Is the Porsche Boxster a chick car

Only a few cars throughout history were made for women specifically, and none of them faired all that well. A Porsche Boxster is a 2-seater sports car, and some people actually do believe that a Boxster is a ‘’chick’s car’’.

Many people believe that almost all smaller convertible cars are chick cars. Now that is a vast amount of amazing automobiles throughout automotive history, and a 250 California, or a 300SL Roadster are not male/female specific cars.

The world of car enthusiasm is mostly populated by men, that’s a fact. And car enthusiasts love rewardingly driving cars, that’s also a fact. Porsche Cayman/Boxster platform was always incredibly capable as a sports car platform, that’s also a fact.

It’s rather obvious that a personal opinion is, well personal. But objectively speaking the Porsche Boxster is an incredibly capable compact mid-engined sports car. It’s not a chick’s car, not a dude’s car, it’s a 2-seater sports car with great handling characteristics.

Chicks cars

In the world of car enthusiasm, lots of stereotypes reside, and there are lots of ‘’chick cars’’ out there. They are mostly compact, small wheel-sized hatchbacks or convertibles. Some of them make more sense as a ‘’chick’s car’’, others do not fare so well.

When a ‘’chick car’’ crosses your mind, chances are you are thinking about a VW Beetle Convertible, or a Fiat 500. Some other models like the Audi TT were once considered as chick’s cars, but the newer TT models are a bit more testosterone-infused.

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A Mazda MX-5 Miata is also sometimes considered as a ‘’chick’s car’’, and the Miata is a poor man’s Porsche Boxster, even though some might argue the MX-5 to be more fun to drive than the Boxster. No matter the case, the MX-5 is also an incredibly capable automobile, and it also enjoys a large male fan base.

The Mercedes Benz G-class is incredibly popular with women but no one would ever call the G-Class a chick’s car because it looks boxy, ‘’manly’’ and rugged. Chicks cars are not judged by cars women tend to buy, but mostly because of a ‘’girly’’ exterior design language.

What about a Porsche Boxster Hardtop.

 Porsche Boxster

As mentioned previously, a Porsche Boxster is a 2-seater mid-engined sports car that is capable of serious pace and handling. The Boxster has been on sale for 3 generations now, and the new Boxster/Cayman models are just around the corner. There are no differences between a Cayman and a Boxster except for design.

The Porsche Boxster/Cayman platform was often hailed by some as superior compared to a 911 platform. And some car award shows would often pick a Cayman above a 911. And no matter the car in question, if it’s able to stand with the 911, let alone beat it, it’s an incredible car by default.

A mid-engined configuration of the Porsche Boxster offers a unique driving experience in the entire segment because the Audi TT is front-engined, so are the Miata and the BMW Z4. And in the Porsche lineup, there are only a few mid-engined cars besides the Cayman/Boxster, and all of them cost close to, or more than a million dollars.

While some may consider the design of the Boxster to be a bit ‘’girl friendly’’, the performance of the Cayman/Boxster platform is so advanced that the ‘’chick car’’ rhetoric surrounding the Boxster platform should not be as important as it sometimes is.

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Quintessential man’s cars

The sheer stupidity of calling an automobile a mans, or a woman’s car is most apparent if you take some quintessential man’s cars in question. For example, a Hummer H1 is an incredibly colossal 4×4 SUV made by a dead brand.

Many people believed it to be the manliest car out there, and the sales were non-existent. Maybe there are only a few men worthy of an H1, so much so that it killed the brand. Besides the compensating Hummer H1, a Ford Mustang is also often considered to be a ‘’real man’s car’’.

But the fact of the matter is that the percentage of women driving/wanting to buy a Ford Mustang is way larger compared to the percentage of women wanting to buy a Porsche Boxster, or driving a Boxster.

Many people also believe that the Range Rover is a true man’s car, but women love the Range Rover. Most of the time, a large car is a man’s car, and a smaller car is a woman’s car. Now, this might seem plausible in some cases, in general, it’s just a stereotype.

FAQ Section

What is the girliest car of all time, and why?

While the general opinion about ‘’chick’’ cars is questionable, some specific models are girlier than others, but for a good reason. One of those models is the WV Beetle Convertible. Firstly, the sales of the Beetle WV were dominated by women.

Besides the sales aspect, the WV Beetle even had an option of a flower vase from the factory. WV said a flower vase was offered for ‘’air-refreshing’’ purposes, but the general public always considered the WV flower vase to be the girliest factory car option of all time.

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Which cars do women hate?

There are lots of cars that don’t fare so well with women. Women usually don’t like low-slung, loud, uncomfortable sports and supercars. They also generally don’t like station wagons, that’s primarily because of Ford Country Squire type of cars, or the daddest cars on the planet.

Women also hate false advertising. So a Chrysler 300C should be avoided if you want to impress a girl. The 300C looks a million dollars, yet it only costs $30k brand new. Add the appalling reliability into the equation, and things are not looking up for the 300C.

Should I avoid buying a car that is considered a ‘’chicks’’ or a ‘’dude’’ car?

No, you should buy whatever you want to buy. These are only stereotypes, and sometimes they do repel you from buying a car. And in the case of the Chrysler 300C and the Hummer H1, the stereotypes are right, and you should avoid these cars.

On the other hand, a Porsche Boxster, or a Mazda Miata are both amazing no matter who buys them. Stereotypes such as these are only limiting the amount of fun one could have by owning such cars.

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