Is Volvo C40 a good car?

Volvo C40

The Volvo C40 is a new addition to the Volvo SUV/Crossover family with two distinct features which aren’t available on most Volvo SUVs these days. The first one is the fact that the C40 is a full-on electric SUV while the other one is that it is a coupe SUV. Coupe SUVs were originally made “famous” by the BMW X6, but not many people expected these to become as popular as they are now.

Be that as it may, the Volvo C40 tries to be a modern, youthful crossover/SUV that perfectly reiterates what many people want in an SUV these days. However, is Volvo C40 a good car? The answer to this question is simple – yes, the Volvo C40 is a good car, but that is not necessarily the case for everyone.

So, if you want to know is Volvo C40 a good car for you, then stick around and find out. The C40 is powered by a large battery that powers all four wheels and offers upwards of 400hp which makes it one of the most powerful Volvo SUVs ever. The design resembles those found on the current XC40, but with a more coupe-ish rear end and a blanked-out front grille.

The interior is very much the same as in the XC40 which is no bad thing because the XC40 looks really nice. The driving experience is a bit more dialed in compared to the XC40 because the C40 has a lower center of gravity and much more power. Reliability seems to be okay while practicality is really good thanks to the two storage spaces.

Volvo C40 – The Powertrain

When it comes to the powertrain, the C40 is powered by a 77kWh battery paired with two electric motors for a combined output of 408hp. On a full charge, the C40 Recharge can do around 220-230 miles in the real world while official estimates are around 270 miles. 0-60 takes 4.3 seconds which is a rapid time for a Volvo SUV.

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With 150kW DC fast charging technology, the C40 Recharge can replenish its battery from 0% to 80% in just 40 minutes which is not great, but not terrible. As a spot of context, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 is not a luxury crossover/SUV, yet it can charge with speeds up to 350kW which means much faster real-world charging times.

All in all, the C40 offers a decent powertrain, but the maximum range could be a bit higher as there are many cars in this segment that can do over 300 miles on a full charge, many of which are less expensive than the C40 Recharge.

 Volvo C40 – Design and Driving

Design-wise, the C40 resembles its older brother, the XC40. The only notable difference up front is the fact that the C40 has no grille. The side profile is much more different thanks to a sloping roofline which brings us to the back where the C40 is unique with cool taillights and a raked rear window. The interior is very much the same as in the XC40, but with a few distinctive touches here and there.

The driving experience is surprising for a Volvo as the C40 Recharge feels a lot more dynamic than virtually all other Volvo SUVs. This is primarily due to a lower center of gravity and stiffer suspension. Be that as it may, the C40 still rides really well and is comfortable on all kinds of journeys, except for off-roading which it isn’t designed to do.

Volvo C40 – Reliability and Common Issues

When it comes to reliability, we do need to point out that the C40 is still a relatively new car which means that we can’t say too much. There are some issues people are pointing out, and many are saying that the C40 suffers from similar issues as the XC40 Recharge.

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These include a bunch of electrical and software issues, issues with the active safety systems, issues with Apple CarPlay, and issues with charging.

More about Volvo C40 problems.

Volvo C40 – Value and Practicality

With a starting price of $59,845, the C40 comes fully equipped as it is only available with the top-trim Ultimate package. This means that you get everything you need with this package and you don’t need to pay extra for anything. This is surely a high price, but the C40 is a luxury SUV after all.

Practicality-wise, the C40 is better than the XC40 when it comes to storage space as it offers both a trunk and a frunk. However, rear seat headspace is limited due to the coupe-ish roofline which does eat into space a lot more than in the XC40.

FAQ Section

Is the Volvo C40 better than the XC40?

These two SUVs are remarkably similar, but also different in many regards. For a spot of context, a fully-equipped Ultimate XC40 with a B5 top-spec engine costs $47,595 which is a lot more affordable than the C40 while also being more practical as a whole. The XC40 rides a bit higher and is arguably a bit more comfortable due to a softer suspension setup.

Although the XC40 is better value for money, the C40 is cooler and is, in my opinion, the better car. However, if you don’t want electric power, the XC40 is more than good enough.

Which cars rival the Volvo C40?

Even though it may be a bit costlier, the C40 competes with the Tesla Model Y, the Ford Mustang Mach-E, the Audi Q4 e-Tron, and the Mercedes Benz EQB. Out of all these, I’d probably go for the Tesla Model Y just because of the Tesla Supercharger network, but the C40 is one of the, if not the most luxurious SUV here.

 Is the Volvo C40 available in regular SUV form?

For all intents and purposes, you can consider the XC40 Recharge if you want an electric compact crossover SUV with an electric powertrain and a Volvo badge. The letter C in front of C40 signifies that the C40 is a coupe while the letter 40 signifies that it is more or less just an XC40 that has a cooler-looking body kit.

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Is the Volvo C40 smaller than the XC40?

Yes, the C40 is smaller than the XC40. While both the cars measure identical for length and width, the C40 is shorter than the XC40 by 70 mm measuring 1582 mm in height. This means that the C40 offers better headroom at the front while the XC40 offers more head space at the rear. The lower roofline of the C40 also affects interior space and rear passenger comfort as it puts a bit of a squeeze on headroom in comparison to its bigger brother, but it does offer plenty of boot space with 460 liters of cargo capacity.

Do Volvos have reliability issues?

Volvo is a car brand with an above-average reliability, depending on where you look. While Volvo cars do tend to be reliable, there have been some issues reported over the years that may lead some owners to question their purchase. Some of the most common issues reported by Volvo owners include electrical and software glitches, problems with the active safety systems, and difficulty with Apple CarPlay compatibility.

It’s important to note that these issues are not consistent across all models. Generally speaking, older Volvos tend to have more problems than newer ones due to age and wear. It is also possible that certain models or even certain years of production may experience more problems than others. Ultimately, the best way for potential buyers of Volvo cars to gauge their reliability is to research customer reviews and other independent sources.

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