Is Skoda Roomster a good car?

Skoda Roomster

The Skoda Roomster is an exceptional family car with a large cabin and cargo area. Some people describe it as a hatchback, while others call it an estate car. But is the Skoda Roomster a good car?

Yes, the Skoda Roomster is a good car. However, some people may find it uninteresting. The Skoda Roomster is a good car if you’re looking for a practical, spacious, economical, reliable, and durable hatchback. On the other hand, it is not a good car if you desire a high-performance, faster, and more powerful hatchback.

History of Skoda Roomster

The Skoda Roomster is a small family car made by Skoda Auto. This car has been in production from 2006 to 2015. Skoda produced only one generation of the Skoda Roomster with a single intermediate facelift. Besides, this car features a five-door, five-passenger, front-engine, front-wheel drive, and a high-roof design.

It is also defined as a hatchback, estate, or multi-purpose vehicle. What’s more, after its launch at the 2006 Geneva Motorshow, it was the first car marketed after the Volkswagen Group acquisition of Skoda. Note that the Skoda Roomster shares the A4 (PQ34) platform and parts with the second-generation Skoda Fabia.

During its launch, the Skoda Roomster featured four-stroke engines from the Volkswagen Group. It had three petrol engine options and two diesel engine options.  

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Features of Skoda Roomster


In terms of appearance, the Skoda Roomster is not the most appealing car in its class. Aside from that, it comes with a spacious and comfortable interior with classy features. Nonetheless, the Skoda Roomster Scout model is the best-looking trim. The Skoda Roomster has a wheelbase of 103 inches, a length of 165.6 inches, a width of 66.3 inches, and a height of 63.3 inches.


The Skoda Roomster has had several engines over the years. So, the performance of this MPV will vary according to the type of engine you have. One of the best petrol engines offered by the manufacturer is the 1.2 TSI 77 kW turbocharged engine that delivers up to 103 hp and 129 lb-ft of torque. It also has a top speed of up to 114 mph and it can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just 10.9 seconds.

On the other hand, the best-performing Skoda Roomster diesel engine is the 1.9 TDI PD DPF turbocharged engine. It also produces up to 103 hp and 177 lb-ft of torque. It can also accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 10.8 seconds and it has a top speed of up to 113 mph.

Comfort and cargo space

Since the Skoda Roomster is a multi-purpose vehicle, this car is quite comfortable and spacious. It can accommodate up to five passengers and comes with a roomy cabin. Additionally, it provides ample cargo space as it comes with a total of 16 cubic feet of space. This is perfect for carrying several backpacks.  


Skoda is one of the safest luxury car brands on the market. The Skoda Roomster is not an exception as it is a pretty safe car. This car boasts dual front airbags, side airbags, and head-protecting side curtains. Additionally, it comes with electronic brake distribution, antilock brakes, and electronic stability control. Note that these safety features are standard.

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One of the most challenging things about owning an MPV is that most of them consume more fuel than sedans or small cars. On the contrary, the Skoda Roomster doesn’t use a lot of fuel. It has a fuel efficiency rating of 36 to 37 mpg. Some models have even recorded more than 40 mpg.


The Skoda Roomster is an affordable car. However, since it was discontinued, finding a new Skoda Roomster is pretty challenging. Nonetheless, there are various used Skoda Roomsters on the market. Most of them range from $21,200 to $17,000. The price varies according to the trim level and condition of the car.


Is the Skoda Roomster worth buying?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re in the market for a practical, highly efficient, durable, spacious, and fun-to-drive car, then you will like the Skoda Roomster. But if you want a high-performance, faster, and powerful hatchback, then you should look away.

What are the common problems with Skoda Roomster?

The Skoda Roomster may be an outstanding family car, but it also comes with several problems that interested buyers should worry about. Some of these issues include fuel leakage, fan failure, braking issues, clogged DPF filter, failing fuel injectors, faulty steering wheel lock, and failing parking sensors.

Does Skoda Roomster hold its value?

The Skoda Roomster does not hold its value well like most mainstream cars. But when you compare it with other models from Volkswagen and Germany at large, it does pretty well. The main reason why this car does not hold its value well is because of the high cost of repairs and maintenance. Also, the cost of spare parts is reasonably high.

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Which cars are similar to Skoda Roomster?

Skoda Roomster is among the best hatchbacks on the market when it comes to efficiency, practicality, and durability. However, it is not alone as it faces stiff competition from its rivals. Some of its main rivals include Peugeot Partner, Citroen Berlingo, Ford B-Max, and Renault Kangaroo.

Is Skoda Roomster a good daily driver?

Yes, the Skoda Roomster is a good daily driver. Not only is this car fuel efficient, but it is also reliable and durable. As a result, it makes a perfect car for daily use. Additionally, it is very practical, meaning it can be used to carry luggage and people on a daily basis. Nevertheless, it is slightly bigger than most city cars, making it slightly challenging to park in crowded car parks.


Overall, the Skoda Roomster is an outstanding car. It is practical, fuel-efficient, spacious, durable, reliable, and fun to drive. Nonetheless, it also comes with several problems that can be avoided with proper care and maintenance. However, if you’re in search of a high-performance and powerful hatchback or estate car, the Skoda Roomster is not the car for you.

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