Fiat Tipo 1.4 95 CV problems

Fiat Tipo problems

The Fiat Tipo is a uniquely designed car that comes in a sedan, hatchback, station wagon, and cross-body design. While this model comes with various engines, the Fiat Tipo 1.4 95 CV is one of the best-performing and affordable variants in the lineup. But what are the problems with the Fiat 1.4 95 CV model?

Some of the problems with the Fiat Tipo 1.4 95 CV model are excessive oil usage, jerking of the engine, lack of power, suspension failure, and faulty airbag module software. Additionally, users have also reported having braking issues, electrical problems, and door lock failure.

What are the common problems with Fiat Tipo 1.4 95 CV?

Excessive oil consumption

While this problem is not common on the older Fiat Tipo 1.4 95CV models, it is rampant on the newest models. So, if you’re planning to get a new Fiat Tipo 1.4 95 CV petrol model, be ready to spend a little bit more than usual on oil.

Jerking of the engine

Many Fiat Tipo 1.4 users have also reported their car jerking more often than usual. This normally happens when the car has a cold start. However, if it persists, this is a sign of bad spark plugs, faulty injector nozzles, and bad throttle valves. Take your car to a professional mechanic to identify and fix the problem.

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Electrical problems  

Aside from having engine-related problems, the Fiat Tipo 1.4 95 CV model also experiences electrical issues. Some of these issues include a dead battery, issues with a door lock, defective window regulators, a blown fuse, and much more. Ensure to identify the underlying problem before having your car fixed.

Lack of power

Like most Fiat Panda models, the Fiat Tipo 1.4 95 CV engine also loses power. Some of the signs of this problem include engine stalling, poor gas mileage, engine running rough and excessive noise. To fix this issue, you will have the mechanic check the mass air flow sensor, fuel filter, air filter, and turbine. Allow the mechanic to fix to replace the faulty part. 

Suspension failure

Suspension problems are not very common on the Fiat Tipo. However, if you notice a knocking noise emanating from the front suspension, this is a sign that you have got a suspension problem. This normally takes place when you drive over a bump or rough road.

If this happens, have the mechanic inspect your car’s wishbone as it is the likely problem. The only solution is to replace the failing wishbone with a new one.

Braking problems

If your brakes are not working as they are intended to, then you may be having faulty or worn-out brakes. The brakes on the Fiat Tipo 1.4 95 CV model are known to rust after some time. Therefore, you should replace them in time to avoid having braking problems. Note that you should replace the brake pipes and not the entire braking system.

Door lock failure

Another overlooked problem with the Fiat Tipo 1.4 95 CV model is door lock failure. As the car ages, it is normal for users to experience door lock failure. To solve this problem, you will have to replace the failing door locks with new ones. Even though this is an easy fix, you should visit a professional mechanic.

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Faulty airbag module software

This problem usually takes place in the latest Fiat Tipo 1.4 95 CV models. This includes the 2020 to 2021 model years. When the airbag module becomes defective, the airbag may fail to activate in case of an accident. As a result, this increases the danger of the driver and passengers being injured.

The good news is that the affected cars were recalled and the manufactured fixed them.


Is the Fiat Tipo reliable?

No, Fiat Tipo is not as reliable as other compact city cars in its class. Besides, most of its owners consider it to be less reliable than its siblings like the Fiat Punto and Fiat Panda. What’s more, its cost of repair and maintenance is slightly higher than average, making it have a slightly above average reliability.

How long does the Fiat Tipo last?

Fiat Tipo is a compact and reliable car. With good maintenance and care, this car should last for more than 200,000 miles. For this to happen, the user or owner has to follow the manufacturer’s recommended scheduled maintenance service. On top of that, the user should exercise good driving habits.

Is the Fiat Tipo 1.4 95 CV model cheap to maintain?

Yes, the Fiat Tipo 1.4 engine is one of the most reliable engines in the lineup. As a result, it is also one of the cheapest engines to maintain. Nevertheless, finding Fiat Tipo 1.4 95 CV spare parts can be quite a daunting task. Additionally, Fiat customer care is not the best and you may have to wait longer than usual to be served.

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How fast is the Fiat 1.4 95 CV model?

When it comes to performance and speed, the Fiat 1.4 95 CV is one of the least-performing cars in the Fiat Tipo lineup. This is because it produces up to 95 hp and 95 lb-ft of torque. It also has a top speed of up to 115 mph and it can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 10.9 seconds.

Which cars are similar to the Fiat Tipo 1.4 95 CV model?

The Fiat Tipo may be a sleek car with its stylish boxy design, but it also faces stiff competition in the market. Some of the major rivals of this model are Fiat 500L, Fiat 500X, Jeep Renegade, Ford Focus Active, Kia XCeed, Vauxhall Astra, Dacia Sandero, and Jeep Compass. 


The Fiat Tipo 1.4 95 CV model is one of the best engines in the Fiat Tipo lineup. This engine is reliable, efficient, and performs pretty well. But if you’re looking for power, speed, and outstanding performance, you should consider other engines like the 1.6 16V MultiJet inline-4 turbo engine.

Overall, the Fiat Tipo is a considerably reliable car. It is also compact, affordable, and practical. Like all cars, it has several issues that users should be prepared to deal with. But with good care and maintenance, this car should last for a long period.

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