Are Jaguar SUVs reliable?

Jaguar SUVs are some of the sportiest SUVs amongst many rivals. They also feature a comfortable, spacious cabin and cargo. Many see them as the perfect family vehicle. But are Jaguar SUVs reliable?

Unfortunately, Jaguar SUVs are not very reliable. Most test sites that test drive some of the top Jaguar SUVs give them low reliability scores. This is also accompanied by consumer reviews where most complained they had frequent visits to repair shops. However, there are still many reasons people opt for Jaguar SUVs.

Jaguar SUVs lack in reliability

Although reliability is an issue, most Jaguar SUVs give a crisp and impressive driving feel. Passengers praise their spacious and comfortable cabins, along with the ample cargo space. Drivers are happy with how fast and athletic these SUVs are. Interior and exterior styling? Also impressive.

But people want more than just a beautiful, fast car. Owners also want something reliable. And this is where most Jaguar SUVs are lacking. Consumer Reports, JD Power and other professional car rating sites haven’t been impressed with Jaguar SUV reliability. Most gave a 2 out of 5-star reliability rating.

Owner reviews give a confirmation of the data these professional test drivers projected. Frequent visit to repair shops was something many found annoying, whether it was a visit to a private shop or recall by the company. For luxury SUVs with such a price tag, drivers expect more.

Some of the issues with Jaguars SUVs are as follows:

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Engine tiring

Jaguar SUVs are expensive, at least compared to most of their competitors. Many would expect that luxury SUVs costing that much would serve for a long time. The engine upgrade on recent models improved horsepower, handling, and even fuel economy. However, owners have been disappointed that the engine did not work for long before getting tired.

E-pace transmission issues

Changing gears at ease when driving is something most drivers find important. However, for Jaguar SUVs, in particular the E-pace, there have been serious transmission issues. Owners complained of the E-pace going out of gear itself while driving.

Another issue is a delay between the engine and transmission. When drivers put their E-pace into gear, it delays for a few seconds before the car moves. And when it finally moves, it’s either jumping or leaping. Owners of the E-pace find this annoying, and even the recent models have this issue.

Worse, there hasn’t been a recall regarding these issues, so owners will have to fix it themselves. Not attending to it could pose a risk and cause accidents. This prompts Jaguar owners to visit a mechanic to have their transmissions fixed quickly. Of course, they will have to pay.

Inferior interiors in the F-pace

Many owners of the Jaguar F-pace have complained that the interior seats were made with inferior materials. And as such, it doesn’t take long before the material wears out. Shockingly, this issue is found in both the base and top trims of both the old and new models.

Owners find themselves going to fix worn seats when they’ve not driven their vehicle for long. For many, this is such a disappointment, even with the improvement the F-pace has gotten. Because other SUVs of the same class with even lower prices have better furnishing.

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F-pace blank instrument panel

The instrument panel (also known as the instrument cluster or dashboard) of any vehicle displays driving information such as speed, fuel remaining, tire pressure, and more. Drivers rely on this information to have a safe ride.

However, the 2017 and 2018 F-pace shocked drivers. Many have complained that the instrument cluster goes blank or automatically resets while driving, leaving drivers with no clue how their vehicle is doing.

This is not just annoying for drivers.  It also puts drivers at risk of a crash, especially if the cluster refuses to display important information like vehicle speed for a long time. Though recalls for the 2017-2018 F-pace were made, owners find it annoying having to frequently take their cars out for one inspection after the other.

E-pace power loss

Many owners of the E-pace have gotten the shock of their lives while behind the wheel. Drivers reported that the engine shut down on its own while the vehicle was on the move. Then the engine light illuminated, prompting the SUV to enter limp mode. This was quite risky, especially on highway drives.

Jaguar noted this was due to a software issue. However, only time will tell if the software patch will solve the problem. Nevertheless, having to fix vehicle issues all the time can be annoying and frustrating for many.

Dead battery in the F-pace

Owners of the Jaguar F-pace have complained of having a dead battery after allowing their cars to sit for as short as 10 minutes. Even though Jaguar checked and replaced the batteries, owners still find it inconvenient to take their vehicles for repairs. The dead battery was, however, attributed to certain programs still running even when the car was turned off.

Windshield blocking GPS and radio signals

The windshield of the Jaguar E-pace contains metal oxide that helps block UV rays. This ensures the vehicle’s interior is protected and cool, and protects the driver from the sun. However, as the metalized windshield functions, it also blocks GPS, radio, and cell phone signals. To avoid this, owners have to install transmitters into their E-pace to lessen this issue.

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Other problems

Other issues that Jaguar SUV owners have had to get repaired include throttle not responding on time on the E-pace, headlight issues, seat belt retractor failure, faulty fuel system, defective crankshaft pulley bolt, and an extremely short driveshaft, among other thing.


Why do people buy Jaguar SUVs?

Jaguar SUVs are among the sportiest SUVs you can think of. Their SUVs feature quick acceleration, responsive braking and solid transmissions. Routine handling is also fair enough. Their great looks and styling, coupled with a large cabin and cargo space, are things worth considering too.

How much do Jaguar SUVs cost?

Jaguar SUVs start anywhere between $45,000 to $81,000. However, these price points depend on the model or year you’re opting for. The F-pace base trim, for example, starts at $45,200, while the top trim sells for $80,200.

Do Jaguar SUVs hold their value?

Jaguar SUVs hold their values fair enough, depreciating by 54% in five years. For example, an F-pace bought for $60,000 originally, may sell for $30,000 after five years. However, this is on the condition that the vehicle is in good working conditions and does not have many miles on it.

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