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The Fiat Punto is a popular car among start-up drivers. This is because it is fun to drive, easy to maintain, and compact. However, it also has several models to pick from and the Fiat Punto Natural Power model is one of the best. But what are the Fiat Punto’s natural power problems?

Common problems with the Fiat Punto natural power model are lack of power, issues with starting the car, car overspeeding, electrical issues, and a loose timing chain. Users have also complained about the cooling system issues, failing head gasket, and engine management warning light.  

What are the common problems with Fiat Punto’s natural power?

Lack of power

Lack of power is one of the major problems that Fiat Punto users face. The Fiat Punto natural power model is not an exception. If you realize that your car is starting to lose power, check things such as a dirty mass air flow sensor, clogged air filter, and clogged fuel filter. Fixing the underlying issue will fix the problem. 

Problems starting the car

This problem is common in older Fiat Punto natural power models. The most affected models are those made between 2003 and 2005. Some of the things that cause the car not to start are a dead battery, the key won’t turn in the ignition, a faulty starter motor, failed solenoid, and corroded battery terminals. 

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Loose timing chain

The timing chain problem is common in Fiat models with interference engines, such as the Fiat Punto natural power. After your car has operated for several miles, the timing chain may become loose and cause various problems. This is because cars with interference engines usually have valves and pistons interfering with one another and causing all sorts of problems.

So, if you notice signs of a loose timing chain, you should have it replaced in time to avoid further damage to other parts of the engine. Some of the signs of a loose timing chain are a misfiring engine, a rattling sound when you start the engine, and contaminated engine oil.

Cooling system issues

The cooling system of the Fiat Punto natural power ensures that the engine runs smoothly and optimally. Nonetheless, as the car gets older, it also starts to develop several issues that can impact the proper functioning of this system. For instance, a blockage in the system or a failed thermostat may affect the cooling system.

In some cases, a low coolant level or a clogged heater core may affect the cooling system of your Fiat Punto’s natural power. If your engine is overheating or has signs of a bad cooling system, it is vital to inspect and fix the underlying issue.

Failing head gasket 

A head gasket is vital as it stops the oil and coolant from entering your car’s combustion chambers. However, after being in use for some time, the head gasket can leak, leading to serious problems for your engine. Therefore, if you have a failing or damaged head gasket in your Fiat Punto natural power model, you should replace it immediately.

Electrical issues

Electrical problems are not common in Fiat models. Nevertheless, Fiat Punto natural power model comes with a few electrical problems. One of those issues is the electrical spark not reaching the spark plugs. This causes the car not to start.

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To fix this problem, you will have to check your wring as there may be a short circuit. Note that this issue usually occurs in older Fiat Punto natural power models. 

Engine management warning light

Another issue that many Fiat Punto users complain about is the engine management warning light coming on. This is normally caused by a faulty ECU or an issue with the sensors. And if the ECU and sensors are fine, check the water temperature switch.

To fix this issue, take your car to the mechanic for inspection and he will also replace the faulty or damaged part.


Is the Fiat Punto’s natural power reliable?

Fiat Punto natural power is known to be pretty reliable and durable. However, it also experiences several problems over its lifetime that users need to take note of. What’s more, finding spare parts for this car can be pretty challenging. Overall, this car has been rated by many reliability agencies with above-average reliability.

Is it expensive to maintain the Fiat Punto’s natural power?

While Fiat is known to produce somewhat unreliable cars, the Fiat Punto does a great job of staying on the road for most of its life. On the contrary, this car is slightly costlier to maintain than most of its competitors. This is because finding Fiat parts is not easy. On the flip side, finding Fiat Punto is reasonably much easier than finding spare parts for other Fiat models.

How fast is the Fiat Punto natural power model?

Fiat Punto EVO, which happens to feature a natural power engine isn’t a high-performing car. Nevertheless, this car is fitted with a 1.4 16v MutliAir Turbo petrol engine that is powerful and fast. This engine delivers up to 178 hp and 199 lb-ft of torque. It also has a top speed of 134 mph and it can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 7.5 seconds.  So, it’s pretty fast for its size.

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How long does the Fiat Punto last?

Like most Fiat models, the Fiat Punto natural power model will last for more than 200,000 miles. But for this to happen, proper care and maintenance should be practiced. Additionally, the user should exercise good driving habits. In some cases, some users have even registered more than 250k miles.

Which cars are similar to the Fiat Punto’s natural power?

First and foremost, it is vital to know that the Fiat Punto replaced the Fiat Uno. On the contrary, the Fiat Punto was recently replaced by Fiat Argo a few years back. Nonetheless, several cars give Fiat Punto a run for its money. Some of them include Lancia Ypsilon, Lancia Musa, Fiat Fiorino, Opel Corsa D, and Alfa Romeo Mito.


The Fiat Punto Natural Power is a stylish, compact, practical, and well-performing car. It is also one of the best-performing city cars in the market and it is efficient. Nonetheless, it also comes with several issues that we’ve discussed above.

Users must know the challenges that they will face along the way with the Fiat Punto’s natural power so that they can maintain it properly and for longevity.

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