Common problems with the Skoda Favorit

Skoda Favorit

The Skoda Favorit is a supermini car that was produced between 1936 and 1995. It was also one of the best hatchbacks of its generation and one of the first cars to feature a front-wheel drive system. However, like most cars, this ride also has several problems. But what are the common problems with the Skoda Favorit?

Common problems with the Skoda Favorit are rust issues, gear lever rattling, starting issues, wet carpets in the front footwells, transmission issues, constant overheating, engine trouble, and faulty door seals. The good news is that most of these problems can still be fixed by visiting a professional mechanic.

What are the common problems with the Skoda Favorit?

Gear lever rattling

Gearbox problems are very common in older Skoda models. The Skoda Favorit is not an exception. Users have reported the gear lever rattling while driving. This is normally caused by the gear lever rod and universal joint having issues.

If the gear lever is rattling, you will have to fix it to avoid serious issues. This is because it allows the car to be put into different gears on a manual transmission. To fix this problem, you will have to replace the bad gear lever rod or damaged universal joint.

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Wet carpets in the front footwells

Another common problem with Skoda models is a leaking car and wet carpets in the front footwells. In most cases, this issue is caused by a blockage in the bulkhead drains. The drains are usually blocked by leaves and debris.

To fix this problem, you will have a professional mechanic inspect the drains and get rid of the things blocking the drain. But if the drain is damaged, you will have to replace it.

Starting issues

Some Skoda Favorit users have also reported having starting problems. The main cause of starting problems in this car is a faulty or worn-out thermostat. So, if you’re having starting issues with your car, you should have the thermostat replaced.

But if the problem persists, then it may be due to bad spark plugs, weak batteries, bad regulators, or even bad ignition coils. Having a mechanic inspect your car can help to pinpoint and fix the underlying issue.

Faulty door seals

Some users of the Skoda Favorit have also complained about their car leaking. The main cause of leakage in this car is worn-out window seals. This should be expected as most Skoda Favorit are very old. So, if you’re buying a quality used Skoda Favorit, you should have the window seals checked and replace them if they are worn out.

Rust issues

Rust is a very common problem in old cars. Therefore, if you’re looking for a used car, there is a high chance that you will find that some parts are rusted. That’s the same case with the Skoda Favorit.

If your Skoda Favorit has rust problems, you can fix it by using an abrasive surface to get rid of the rust and fill the rusted area with a glass fiber repair gel. You can take your car to a professional mechanic to fix it. 

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Transmission issues

Several Skoda Favorit users have also reported having different transmission issues. It is normal for your car’s transmission to develop several issues as the car ages. Signs of a bad transmission include difficulty shifting gears, odd sounds, leaking transmission oil, transmission jumps out of gear, and the car getting stuck in one gear.

If you’re having such problems, have the mechanic inspect your car and identify the underlying problem.

Constant overheating

Even if engine issues are not common with Skoda models, users will have to prepare for them as their cars get old. So, if you’re hunting for a quality used Skoda Favorit, expect to encounter several engine issues. One of the major engine problems that people have complained about is engine overheating.

If your car’s engine is overheating, you should have a water pump, coolant hose, and radiator fan checked. Next, ensure the faulty or damaged part is replaced.


Is the Skoda Favorit reliable?

Yes, the Skoda Favorit is a pretty reliable car. This is because the car registers fewer issues than most of its rivals. On top of that, it is very efficient. The only challenge that users will face is acquiring spare parts. Besides, going for service is also slightly higher than average.

How long does the Skoda Favorit last?

The longevity of the Skoda Favorit will depend on how well the user takes care of the car. If the car is well-maintained maintained and repaired in time, then it can last for more than 200,000 miles. But if the car is not well-maintained, then clocking over 150k miles will be a problem. Besides, good driving habits should also be exercised for the car to last long. 

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Is it expensive to maintain the Skoda Favorit?

No, maintaining the Skoda Favorit is way cheaper than most of its rivals. This is because this car is reliable and comes with a few problems. However, the maintenance cost can increase or lower depending on the issues that the user faces. Being an old car, it may demand some costly repairs that may be above average.

What is the worst Skoda Favorit model year?

Skoda Favorit was produced between 1936 and 1995. However, some model years were more reliable than others. Many Skoda Favorit users have complained about the first-generation series having many issues compared to the second-generation series. Note that the first generation series was made between 1936 and 1941, while the second generation series was made between 1987 and 1994. 

Which is the best Skoda model? 

Skoda has been producing cars since 1925 to date. Over the years, it has produced several outstanding models but some cars have been more exceptional than others. The best Skoda model is the Skoda Octavia. Apart from looking sleek and modern, this car is comfortable, luxurious, reliable, and efficient. 


Now that you’re aware of the common problems that the Skoda Favorit faces, maintaining this car shouldn’t be a problem. Nonetheless, getting a well-maintained car with a good history is also vital. All in all, the Skoda Favorit is a fantastic, reliable, durable, and practical car.

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