Fiat Panda GPL problems

Fiat Panda problems

Fiat Panda is a nice small city car with lots of fascinating features. It is also reliable, fuel-efficient, and cost-effective. On top of that, picking the Fiat Panda GPL over the petrol or diesel version is even better. This is because it is more eco-friendly than the latter. But what are the Fiat Panda GPL problems?

Common problems with the Fiat GPL or LPG models are engine overheating, failing cooling system, valve seats burn out, and cracking alternator housing. Additionally, users have reported having an overheating head gasket, a defective steering system, a loose timing chain, and poor Fiat customer service. 

What are the common problems with Fiat Panda GPL models?

Engine overheating

A common problem that Fiat Panda GPL users have reported is their engine overheating. Since these engines produce more power than conventional petrol or diesel engines, it is easier for the engine to heat up. If this happens, it will lead to several engine issues. Therefore, you should ensure that your engine operates at an optimal level.

If the cooling system is fine, you should check the thermostat and radiator. Ensure that your mechanic fixes any bad time for a smooth operation of the engine.

Valve seats burn out

Fiat Panda engines with an LPG system work slightly differently from engines without an LPG system. This is because they work by pumping LPG at high pressure from the LPG car tank to the engine inlet manifold through a set of liquid LPG injectors. Therefore, if the engine experiences high pressure or high temperature, the valve seats and valves will be affected and burn faster than usual.

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As a result, the user will have to replace the valve and valve seats faster than intended. So, it is crucial to ensure that your engine gets the right pressure and temperature to avoid wearing out some parts faster.

Overheating head gasket

The Fiat Panda GPL engine functions in extreme conditions with intense heat. Therefore, if this heat becomes unbearable, your engine can overheat leading to a blown head gasket. Besides, since heat is more than normal, the additional heat causes the cylinder head and engine block to expand excessively. This causes the head gasket to fail and overheat.

To fix this problem, ensure your engine has the right level of coolant and that the coolant system is working fine.

Failing cooling system

One of the vital parts of the Fiat Panda GPL engine is its cooling system. Apart from cooling the engine, the cooling system also has to cool down the heat to the LPG vaporizer. As a result, the cooling system is overworked and has to be monitored at all times. Failure to do, the user may not know when the cooling system has malfunctioned.

If the cooling system fails, it will also lead to engine failure. In the end, the user will have to fix the system at a high cost. So, always ensure that you’ve got the right coolant and the cooling system is working fine at all times. If it’s failing or damaged, you will have to replace it, which is pretty costly.

Cracking alternator housing 

Since Fiat Panda GPL comes with a Fiat Fire engine, users may also experience some issues that other Fiat Fire engine experiences. One of those issues is cracking alternator housing. Some of the signs of a cracked alternator housing are the car failing to start, rattling noise coming from under the hood, and the battery light coming on.

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To fix this issue, you will have to replace the failed or damaged alternator housing. What’s more, you should also inspect the alternator and replace it if it’s damaged.

Loose timing chain 

The work of a timing chain is to synchronize the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft, thus ensuring good timing and enabling the engine’s valves to top open and close during every cylinder’s firing. So, if the timing chain is loose, this can lead to serious problems.

If the timing chain becomes loose and breaks while you’re driving, this will make the pistons break from contact with the valves. In the end, it might end up running the engine. To fix this issue, you will have to replace the loose timing chain. 

Defective steering system

Like most Fiat Panda models, the Fiat GPL models also experience steering system issues. Most of the steering system issues are linked to steering spring columns and a failing electric power steering motor. To fix this issue permanently, you may have to replace the steering system. Nevertheless, you can also only replace the electric power steering motor if it’s the source of the steering problems.

Poor Fiat service

Whether it is the Fiat Panda GPL or the Fiat Panda diesel version, users have complained about getting poor customer service. This is one of the greatest problems about owning a Fiat model. You may have to wait for a long period before your car is serviced. Besides, finding Fiat Panda GPL parts is not easy and it is normally costlier than mainstream cars.

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What are the common problems with conventional Fiat Panda models?

Fiat Panda may be a wonderful city car, but it also faces lots of issues. Aside from the problems the Fiat Panda GPL faces, users of Fiat Panda have also complained about rough riding, transmission problems, suspension issues, trunk not opening, and defective front wipers.

Is Fiat Panda reliable?

Yes, the Fiat Panda is pretty reliable. This car has been rated to have above-average reliability, which is a good thing. Nevertheless, maintaining Fiat Panda can be a daunting task as it’s not easy to find its spare parts. Also, Fiat’s customer service is one of the worst on the market.

Which Fiat Panda model is fitted with the Fiat Panda GPL engine?

The Fiat Panda EasyPower is the Fiat model fitted with the LPG/petrol bi-fuel version of the Panda. Note that this engine is made in the factory. It is a 1.2-liter Fire inline-four engine with 69 PS or metric horsepower.

Final thoughts

Now that you’re aware of some of the common problems with the Fiat Panda GPL models, it is important to maintain your car properly. Note that most of the above issues can be avoided with proper care and maintenance of the car.

All in all, the Fiat Panda GPL is a wonderful city car as it does not pollute the environment as much as its petrol or diesel counterparts. Furthermore, it still performs outstandingly and offers comfort to users.

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