Best roof rack for Fiat 500

Is Fiat 500 a good car?

The Fiat 500 may be a nice car for city driving, but it is also great for adventures and picnics. The only challenge is its minimal cargo space. However, with the best roof rack, the Fiat 500 can keep extra items and make your adventure memorable. So, what is the best roof rack for the Fiat 500?

The best roof rack for the Fiat 500 is the Thule AeroBlade Bars. This roof rack stands out from the rest because it utilizes an aerodynamic design that ensures an exceptionally quiet ride and improved fuel economy. It is also durable, lightweight, and easy to set up.

On the contrary, if you intend to use the roof rack to carry heavy construction items, you will be better off with the Rhino-Rack Heavy-Duty Bars. This is because these bars are large and stronger than the Thule AeroBlade Bars.

Why choose the Thule AeroBlade Bars for Fiat 500?

Thule AeroBlade Bars feature a Kamm-tail-like elliptical shape that offers excellent aerodynamics. Besides, the low-profile design makes them look spectacular on the Fiat 500’s rooftop. Furthermore, they have a T-track design that makes them straightforward to install. Even a DIYer can set up these roof racks.

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Note that the Thule AeroBlade Edge roof rack utilizes an aerodynamic design to ensure the ride is quiet and the car has improved fuel efficiency. It is one of the quietest roof racks on the market as it has the least wind noise. And even though the roof rack is sleek and affordable, it can take on heavy loads, making it perfect for adventures.

Last but not least, the Thule AeroBlade Edge roof rack works with most clamp-on and wraparound accessories, making it a versatile and convenient rack to have on your Fiat 500. 

After how long do I have to replace the roof rack on my Fiat 500?

It depends on the quality of the roof rack. If the roof rack is well-made with solid materials, it should last for at least 3 years. For instance, the Thule AeroBlade Bars are made of aluminum, which is very durable and can easily last for more than 3 years with proper care and maintenance. Thus, it is vital to ensure that your roof rack is either made of aluminum or steel.

Why is a roof rack important?

A roof rack is very important if your car is short on space like the Fiat 500. Not only does a roof rack increase the storage space of your vehicle, but it also offers a strong platform for transporting sporting and other forms of equipment that won’t be suitable for carrying inside the car.

Additionally, the roof rack is a perfect place to keep dirty and wet cargo to ensure that your car remains tidy or doesn’t have a staunch smell for comfort while traveling.

What type of roof does the Fiat 500 come with?

Like many Fiat models, the Fiat 500 comes with a naked roof. This means that the roof is bare with no raised side rails, crossbars, or even flat tracks. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t stop you from installing a roof rack of your choice.  However, cars with side rails and crossbars are the easiest for installing a roof rack.

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What happens if I overload the roof rack?

If you overload the roof rack of your Fiat 500, it may make the vehicle handle poorly. As a result, your car may likely roll over or even cause an accident. Additionally, an overloaded roof rack will lead to reduced fuel economy. So, you should try as much as possible to avoid overloading the roof rack. Always check the maximum recommended weight.

Is it okay to remove the roof rack when it’s not in use? 

Yes, you should remove your roof rack when it is not in use. This is because bits of road dust may get caught between the rack and the roof and lead to abrasion marks. Therefore, you should remove the roof rack and clean underneath regularly. This will help to prolong the lifespan of the rack and also prevent damaging your car’s roof.

Aside from keeping your car in good shape, removing the roof racks can also help improve the performance of your car. Roof racks add weight, which reduces performance and fuel efficiency. What’s more, they also affect the speed limit.

Can anyone install roof racks?

Yes, any person can install roof racks as long as they follow the instructions to the latter. Besides, installation takes only a few minutes and requires a few basic tools. To ensure proper and smooth installation is carried out, get a helping hand. This will simplify your work even more.

Is it worth installing roof racks on your Fiat 500?

Even though installing roof rails on your Fiat 500 has its setbacks, the advantages are many. These accessories allow you to carry more cargo that you couldn’t have managed to carry in the trunk. Furthermore, they provide cargo stability and safety, as you don’t have to force cargo that isn’t meant to be kept inside the car.

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What roof rack can hold the most weight?   

If you have heavy items or equipment to carry, you should consider getting more supportive ad sturdy roof racks like the Thule Evo WingBar or Thule Complete Crossroad System. Both of these roof racks have the ability to carry up to 165 pounds, which is exceptional.

Final thoughts

If you own a Fiat 500 and are looking for the best roof rack for your car, the Thule AeroBlade Bars are the best rack. Not only is this roof sturdy and lightweight, but it also gives your car a sporty look and it is simple to set up. It is also quiet and improves fuel economy. So, it is not a burden but makes your ride even better.

However, if you intend to carry heavy construction items, we recommend that you consider getting the Rhino-Rack Heavy-Duty Bar. It is much stronger and better suited for heavier items. On the contrary, the Thule AeroBlade Bars are good for carrying items like bikes, surfboards, snowboards, and canoes/kayaks.

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