Common problems with Renault Modus

Renault Modus

The Renault Modus isn’t the most well-known Renault Model out there because it was only offered between 2004 and 2012. During that time, Renault actually managed to sell quite a few of these as compact multi-purpose (MPVs) were really popular during that time because they combine loads of benefits into a singular package.

However, the Modus isn’t the most promising car out there when it comes to reliability which is why we decided to investigate the Modus in a detailed manner. We are going to mention all the common problems with Renault Modus and tell you what you need to look out for if you are in the market for a used example.

The most common problems with Renault Modus are engine issues, electrical problems, problems with the body and equipment, and issues with the gearbox. Some of these are rather annoying, but not overly serious while others can be a real pain to resolve completely.

All in all, if you are interested in buying the Renault Modus used, you should do your due diligence and investigate all of the ins and outs of the Modus and try to go for a relatively well-kept example with proper service history and not too many miles on the clock.

Engine Issues

One of the more common problems with the Modus is the EGR valve failing and thus emitting black smoke from the exhaust and making your car struggle to accelerate consistently. This means that the EGR valve is letting exhaust gases into the turbo which isn’t ideal both for the valve, the engine, and especially the turbocharger.

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You will sometimes be able to clean the EGR, but if that does not help, you will have to replace it completely. If the engine runs roughly, you should also immediately inspect the ignition coils and if one is done, be sure to replace all four of them at the same time as that is always a better idea.

Electrical Problems

The most common problems with Renault Modus are electrical problems such as exterior lights failing due to water ingress at the rear or due to the front bulb becoming burnt really early on. Other electrical issues include faulty dashboards that don’t seem to either display the correct data or any data at all.

We also need to mention that the central locking system can fail, the power window actuators can also fail, and the electronic handbrake is also prone to fail eventually. All in all, the Modus has many potential electrical problems, so be sure to pay close attention to them if you decide to buy one.

Body and Equipment Issues

The Modus also suffers from the rather expensive body and equipment-related issues such as a heater that can fail completely and refuse to blow warm air or any air for that matter. The sunroof motor is known to blow and disable you from opening the sunroof which can be really expensive to fix.

Other potential problems can include corrosion within some of the car’s body panels due to it having a bit of a hard time with water getting into the carpet area and the trunk area. This can be especially dangerous if not resolved early on because corrosion can slowly destroy a car completely and devalue it immensely.

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Gearbox Problems

Most of these come with a manual transmission which can experience difficulty in shifting gears, grinding noises, and slipping gears. This can be due to overall wear and tear of the box and poor maintenance, both of which should be done in order for the gearbox not to fail.

The clutch and its associated plate can wear out really quickly which results in a really hard time shifting the gears and also a slipping clutch. All in all, its lack of maintenance accelerates and really worsens these issues, so try to pay close attention to how your specific Modus was maintained before you bought it as that can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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FAQ Section

Why did Renault Stop Making the Modus?

Renault stopped making the Modus in 2012 due to declining sales and a shift in consumer demand towards crossover SUVs and larger vehicles. The Modus was a small, compact car that was designed primarily for the European market, where it faced tough competition from other small cars like the Fiat Panda.

Additionally, the Modus was based on the same platform as the Renault Clio, which meant that it was more expensive to produce than some of its competitors. As a result, Renault decided to discontinue the Modus and focus on producing other models that were more popular with consumers and more profitable for the company.

Which Car Replaced the Renault Modus?

Renault replaced the Modus with the Captur, a subcompact crossover SUV that was launched in 2013. The Captur was designed to compete with popular models like the Nissan Juke and the Peugeot 2008, and it has been a commercial success for Renault.

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The Captur is still on sale today and Renault also manages to sell a ton of these which is why the Captur isn’t likely to go anywhere anytime soon. This makes sense as the Captur is exactly the type of car most average European customers want in their garage.

What is the Difference Between Renault Grand Modus and Modus?

The Grand Modus is 23cm longer than the regular Modus, with a wheelbase that is 9cm longer. This translates to more interior space and a larger boot capacity. The Grand Modus also has a higher roofline than the regular Modus, which provides more headroom for passengers.

It also has the option of adding a third rear seat, which allows it to carry up to five passengers, whereas the regular Modus can only accommodate four passengers. Overall, the Renault Grand Modus is designed to offer more interior space and versatility than the regular Modus, making it a good choice for families or those who need to carry larger items.

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