Is Hyundai i10 a good car?

Is Hyundai i10 a good car?

The Hyundai i10 is a small city hatchback designed to be the entry-level Hyundai money can buy. The i10 was first introduced in 2007 and is still in continuous production. During the past decade and a half, the i10 spawned three different generations, all of which are still popular. So, is Hyundai i10 a good car?

The Hyundai i10 is indeed a really good car because you truly do get a lot of value for money. The latest generation of the i10 only comes in petrol engine variants while previous generations are also available with diesel engines. The design is not memorable at all, but it is unmistakably a Hyundai hatchback.

When it comes to the interior, it’s more or less the same story as the i10 does not really get all that many amenities throughout. The chassis and suspension tuning is tailored towards comfort and ease of use which means that the i10 is not really a performance car, but it can hold its own in the corners.

Both reliability and value are excellent as the i10 manages to stay trouble-free for most of its lifetime and because it is really affordable, both new and used. Practicality is a bit of a squeeze as the i10 is technically a subcompact hatchback that isn’t designed to carry rear passengers all that often.

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Hyundai i10 – The powertrain

The latest generation of the i10 (2019 and up) is only available with petrol-powered engines. The entry-level i10 gets a 1.0L 3-cylinder engine with 67hp and 70lb-ft of torque while the top-spec model gets an inline 3-cylinder engine with 100hp and 126lb-ft of torque. Both come with either a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic.

The previous generation of the i10 (2013-2019) is also available with diesel and gasoline engines. Power outputs range between 66hp and 90hp and all i10 versions that exist come with FWD exclusively. Efficiency is excellent as these return up to 56MPG which is more than good for any petrol-powered engine.

All in all, many people might argue that the i10 deserves a proper N-Line treatment with a powerful engine. However, it is a city car after all, and you do get everything you need for a great city car with the i10.

Hyundai i10 – Design and chassis

Design-wise, the i10 isn’t really special in any way, shape, or form as is generally the case with Hyundai design in previous generations. The interior is very much the same as it does not have anything special going for it. It can be well-equipped if you go for a higher-end model, but even so, it has absolutely nothing special going for it.

The chassis and suspension tuning is relatively comfortable, but the i10 does feel fairly dynamic. The N-Line model gets even stiffer springs which do help the i10 hold its own in the corners much better. However, this isn’t all that exciting because the engine is simply too weak.

 Hyundai i10 – Reliability and common issues

When it comes to reliability, the i10 is really good as shown by most modern-day reliability charts and surveys. This is because the i10 is made by Hyundai, a brand known for trying its best to make reliable cars. Moreover, the i10 is truly a simple car that is both lightweight and unrestrained which means that there isn’t much that can go wrong.

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The most common i10 issues include problems with the transmission, the electricals, the brakes, the A/C, and the suspension. All in all, if you take proper care of it, the i10 is likely going to serve you for a long time.

Hyundai i10 – Value and practicality

The Hyundai i10 is the cheapest and least expensive to own Hyundai that exists today. This means that almost everyone with a job can afford to buy it. Used models are even cheaper than that and are actually selling really well on the 2nd hand market. Value-wise, there really isn’t anything to criticize about the i10 as it is dirt cheap.

Practicality on the other hand is much more complex. The i10 is a small car not intended to transport rear passengers all that often. The trunk space is also really limited, but it can accommodate you and one more person for a weekend getaway. The good news is that it is small and can be easily parked anywhere.

FAQ Section

How long can a Hyundai i10 last?

It is extremely difficult to pinpoint how long any car can last because many variables go into that. If you do all your maintenance whenever needed, you can expect the i10 to last 200k miles at the very least. The good news is that the i10 is not expensive to maintain at all and that newer i10 generations are even better in that regard.

Even though there were some models which seem to have died at an early age, most life-threatening i10 problems were caused by owners who didn’t take proper care of their car. All in all, if you do your due diligence, your i10 is likely going to last.

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Is the Hyundai i10 a good highway car?

You’d think that a car as small as the i10 is going to be a nightmare to drive on the highway, but you’d be surprised to find out that it is the exact opposite of that. The i10, especially the newest one, is designed with aerodynamics in mind in order to make the car stable and well-mannered at higher speeds.

Therefore, you will not feel like you are driving a bicycle on the highway, but rather a car that can also be quiet and controlled.

Is there a performance version of the Hyundai i10?

The Hyundai i10 does not come in a true performance variant which means that a real i10 N simply does not exist and is not going to considering that the i10 is soon to be discontinued completely. However, the closest thing to a “performance” i10 is the i10 T-GDI which gets a 100hp 3-cylinder engine.

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