All about 2023 Ford Explorer

2023 Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is one of the most popular Ford SUVs on the market and was first revealed back in 1990. It was first introduced as a replacement for the Ford Bronco, but went on to become the best-sold compact/mid-size Ford Family SUV. For the 2023 model year, Ford is going to refresh the Explorer, but the changes are more evolutionary than revolutionary.

In this article, we will tell you all about 2023 Ford Explorer, what to look out for, and what to expect. The engine palette is likely going to remain unchanged which is no bad thing as all the engines that come with the Explorer are sophisticated, efficient, and adequately powerful.

The new Explorer features a wider front grille, re-shaped LED headlights, 21-inch new alloys, wider taillights, and the new Explorer lettering. On the inside, the new Explorer gets a massive 27-inch infotainment screen that spans the entire dashboard from one side to the other and is likely the largest screen in any car these days.

All in all, the rest of the Explorer stays unchanged which means that the 2023 Explorer was redesigned to be more modern, more functional, and a lot more technology-oriented.

2023 Ford Explorer – The Powertrain

The Ford Explorer engine lineup kicks off with the 4-cylinder 2.3L EcoBoost engine that offers 300hp and 310lb-ft of torque. The next engine in the lineup is the 3.0L twin-turbocharged V6 engine with 400hp and 415lb-ft of torque for the Explorer ST model. Both of these engines are mated to the familiar 10-speed transmission that shifts gears seamlessly.

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You can expect the EcoBoost 4-cylinder Explorer to return 20MPG in the city, 27MPG on the highway, and 23MPG combined. The ST Explorer can return 18MPG in the city, 24MPG on the highway, and 20MPG combined. You can also get the Explorer 3.0L V6 Hybrid with the V6 engine mated with an electric motor that offers 457hp combined and 608lb-ft of torque.

The PHEV version can return up to 81MPG combined which is quite a lot for an SUV as big as this one. All in all, the Ford Explorer offers adequate engines with more than enough power and with relatively decent MPG results.

2023 Ford Explorer – Design and Driving

As mentioned in the beginning, the 2023 Explorer differs from the 2022 Explorer primarily in the design department as it now gets new headlights and taillights, a more commanding grille, and the new Ford Explorer lettering on the back. The humongous 27-inch infotainment screen houses everything which is both a good and a bad thing, depending on your personal preference.

The driving experience with the Explorer has always been more than adequate. The Explorer is also a relatively good-handling SUV which is partially why the US Police relies on using Explorer models for a long while now. All in all, the Explorer is a comfortable and relaxing car to travel in, no matter the engine.

 2023 Ford Explorer – Reliability and Common Issues

The Ford Explorer is a decently reliable SUV as well which is why J.D. Power gives it an 81/100 rating which is considered great. However, many have said that the Explorer can suffer from a whole host of issues, especially if you don’t maintain it well enough.

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The Explorer lineup tends to suffer from certain transmission-related issues such as jolting and lunging, issues with the exterior such as the paint, issues with the heater, vacuum leaks, and issues with the plastic intake manifold.

2023 Ford Explorer – Value and Practicality

Pricing has not yet been fully revealed for the 2023 Explorer, but it is said that the new Explorer is likely to start somewhere around $35,000 for the entry-level model. The ST model should cost around $55,000 while the PHEV model should cost around $50,000.

Practicality is excellent as the Explorer can sit up to 7 people at a time while still offering decent cargo space in the back. With great visibility, easy entry, and many assistance features, the new 2023 Explorer is as easy to live with as it ever was which is why it has always been so popular with many families all around the US.

FAQ Section

 Is the 2023 Ford Explorer better than the 2022 Explorer?

If you want to buy the 2023 Explorer, you will have to wait a bit as these are really popular. On the other hand, if you want a 2022 Explorer, you will have to go for a used example which can often be the better choice if you want to save some money in the process. The differences between the 2023 and the 2022 Explorer are marginal, but enough to make the upgrade.

The new screen and redesigned lights do make the Explorer a lot more modern which is what most people want from brand-new cars these days. However, the 2022 is also a great car and is likely to be a lot cheaper in every iteration.

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Is the 2023 Ford Explorer on sale?

The 2023 Ford Explorer is not yet officially on sale, but Ford lets you pre-order it at any of their dealers. You will have to give a deposit that is later going to become part of the final purchase sale. Ford dealers are often known to charge significant dealer markups on new vehicles and it seems like that is also going to be the case for the Explorer.

We’ve seen this trend with the new Bronco where some customers have to pay upwards of $20,000 extra if they simply want to drive it off the dealership lot.

Is the 2023 Ford Explorer a good family car?

The 2023 Ford Explorer is actually a really good family car which has been the case with the Explorer ever since it came out. It is a large, safe, and spacious SUV filled with quite a few family-friendly features which are going to make your life a lot easier.

If you go for the plug-in model, you will also be paying more than acceptable fuel bills if you keep it on charge. A child seat can be mounted really easily into the Explorer while the driving experience is quiet enough for your children to fall asleep easily.

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