Common problems with Hyundai i40

Hyundai i40 problems

The Hyundai i40 was first released back in 2011 and was in production until 2019. The i40 was primarily released for the European, Asian, and African markets which means that it never came to the US market. The i40 represents a questionable era of Hyundai car-making as it does not manage to be as reliable as most other Hyundai models.

In this article, we are going to talk about reliability and all the common problems with Hyundai i40. These include problems with the DPF (Diesel particulate filter), issues with the steering system, issues with the electricals, and issues with trim and equipment. Most of these can be solved proactively, but the issue is that they tend to reoccur often.

It’s not all bad though as the i40 is not a particularly expensive car to fix. It relies on Hyundai parts that can be seen on many other Hyundai models which means that you can easily source replacement parts. Even though it isn’t as reliable as most other Hyundai models, it is still good enough in a broader spectrum.

All in all, you shouldn’t worry too much with the i40 if you service it regularly and you do a pre-purchase inspection before buying it. The used car market is brimming with lots of choices which means that the i40 is really easy to come by.

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Hyundai i40 – DPF (Diesel particulate filter) issues

Modern-day cars are equipped with the so-called DPF filter, a component designed to take care of most harmful substances in order for the car to be able to pass modern-day emissions regulations. The DPF is often a sore point on many diesel cars because it is a complex piece of machinery that can clog itself or fail completely.

In order not to experience this, you ought to take your i40 on constant highway runs so the DPF can regenerate itself. If you turn off the i40 during DPF regeneration, it can cause the system to raise oil levels gradually which can damage the engine. As such, be sure to pay close attention to the DPF while buying the i40.

Hyundai i40 – Steering system issues

The Hyundai i40 also suffers from certain steering system-related issues such as weird knocking and clicking noises coming from the steering column. The power steering system assembly is covered with flexible rubber coupling that can, over time, deteriorate and cause various weird noises that sound really worrying.

Even though this isn’t likely to cause any issues with the system performance-wise, it definitely affects your overall comfort behind the wheel. Hyundai issued a service bulletin because of this issue that didn’t specifically state the i40. However, Hyundai did that because the i40 isn’t available in the US, not because it does not suffer from this issue.

Hyundai i40 – Electrical issues

Various Hyundai models tend to experience issues with electrical systems such as issues with exterior lighting and issues with certain power-operated interior accessories. Hyundai released a service bulletin back in 2012 when they stated that the rear brake lights can fail, especially on models with an automatic transmission.

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Other electrical issues include potential problems with power windows and potential problems with the car’s radio and A/C. Be sure to go through these systems if you are in the market for a used i40 as you don’t want these issues to add up because that can cost a lot of money to fix.

Hyundai i40 – Trim and equipment issues

Trim and equipment-related issues also aren’t uncommon with many Hyundai models, and the i40 is no different. It seems like the steering wheel leather is prone to cracking after a while, especially on cars that were often exposed to the sun. Other issues include problems with lightly colored interiors that can discolor over time, sometimes even so much that you will need to replace certain components.

Models equipped with a sunroof are known to sometimes leak through bad-quality seals. However, Hyundai states that these issues are mostly due to people not cleaning their window seals often. Either way, be sure to go through these components as well as you don’t want water getting into your cabin and causing all sorts of trouble.

FAQ Section

Should I buy a Hyundai i40?

The Hyundai i40 has quite a few benefits such as a spacious interior, a relatively low price, low running costs, high safety levels, and decent reliability. This means that the i40 is a good package overall and there aren’t any major issues that are a complete red flag. However, the i40 does experience issues more often than most Hyundai models which is an issue.

Also, if you are used to spending lots of time in something with a premium badge, the i40 is going to feel like an obvious downgrade as it isn’t particularly new, nor luxurious. Either way, if you like Hyundai and you want to save some money on a used car, the i40 can do for most people.

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Why isn’t the Hyundai i40 available in the USA?

The Hyundai i40 was never available in the USA which is not all that common for Hyundai as the US is probably their most important market on the planet. The reason why the i40 never came to the US is that it isn’t a particularly good car and because there are certain obvious overlaps with cars such as the Hyundai Sonata.

Hyundai later discontinued the i40 for the rest of the world by the year 2020 and never brought it back. It is also highly unlikely that Hyundai is going to offer a new i40 anytime soon.

Is the Hyundai i40 a good family car?

The Hyundai i40 has certain elements that fit family use really well. For instance, the estate version of the i40 offers more than enough space for most families out there. The i40 is also a really safe car as it won many safety wards. Sure, it does not get all the latest active safety tech, but that wasn’t even available when the i40 came out.

Furthermore, the i40 is also decently comfortable and easy to live with. It is far from being the best family car in this segment, but price-wise, you really can’t complain.

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