

Electrical issues

Electrical problems are common in Skoda models. The Skoda Roomster automatic is not an exception. Some of the common electrical problems in this car are fan failure, faulty alternators, battery drainage, and problems with the starter motor.

If you want to fix the problem, you will have the car inspected by a professional mechanic to pinpoint the real problem.


Is Skoda Roomster reliable?

Yes, Skoda Roomster is as reliable as other Skoda models. Many users have applauded their performance and reliability. Additionally, most reliability agencies have given the Skoda Roomster an above-average reliability rating. The only issue is the high cost of spare parts.

Which Skoda Roomster engines are fitted with an automatic gearbox?

Surprisingly, only a handful of Skoda Roomster models feature an automatic gearbox. To add on, both Skoda Roomster models that feature the automatic gearbox are petrol versions and not diesel. They include 2010 to 2015 1.2-liter TSI CBZB I4 turbocharged engine with 7-speed automatic transmission.

The second engine is a 2006 to 2015 1.6 MPI I4 naturally aspirated engine with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The rest of the Skoda Roomster trims feature a manual transmission. 

Is it expensive to maintain the Skoda Roomster?

No, maintaining the Skoda Roomster is way cheaper than most of its rivals. This is because the car is very reliable and reports a few problems compared to its competitors. On the flip side, the Skoda Roomster parts are pretty costly and so is the cost of labor.

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How long do Skoda engines last?

Skoda is one of the most reliable luxury cars on the market. And since their engines are made by the Volkswagen Group, they are very reliable. With proper care and maintenance, the Skoda Roomster engine should last for more than 250,000 miles.

What engine does the Skoda Roomster have?

Unlike many Skoda models, the Skoda Roomster features a single generation with a single upgrade. However, it comes with several engine options that give users several options to choose from. It has both diesel and petrol engine options.

Skoda Roomster diesel options include the 1.2-liter I3 TDI CR, 1.4-liter I3 TDI PD, 1.6-liter I4 TDI CR, and 1.9-liter TDI PD engines. On the contrary, it also offers several petrol options including a 1.2-liter I3 HTP, 1.2-liter I4 TSI, 1.4-liter I4 16V, and 1.6-liter 16V engines.

Bottom line

Whether you select a Skoda Roomster with an automatic or manual transmission, you will likely face the same problems with a slight variation. Both transmissions are reliable but the automatic option is the more durable choice. On the contrary, manual transmission is less costly to maintain.

With that said, your Skoda Roomster automatic model will last longer if properly maintained and taken care of. On average, it should last for at least 200,000 miles.

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