Porsche won’t start – causes and how to fix it

Porsche won’t start - how to fix it

Porsche is a brand known for making some of the best-engineered cars the world has ever seen. This also means that Porsches tend to be reliable, but that does not mean that they can’t break down. Quite the contrary as Porsche models that weren’t maintained correctly are prone to breaking down really often.

When they do, it also happens to be expensive to fix them. Without getting into details about what can go wrong with a Porsche, we are going to focus on why a Porsche won’t start – causes and how to fix it. The most common reason why a Porsche won’t start is associated with the battery which can be either depleted, weak or covered with corrosion on its terminals.

Other reasons include a weak key fob battery which then can’t be recognized by the car. Issues with the starter motor and the alternator are also common reasons why a Porsche won’t start. Clogged fuel filters and fuel pump issues are not as common, but can, once again, cause a Porsche to not start up.

Finally, also be sure to go over the spark plugs and the fuse box as these can something do the trick as well. If you weren’t able to fix your Porsche with either of these, we strongly suggest taking your car to an experienced mechanic as there are many other more complicated reasons why a Porsche won’t start.

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 Battery Issues

Your first point of interest should be to visually inspect the battery and see if is in good condition and how old it is. As far as its output, you are best off using a multimeter to see how effective your battery is and 12-13 volts are considered a healthy battery. If your multimeter reads less than that, your battery is nearing the end of its lifetime and should be replaced if everything is okay with your alternator.

Another thing to keep in mind is to disconnect the battery and check the battery terminals to see if there are any signs of corrosion on top of them. If so, go ahead and buy a dedicated battery cleaner to clean the corrosion off and then repeat the multimeter process as laid out above.

Key Fob Issues

Virtually all modern-day cars come with key fobs instead of regular blade keys as this is often deemed cooler and more luxurious and it works in tandem with modern-day keyless start and entry features. However, a key fob presents another issue as the battery inside the key fob tends to fail eventually and will need replacing.

When it dies, you are not likely going to be able to either enter or just start the car up. If you have a relatively older Porsche key fob, be sure to take the blade key out and try to start the car up with just a blade key. If it kicks in, your key fob is to blame, if not, chances are that some other items from this list are the reason.

 Alternator and Starter Motor Issues

The alternator is tasked with charging up the battery, without it, all batteries would eventually die. As such, if your alternator is broken, your battery is going to follow soon. As such, be sure to test the alternator and replace it as soon as possible as you don’t want your battery to die too as Porsche alternators and battery replacements are anything but cheap.

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Moreover, the starter motor is a small component tasked with cranking the engine. If you hear clicking while turning the key and no cranking, chances are that your starter motor is broken and needs replacing.

Fuel Delivery System Issues

Your fuel delivery system is comprised of a high-pressure fuel pump that sits near the engine, a low-pressure fuel pump that sits in the fuel tank, a series of hoses and rails, and a few filters in between. Out of all these, the most common reason why a car won’t start is a clogged fuel filter that blocks passage.

If so, your car will be provided with all the usual electrical power, your starter motor will try and crank the engine, but it won’t start, or it will stall soon after. If your fuel pump is to blame, you can usually hear a fuel pump kicking while turning the ignition in your car. If you don’t hear it, it is likely toast.

 Fuse Box and Spark Plugs

Our last points of interest are spark plugs and the fuse box, both of which can fail and cause issues while trying to start the car up. As such, just be sure to inspect them and replace them if needed. As far as the fuse is concerned, always go for the same amperage for each individual fuse.

FAQ Section

How Much Does A New Porsche Battery Cost?

A new Porsche battery is likely going to cost you around $300-$600 depending on the type of Porsche you own. If you own a classic rare model, your battery is going to cost much more while mainstream Porsche model batteries tend to be comparably a lot cheaper.

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Sometimes you will have to pay for installation costs as well, at other times, the installation costs will be included in the listing price.

How Long Should A Porsche Battery Last?

Many factors affect how long a Porsche battery can last, but most Porsche mechanics will tell you that you should aim to replace the battery every 5-6 years. If your battery lasts less than that, there is a great deal of chance that something is wrong so be sure to take your car in for an inspection.

Are Porsche Cars Reliable?

In the world of high-end premium luxury cars, reliability is not as important as it is in the economy segments as brands here are more focused on luxury, performance, technology, exclusivity, and desirability. Be that as it may, Porsche is one of a few rare brands that does make reliable luxury cars.

There really aren’t too many reliable luxury brands that make reliable cars except Porsche and Lexus.

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