New Citroën ë-Berlingo electric vs similar EV cars

Citroën ë-Berlingo

The Citroën e-Berlingo is the most famous Citroën electric MPV/cargo van which means that it can satisfy both families and companies. The e-Berlingo comes with Citroën’s now famous 50kWh battery, one that can be seen in many other Citroën electric models.

The e-Berlingo sits in a really competitive segment of the market and thus comparing the new Citroën ë-Berlingo electric vs similar EV cars is the main subject of this article. Similar EVs include the Peugeot Partner, the Opel/Vauxhall Combo, the Fiat Doblo, the Ford Tourneo, and the VW .ID BUZZ.

However, if you want a 7-seater family electric car, but you want it to be fast, luxurious, comfortable, and desirable, you will have to step up to the Tesla Model Y or the Mercedes EQV/EQB. Either way, these cars are much more expensive much more capable, and much more luxurious.

The electric MPV/medium cargo van segment is only beginning and we are likely going to see many new electric MPVs as time moves on. This also means that these MPVs aren’t the very best when it comes to electric cars as the electric MPV segment isn’t really all that interesting to most prospective EV buyers.

Citroën e-Berlingo

The Citroën e-Berlingo comes in two different variants, a seven-seater MPV, or a medium-sized cargo van. The differences between regular Berlingo and electric Berlingo models are obviously the powertrain, practicality, efficiency, and price. The e-Berlingo costs around 40,000 euros, some models cost slightly less than 40 while others go over 40.

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The “normal” Berlingo is much cheaper than that and 40k is a bit much for a plain old Berlingo. With a battery of around 50kWh, the Berlingo is able to do around 174 miles on a full charge and can be recharged with a fast DC 100kW charger from 20% to 80% in around 25 minutes at best.

The regular e-Berlingo can easily sit up to seven people with acres of room to spare while the cargo variant can load up to 1700 pounds of cargo which is certainly a lot. The e-Berlingo is shaping up to be a surprisingly successful electric Citroën, but we will have to wait and see how the e-Berlingo compares against its fiercest rivals.

Peugeot Partner, Opel/Vauxhall Combo, Fiat Doblo

You might be surprised to find out that the Peugeot Partner, the Opel/Vauxhall Combo, and the Fiat Doblo all share their powertrains with the aforementioned e-Berlingo which means that all these vehicles are made on the same “Stellantis” platform. Stellantis is the name of the company that owns all of these automakers which is why they share the same platform.

A 50kWh battery, 136hp, between 170-200 miles of range, all of these attributes can be found in all four of these cars, and the only differences between them are design and slight variants in trim and comfort levels. The e-Berlingo seems to be the most popular one out of the group though.

Price-wise, these are also really similar which means that the ultimate purchasing decision is likely going to be based on which one of these you deem better and your badge loyalty. Moreover, almost all EVs made by these four brands (including many additional brands under the Stellantis group) share the 50kWh battery and the rest of the powertrain.

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Ford Tourneo and the VW .ID BUZZ

The Citroën e-Berlingo and the rest of the cars mentioned above aren’t the only two cars that share most of their parts as that can also be seen with the Ford Tourneo and the brand-new VW .ID BUZZ. These two aren’t head-on competitors to the e-Berlingo, but they do share a similar role on the market, especially because there aren’t really too many options you can go for anyway.

These two are slightly more expensive and can sit up to seven people as well. Where these two make a more substantial difference is the battery size as they offer a larger 77kWh battery and range of up to 260 miles. These numbers aren’t confirmed yet but are understandable because the 77kWh battery is larger.

You can expect these two to cost between €10,000 and even €20,000 more than the Berlingo and the rest of the Stellantis gang. It’s also worth mentioning that these two offer a higher maximum DC charging speed of 175kW and are overall more luxurious and better equipped.

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FAQ Section

What is the most luxurious seven-seater electric car?

The most luxurious seven-seater electric car is the brand-new Mercedes EQS SUV. The EQS is based on the same platform as the sedan version, the EQS which is arguably the most luxurious EV ever. The EQS SUV is designed primarily with five seats in mind, but you can pack two more if you decide to raise up the third row of seats.

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This will impact your overall cargo capacity which will shrink substantially. This is even more exaggerated by the fact that the EQS SUV does not get a front trunk at all.

What is the most spacious seven-seater electric car?

If you want the most space you can get, I’d suggest looking at the Citroën e-Spacetourer or the Peugeot e-Traveler, both of which are based on the existing Stellantis platform and can fit up to 9 passengers at the same time.

The most spacious electric SUV is the Tesla Model X as it offers seating for up to seven people without sacrificing cargo space or headroom/legroom. Other really spacious electric SUVs include the Audi e-Tron, the Jaguar I-Pace, the new Rivian, and the upcoming electric Hummer.

Is the Citroën e-Berlingo worth it?

To be perfectly clear, the e-Berlingo is not the most spacious, nor the EV with the longest range. To be 100% honest, the e-Berlingo isn’t the best at anything which begs the question is it the car you should be looking at?

Even though there are better EVs out there, the e-Berlingo is more than good enough for what it is as it offers enough space, is really safe, and is relatively comfortable. The starting price is a bit hard to swallow, but it seems like the e-Berlingo is selling anyway.

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