Surprising Facts About Fiat e-Ulysse

Is Fiat e-Ulysee a good car?

The Fiat e-Ulysse is one of the latest additions to the Fiat lineup. This van runs on an electric motor and it has a nice range. It is also advanced, safe, and comfortable. But what are some of the surprising facts about the Fiat e-Ulysse? 

Some of the surprising facts about the Fiat e-Ulysse are that the Fiat e-Ulysse comes with lots of onboard security features. In addition, the Fiat e-Ulysse shares the EMP2 platform with four other cars. What’s more, the Fiat e-Scudo is the cargo version of the Fiat e-Ulysse

What are the surprising facts about the Fiat e-Ulysse?

Fiat e-Ulysse has a medium and large version

Before you acquire a Fiat e-Uysse of choice, you should enquire about their sizes. This is because the manufacturer provides medium and large vans. So, if you want more space, consider getting a large van with more cabin and cargo space.

The medium van has a length of 4956 mm, a width of 2010 mm, and a height of 189 mm. What’s more, it comes with a total of 900 liters of trunk space. On the contrary, the large version of the Fiat e-Ulysse has a length of 5306 mm, a width of 2010 mm, and a height of 189. Furthermore, it has a total of 1500 liters of trunk space. Note that both cars can seat up to eight people.

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Fiat e-Ulysse comes with lots of on-board security features

One of the things that make the latest Fiat e-Ulysse stand out is the wide range of security features it has. Some of the security features that this car boasts are grip control, traffic signal recognition, forward collision warning & AEB control, lane departure warning, side blind-spot alert, and a rearview camera. 

Fiat e-Ulysse shares the EMP2 platform with four other cars

Fiat is known to share features with other car brands like Peugeot, Citroen, and Lancia. So, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. In the past, the Fiat Ulysse shared its platform with the Peugeot 807, Citroen C8, and Lancia Zeta. The current Fiat e-Ulysse shares its EMP2 platform with Citroen e-Jumpy, Peugeot e-Expert, Fiat e-Scudo, and Opel Zafira-E.

Fiat e-Scudo is the cargo version of the Fiat e-Ulysse

The Fiat e-Scudo shares the same platform as the Fiat e-Ulysse. On top of that, it has the same features and the only difference is that one van is for carrying people and the other is meant for carrying cargo. However, some people think that these are two different cars while they are not. They share the same engines and deliver similar performance.

Fiat designed the Fiat e-Ulysse for carrying people and the Fiat e-Scudo for carrying cargo. So, you should select the right electric Fiat van according to your needs.

Fiat e-Ulysse offers value for money

Unlike the traditional gas-powered Fiat Ulysse, the latest electric e-Ulysse is pretty costlier. However, this car provides value for money because of the outstanding features that it comes with. Some of the top features that users will enjoy on this car include top of a range infotainment system with onboard technology that enables the user to communicate with their smartphone intuitively.

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Other notable features include 17-inch diamond cut alloy wheels stylish & modern design, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. 

Fiat e-Ulysse is the only Fiat model in production

A lot of people may know the Fiat Ulysse, which was produced between 1994 and 2010, but this car is no longer in production. After replacing the Fiat Talento in 1994, the Fiat Ulysse was replaced by Fiat Freemont in 2010. However, the Fiat Ulysse has made a comeback with its latest electric version.

Another thing that most people don’t know about the Fiat Ulysse is that it replaced the Fiat Talento. On the other hand, Fiat Ulysse was succeeded by the Fiat Freemont, which is a rebadged version of the Dodge Journey.

There’s some issues with the Fiat e-Ulysse too.


What are some of the surprising facts about the Fiat Ulysse?

Some of the surprising facts about the Fiat Ulysse are that the Fiat Ulysse takes its style from the Stilo range. In addition, the Fiat Ulysse’s 3.0 V6 152 kW engine is the most powerful Fiat Ulysse engine. Furthermore, the Fiat Ulysse replaced the Fiat Talento but it was replaced by Fiat Freemont.

How fast is the Fiat e-Ulysse?

The Fiat e-Ulysse runs on an electric motor and not gasoline like its predecessor. The electric motor provides an efficient, smooth, and responsive ride. On top of that, it delivers a maximum speed of up to 80.78 mph and it can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 11.3 seconds.

What are the differences between Fiat e-Ulysse Ulysse and Fiat e-Ulysse Lounge?

Even though both trim options are from the Fiat e-Ulysse model, the Fiat e-Ulysse lounge offers more luxurious features than the Fiat e-Ulysse Ulysee. On top of that, the Fiat e-Ulysse Lounge only offers a six or seven-seater, while the Fiat e-Ulysse Ulysse can be configured to offer seven or even eight seats.

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Is Fiat e-Ulysse a good daily driver?

Of course, yes. Since the Fiat e-Ulysse is an all-electric car, it won’t cost a lot to use on a daily basis. This family van runs on a 75 kWh battery that can cover up to 205 miles on a full charge. Furthermore, the car is very fun to drive and it does not pollute the environment.

However, when it comes to parking and driving the car in traffic, it is not the best car to have on a daily basis.  

Which cars are similar to Fiat e-Ulysse?

The Fiat e-Ulysse is among the most outstanding electric multi-purpose vehicles or vans on the market. This car is spacious, safe, advanced, comfortable, and efficient. Nonetheless, it still faces stiff competition from the market. Some of its closest rivals include the Citroen e-Jumpy, Peugeot e-Expert, Fiat e-Scudo, and the Opel Zafira-E. 


The Fiat e-Ulysse may still be a new electric van on the market, but it is one of the finest. This e-van comes with an excellent range, which is great for most families. What’s more, it is very advanced with high-end features. While it faces stiff competition from other all-electric MPVs on the market, it is still one of the best.

Now that you know some of the surprising facts about the Fiat e-Ulysse, you can own or drive this car with pride and discuss them with other Fiat lovers or e-Ulysse owners.

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