Fiat 500x Turbo problems 

Fiat 500X problems

The Fiat 500x is a fine and well-performing subcompact SUV. It is comfortable with modern features. Nevertheless, this car also comes with several issues that interested buyers should know about. But what are the Fiat 500x turbo problems? 

Common Fiat 500x turbo problems include loss of engine power, excess oil consumption, and engine noise. Additionally, some owners have reported having damaged turbochargers, check engine lights coming on, and failed turbo bearings.  

What are the common problems with Fiat 500x Turbo?

Loss of engine power 

This is one of the most complained about problems with the Fiat 500x turbo. When the turbo or exhaust system is blocked or damaged, the engine may start losing power. Apart from a bad exhaust system or turbo, the mechanic should also inspect the fuel injection system, fuel filter, hoses, and pipes. 

To fix this problem, you will have to visit a professional mechanic to examine the above parts and see whether there is carbon buildup. If the filters, pipes, hoses, and exhaust system are dirty, they should be cleaned. But if they are damaged, they will have to be replaced. 

Engine noise 

Another issue that many Fiat 500x users have complained about is their turbo. Failing turbochargers normally produce loud whining or whistling noises when under boost. As a result, the noise produced after the turbo has been running on the Fiat 500x is a cause for concern. 

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Apart from the exhaust failing, loose or damaged pipework and support brackets or even a damaged compressor wheel can also cause strange noises. To correct this issue, you will contract a professional mechanic to examine and fix the underlying problem.  

Excess oil consumption 

Several Fiat 500x users have complained about their cars using excess oil. This is normally caused by blocked air filters or cracked turbo housing. In some cases, the engine may have damaged internal seals. Some of the signs of increased oil usage are the car producing excessive exhaust smoke, grey, blue, or black exhaust smoke.

This issue can be fixed by having the car inspected by a professional mechanic and repairing or fixing the damaged parts. Besides, it is also vital to use the correct oil and ensure the car has the right oil level at all times. 

Check engine light comes on 

The check engine light usually comes on when the car’s computer detects a problem. So, when the computer on the Fiat 500x detects turbo problems, the check engine light will turn on. However, since the check engine light can be caused by several problems, it is important to have the car diagnosed by a professional mechanic and the underlying issue fixed. 

A worn-out or damaged turbo system of the Fiat 500x can cause the check engine light to come on. So, you should ensure that your turbo system is inspected, and the problem fixed by your mechanic. 

Damaged turbocharger 

This is another major problem that Fiat 500x users usually experience. The turbocharger is normally damaged by either oil starvation or oil contamination. Oil starvation or lack of lubrication is the lack of regular flow of oil. This problem can be caused by negligence from the driver or oil leakage. That’s why it is crucial to ensure that your engine always has the right oil level.

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Oil starvation can lead to broken shafts, failed bearings, and turned-up tables. These parts suffer the most because they need to be lubricated with oil to function smoothly. 

On the contrary, oil contamination is because of particles or debris entering the oil and damaging the turbo system. As the contaminated oil passes through the engine, particles may score the shaft and bearings as well as affect the seals. As a result, this wears out the parts, including the turbo system. 

To avoid oil contamination, the owner of the car must ensure regular oil changes and good maintenance of the car is observed. 

Failed turbo bearings 

Like a damaged turbocharger, turbo bearings are also caused by oil contamination, oil starvation, and foreign object damage. If the turbo bearings have failed, you should have the car inspected by a professional mechanic. Some of the signs of failing turbo bearings are a clicking sound, humming noise, steering wheel vibration, and squealing or growling sound.

To fix this issue, you will have to replace the damaged or failing turbo bearings. 


Is Fiat 500x a reliable car?

Unfortunately, the Fiat 500x is not a very reliable car. However, it has a slightly above reliability score, which is not bad. On the contrary, it has a disappointing crash-safety score and owner satisfaction. The good news is that the latest models have performed well and are slightly more reliable than their older counterparts. 

Are Fiat 500x expensive to maintain?

No, maintaining the Fiat 500x is not expensive. On average, it will cost between $95 and $1784 to maintain this subcompact SUV. Annually, the owner may spend between $257 and $300 to maintain this car. Note that the cost of maintenance varies according to the parts that you’re repairing or replacing.

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Besides, finding spare parts for the Fiat 500x may be quite challenging, more so for buyers outside of Europe. 

Does the Fiat 500x have a turbo?

Yes, the Fiat 500x comes with a turbo. This car provides the best-in-class standard horsepower 3 and 3 torque. It has a 1.3-liter MultiAir turbo engine that comes with standard and offers a cool 177 horsepower to provide exceptional power. 

How long does the Fiat 500 turbo last?

Like most Fiat 500s, the Fiat 500x turbo has also proven to be reliable and it lasts for a very long time. With good care and maintenance, the Fiat 500 turbo can last between 200,000 and 250,000 miles. That’s roughly 13 to 17 years. Nevertheless, the owner should expect to carry out minor repairs during this period. 


Overall, the Fiat 500x is an outstanding car with exceptional performance and features. It is also spacious, sleek, and modern. However, it also faces several turbo problems like Excess oil consumption, loss of engine power, engine noise, damaged turbochargers, and failed turbo bearings.

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