Common problems with Fiat Cronos

Fiat Cronos problems

Fiat Cronos is a model that sustains and provides more force to the new phase of Fiat in the sedan class in the South American market. It is stylish, comfortable, safe, practical, and reliable. But what are some of the common problems with Fiat Cronos?

Common problems with Fiat Cronos are power issues, black exhaust smoke, braking issues, electrical problems, suspension issues, failing shock absorbers, and power steering issues. If you want to avoid most of these problems, ensure to maintain your car as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

What are the common problems with Fiat Cronos?

Black exhaust smoke

The Fiat Cronos is a city car. Therefore, it is normally used for short journeys. While the Cronos makes a perfect city car, using it for short journeys may cause it to produce black exhaust smoke. This happens when the oil is contaminated with fuel, which could even lead to total engine failure.

So, if you’re seeing black exhaust smoke coming from your Fiat Cronos, you need to have the whole system flushed. Besides, Fiat Cronos with the 1.3-liter trims can see black smoke because of the coolant being contaminated by an oil leak. Ensure the contaminated coolant is replaced. 

Suspension problems

As your Fiat Cronos puts on several miles, you may start experiencing various problems. One of the common issues you will have is with the suspension system. And a common suspension problem with the Fiat Cronos is worn-out or damaged rear suspension bushes.

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A common sign of bad or damaged rear suspension bushes is when you notice a knocking noise when you hit speed bumps or drive over rough terrain. To fix this issue, start by lubricating the bushes. If the issue is not resolved, then replace the damaged or worn-out rear suspension bushes.

Power issues

Since the Fiat Cronos is designed for city use, using it on rough terrains can be quite a daunting task. Many Fiat Cronos users have complained about their cars lacking the power to traverse tough terrains or hilly areas. Thus, if you intend to use your Fiat Cronos off-road, you should reconsider your thoughts.

The main reason behind the poor performance off-road is because lack of enough power. Nonetheless, if you have a powerful Fiat Cronos trim, you should check if the software is the culprit behind the low power. 

Electrical problems

Electrical problems are very common in all Fiat models. The Fiat Cronos is also affected by this problem and it is common in older model years. The causes of most electrical issues in the Cronos are faulty wiring, blown-out fuse, bad alternator, or battery issues.

So, if your headlights are not working properly or you have any other electrical glitch, have the mechanic inspect your car and determine what the problem is. Most electrical problems are straightforward to fix.

Power steering problems

This is another major problem with Fiat cars. A few Fiat Cronos users have also reported having power steering issues. This problem is normally caused by faulty wiring below the steering column. So, this is more of a design fault than it is a problem. Other things that cause problems for the power steering are a faulty power steering motor and steering column.

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Take your car to the mechanic to fix the faulty parts. This issue is also easy and cheap to fix.

Braking issues 

Another common issue with the Fiat Cronos is the braking problem. Fiat Cronos, like the Fiat Argos, also experiences braking problems. If you have ineffective braking, you should check your brake fluid. If the fluid is below the recommended level, refill it. However, if the brake pipe is damaged, have it replaced to restore proper braking.

Failing shock absorbers

Shock absorbers on the Fiat Cronos normally wear out faster. That’s why you need to visit the mechanic for service so that such parts are changed in time to avoid serious problems. If you notice a grinding noise when steering, this is an indication of failing shock absorbers. Have the parts replaced.  


Is Fiat Cronos a reliable car?

Yes, Fiat Cronos is a very reliable car. Being a city car, Fiat Cronos performs exceedingly well as it does not report many issues per 100 vehicles. Additionally, this car is very efficient in performance. The only challenge that users should be ready to deal with is the difficulty of getting spare parts. Aside from that, this is a nice car for daily driving.  

Is it expensive to maintain the Fiat Cronos?

While Fiat Cronos are cheaper to maintain, finding their spare parts is the biggest challenge. As a result, this makes maintenance quite challenging as parts are not readily available. Therefore, if you’re planning to use your Fiat Cronos on a daily basis, you may have to wait for months if something breaks down in the car.

How long does Fiat Cronos last?

The durability of Fiat Cronos may vary from one owner or user to another. This is because different drivers have different driving habits. But with proper care and maintenance, Fiat Cronos should last over 13 years or even 250k miles. Hence, practicing good driving habits and adhering to the manufacturer’s recommended service is key to the car’s longevity.

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What are the common problems with Fiat cars?

Fiat cars come with a number of issues. However, some issues are more rampant than others. For instance, some of the most common problems that Fiat users should expect to experience are a faulty power steering wheel, braking problems, engine issues, electrical problems, engine overheating, power problems, and black exhaust smoke. 

After how long does Fiat Cronos start having problems?

Fiat may not be the most reliable car brand on the market, but it’s neither the least reliable. Besides, the Fiat Cronos is among the most dependable Fiat models on the market.  Most Fiat Cronos may start having minor issues as early as 50,000 miles, but major problems will be experienced after the car hits over 15000k miles if maintained properly.

Bottom line

Now that you know some of the common problems that Fiat Cronos will experience over time, it is vital to take good care of your car to avoid some of these problems. Most problems will be experienced as the car gets older. Nonetheless, the Fiat Cronos is still a stylish, comfortable, safe, reliable, practical, and efficient car.

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