Does BMW make a truck?

does bmw make a truck

BMW does not yet make a pickup truck, but they were rumored to be developing one in late 2019. The German performance brand was said to be releasing a new BMW X7 Pickup in the 2021 or 2022.

Unfortunately, however, they made it clear that they have no such intentions and it was just a concept. The concept was officially manufactured as a real physical car in 2019 and made the exposition in BMW Motorrad Days.

What was the idea behind the BMW X7 Pickup truck?

The loading area of this five-seat former SUV that was transformed into a truck. It was a bit smaller than expected, but still functional. The cargo bed spanned from 79 inches (2 meters) in length with a rear lid open and 55 inches (1.4 meters) in width. It could carry an approximate weight of 200 kilograms or 440 pounds. 

BMW used a motorcycle show to exhibit the new idea for the BMW X7 truck and loaded it with a BMW F 850 GS bike. The bike was a great partner for the X7 since, in combination, they are great at paved and unpaved roads and can lead you anywhere you would want to go.

If the BMW X7 Pickup ever came to life, knowing the BMW brand well, it would most likely carry the same engine options that the X7 high-end SUV usually does. X7 engines include xDrive40i models with 456 horsepower twin-turbo V8s.

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The variations are 3.0 L diesel and gasoline engines, 4.4 gasoline, and a 3.0L quad-turbocharged diesel. All engine options come with 8-speed automatic transmission. The BMW X7’s fastest engine variation is the 4.4L V8 twin-turbo petrol and it goes from 0 – 62 miles per hour (0-100 km/h) in just 4.2 seconds, making it quite fast for a heavy luxury SUV.

BMW X7 – the closest SUV to a truck that BMW manufactures

Why did BMW abandon the truck concept?

The BMW X7 is the largest automobile vehicle that BMW currently produces. It comes in a V6 and a V8 engine and boosts with the power most BMWs like to exhibit. The 2020 and 2021 models undoubtedly earn the highest scores among high-end SUVs.

Nobody was exactly hyped for a BMW truck and this is why the concept of the BMW X7 truck stayed just that – a concept. Additionally, the typical BMW rear-wheel-drive was quite inappropriate for a truck that would be loaded on the back. BMW’s target audience and fanbase are mostly urban drivers and trucks are more commonly used by people who live outside of crowded areas.

Is the X7 SUV like a truck?

If you are looking for a pickup truck, the X7 is not a good fit. If you are a BMW fan, on the other hand, and you are looking for the largest possible BMW, this is your car. Available engine options go all the way up to 612 horsepower and a 4.4-liter V8.

Of course, this large beast does not bring in very economic fuel usage. It gets 15 miles per gallon on the highway and 21 miles per gallon in city traffic.

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All of the three available engine options come with the same automatic eight-speed transmission and an xDrive (all-wheel drive), typical for X BMWs. Sport driving mode is available, which sharpens the suspension and roughens things up, letting you get a better feel of the vehicle on the road. Otherwise, the huge 21-inch wheels and the air suspension provide a very smooth ride, even more so in comfort driving mode.

When purchasing the BMW X7, a special off-road package is available to choose from. It upgrades the SUV with an electronically-controlled rear differential that limits the slip, as well as a front skid plate that protects the bottom of the engine from harm.

Interior of the BMW X7

The interior of the BMW X7 is partially based on the BMW X5 SUV, which is a bit smaller. It is a tech-packed, leather-rich design that allows the passengers to have very ample legroom and cabin space overall. The luggage room is also large, as three carry-on suitcases nicely fit behind the third row of seats.

As you would expect from a high-end SUV, the X7 is loaded with highly functional tech features, which start with a 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen that takes up the larger portion of the dashboard. Like most new BMWs, you can choose from the touchscreen and a rotary knob to work with. Apple CarPlay, Wi-Fi, wireless charging and Android music are all available.

Safety features of the BMW X7

In terms of safety features, the BMW X7 comes with a forward-collision warning system and a fully automatic emergency braking feature. All versions are equipped with the standard lane-departure warning systems and also come with the blind-spot monitor installed, as well as a rear-cross traffic alert feature.

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How much does the BMW X7 cost?

In the U.S., the BMW X7 costs at least $74,000 brand new as the base model. Compared to other high-end SUVs like Mercedes-Benz GLS, it is a bit more expensive. On the other hand, it is still cheaper than a Cadillac Escalade. If you are going for tech features and luxury, as most BMW X7 owners do, you will most likely spend well over $100,000.

BMWs going forward

Are there any BMW cars with 3-row seats?

Newer BMW X5 and X7 are available with 3 rows of seats. The row folds and gets hidden under the cargo space to maximize it. With the new BMW X5 and X7, you can bring up to 7 people on your trips, thanks to the 3rd foldable row of seats.

What is BMW going to produce in the future?

BMW is investing in research and development of electric vehicles. They have set up a plan and goals to launch 12 brand new and fully electric car models by the year 2023. The iNext SUV, as well as the i4 sedan, are part of this plan. BMW plans for these vehicles to have an average of 360 miles running range.

does bmw make a truck
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