Fiat 500x Automatic Gearbox Problems 

Fiat 500X problems

The Fiat 500x is undoubtedly one of the finest subcompact SUVs on the market. Thanks to its stylish design and outstanding performance. However, it also comes with multiple issues including engine, transmission, gearbox, electrical, and much more. But what are the Fiat 500x automatic gearbox problems?

Common Fiat 500x automatic gearbox problems are shifting delays, slipping into the neutral, faulty solenoid, car shaking at any speed, and gear jumping when accelerating. On top of that, some owners have also reported experiencing overheating transmission, wiring harness issues, low transmission fluid, and a burning smell. 

What are the Fiat 500x automatic gearbox problems?

Shifting delays

This is a common problem with the Fiat 500x automatic gearbox. If you notice that your gear delays when shifting, then there is a high chance that you’ve got a faulty shift solenoid. A bad solenoid causes a delay in engagement into any gear. This problem is also common on Fiat 500x models with several miles on the odometer. 

After some time, the shift solenoid’s tiny plungers may fail or the electromagnetic coils fail because of constant heat and vibration. So, if the coils fail, the solenoid won’t open or close to help in engaging the subsequent gear. 

Visit a professional mechanic so that they can diagnose and inspect the faulty solenoid. If the solenoid is bad, you will have to replace it. However, it is also crucial to note that most solenoid issues are caused by a lack of lubrication or insufficient fluid levels. 

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Car shaking at any speed

Another common issue that Fiat 500x owners have complained about is the car shaking at any speed. In most cases, this is caused by too low or dirty fluid levels. As a result, the fluid may not cool the transmission well. In return, this makes the car shake at any speed. 

To fix this issue, you should ensure that you have got the right transmission fluid level in the car. The fluid should also be clean and free from debris that can lead to damage or poor performance of the gearbox. 

Gear jumping or grinding during acceleration

Most of the automatic gearbox issues in the Fiat 500x are caused by a lack of transmission fluid or low transmission fluid. So, if you notice that your Fiat 500x gear is jumping or grinding during acceleration, you should start by checking the quality and level of transmission fluid in the car. 

If the fluid level is low, ensure to refill it to the right level. And if the fluid is bad, have it replaced to get rid of this problem. 

Burning smell 

If you notice a burning smell coming from around the middle of your car or close to the car’s gear shifter when you’re driving, then it is an indication that your car’s transmission fluid may be burning. Note that the burning smell is a sign that your car’s transmission fluid is old and must be changed. So, you will have to change the fluid to avert the problem. 

Slip into neutral 

When the automatic gearbox on your Fiat 500x starts slipping into neutral, this is an indication of worn-out parts. Some of the main culprits are worn-out clutch plates, damaged solenoid packs, or even worn-out transmission bands. Besides, this issue is common in the 2016 Fiat 500x model year, and even the manufacturer had to issue a recall for the same. 

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Visit a professional mechanic to replace the damaged parts and the problem will be fixed. 

Low transmission fluid level

Low transmission fluid is the major cause of most transmission problems. This problem is normally caused by leaks in the transmission system. Note that the seals in the transmission or driveshaft may become faulty and leak fluid. So, fixing these faulty parts will help to fix the issue. 

Overheating transmission 

Like most transmission issues, an overheating transmission is also normally caused by low transmission fluid, a leakage, or old or dirty transmission fluid running in the gearbox. In some cases, it can also be caused by excess transmission fluid that can lead to excess pressure within the transmission. 

To fix this problem, you must refill or replace the bad transmission fluid. 


What are the signs of a failing Fiat 500x gearbox? 

It is important to note the signs of a failing Fiat 500x automatic gearbox so that you can fix it. Some of the common signs of a failing gearbox are dashboard warning lights coming on, the smell of burning rubber, gearbox fluid leakage, unresponsive gears, and difficulty changing gears. 

What Fiat 500x model year was recalled because of transmission issues? 

The 2016 Fiat 500x is the model year that was recalled because of transmission issues. The manufacturer stated that the transmission sensor clusters may feature insufficient crimps in the transmission wire harness, and as a result, the transmission may abruptly shift to neutral. However, the issue was recalled and fixed. 

Can a faulty automatic transmission gearbox be repaired?

Yes, a faulty automatic gearbox can be repaired. The automatic gearbox is made up of a series of complex parts. Therefore, if any of the parts fail, they can affect the overall performance of the gearbox. So, it is a wonderful idea to ensure that the bad parts are repaired or replaced in time for the smooth performance of the gearbox. 

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What is the life expectancy of an automatic gearbox?

Even though the life expectancy of Fiat automatic gearboxes lasts between 150,000 and 200,000 miles, this can vary from one driver to another. How well the driver maintains the gearbox and their driving habits are great determinants of how long the gearbox will last. 

What destroys automatic gearboxes? 

Several things can destroy an automatic gearbox. One of those things is low transmission fluid levels. Others include a faulty clutch and damaged shift linkage. Nonetheless, the main destroyer of an automatic gearbox is shifting before the car has stopped. 

When you switch between reverse, park, and drive too quickly, you run the danger of grinding your gears and causing extreme damage to your vehicle’s gearbox. 


Some of the main Fiat 500x automatic gearbox problems are gears slipping into neutral, shifting delays, burning smell, low transmission fluid level, gear jumping during acceleration, and overheating transmission. Despite the Fiat 500x automatic gearbox having several issues, it is still a reliable and durable car when properly maintained. 

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