Common Ford Fusion problems

The Ford Fusion has been one of the most popular mid-size family sedans ever since it was first released back in 2005. Sadly, Ford decided to discontinue the Fusion for the 2022 market year because they are now focusing on making SUVs, trucks, and crossovers to keep up with the increased demands in the current industry.

Even though some Ford cars such as the Fusion and the Focus were relatively popular until they were sacked, Ford believes that crossovers, trucks, and SUVs are only going to continue becoming more and more popular as the years go by. If you are interested in buying a Ford Fusion, you will have to consider the 2nd hand used car market.

Reliability-wise, the Ford Fusion seems to be a decent car, but there are some issues worth dwelling on. For starters, the automatic transmission seems to be fairly problematic, and so is the issue with swollen lug nuts. Many owners have reported the car also tends to suffer from power steering-related issues as well.

The engines on hand seem to be decent as well, but they aren’t perfect as they also experience problems. Finally, the suspension also needs to be mentioned as it isn’t the best-built most dependable suspension system out there.

Ford Fusion – Transmission issues

Transmission-related issues seem to be the most talked-about issues with the Ford Fusion. Model years between 2006 and 2018 are the most complained about Fusion models out of them all. Many owners reported transmission slipping issues and transmission becoming erratic or delayed. Moreover, there were lots of complaints about the transmission being really slow to respond to driver’s inputs in general.

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The 80k mile mark seems to be where these issues are most prevalent, but some owners complained that these were taking place even for cars with less than 15k miles. The software should be updated and you should possibly also replace the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) or the Transmission Control Module (TCM) to solve the issue completely.


Ford Fusion – Swollen lug nuts issues

The Ford Fusion experiences issues with swollen lug nuts, especially in the post-2010 model years. The issue is caused by steel bolts that use aluminum caps which change in shape after a while. This is rather weird as most automakers out there, maybe even all of them, use steel for the entire assembly which does not allow swelling.

The problem with aluminum caps is that they tend to swell if they are exposed to bright sunlight for a while and if you torque them too much. They also let moisture in which can enhance the corrosion process. Because these caps change shape, you can’t use a standard wrench to take them out.

Ford Fusion – Power steering system issues

Many newer Fusion models, especially those made in 2011 are also prone to a variety of power steering system-related issues. A bunch of owners reported that the EPAS (Electronic Power-Assist Steering) system can sometimes completely break down.

The 80k mile mark is mostly where this issue takes place, but some sources state that these can occur much earlier than that. The bad news is that an EPAS repair job usually costs quite a lot of money, so much so that some mechanics will charge you between $1,000 and $2,000 for it.

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Ford Fusion – Engine issues

The engine throttle body seems to be the most prevalent engine-related issue with the Ford Fusion, especially for models made in 2010. However, many other issues with the engine have been reported, but none of them are as common as the one with the throttle body.

Some estimates say that it costs between $75 go $1000 to fix all of these which isn’t really a bad thing considering that we are talking about engine troubles.

Ford Fusion – Suspension issues

In the beginning, we have said that the Ford Fusion has a less-than-ideal suspension system which does not necessarily mean that it causes grave issues. The problem here is that many Ford Fusion models with a bit of miles on them start experiencing weird noises coming from underneath the car, all of which indicate that many suspension components are worn out and downright tired.

The sway bar sometimes goes out and the easiest way to tell is if the car is leaning to one side or the other. The shocks and struts could also fail, and the easiest way to tell is if your ride is harsh and if the car feels unstable.

FAQ Section

Is the Ford Fusion a good car?

The Ford Fusion can be a good car if you know how to buy one used. These cars aren’t particularly unreliable or problematic, but certain examples are indeed better than others. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to many of the car’s essential issues listed in this article.

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You ought to do a pre-purchase inspection in order to be 100% sure that the car you are looking at is sound and able to be purchased. If you do everything listed and you make sure to get an example with not too many miles on the clock, the Fusion could be a good buy.

 Is the Ford Fusion coming back?

A year or two ago, Ford officially stated that they are going to discontinue the Fusion altogether, but there are some pieces of official information that seem to negate that. Judging by the very latest info, the Fusion is indeed coming back as a hybrid that is going to reimagine Ford’s approach to making sedans.

Ford said that the new fusion will be a lot more futuristic and that it will try and keep up with its crossover/SUV cousins that seem to be getting all the shine lately.

Is the Ford Fusion a luxury car?

The Ford Fusion is not a luxury car, but it does come in some fairly luxurious trim levels which means that it is near-on a luxury car. The Fusion always was the Ford designed for those who want a finer automobile compared to the Focus or the Fiesta.

The newest Fusion models seem to be bridging the gap between affordability and luxury in a way that could potentially hurt prominent European luxury brands.

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