Fiat 500x Electrical Problems

Fiat 500X problems

The Fiat 500X is a sleek, modern, and spacious subcompact SUV. It also has excellent ride quality, and it is one of the best subcompact SUVs for city driving. However, it also comes with multiple issues. But what are the Fiat 500x’s electrical problems? 

Some of the common Fiat 500x electrical issues are faulty wiring, faulty cooling fan, battery problems, and bad alternator. Moreover, several users have also complained about fire outbreaks, failing radio frequency, warning lights, and faulty key fobs. 

What are the common electrical problems with the Fiat 500x?

Battery issues

This is the most common electrical problem with Fiat 500x. Many users of this model have complained about their car batteries having or causing issues. The battery is weak and usually causes several electrical parts to shut down. 

The best way to fix this problem is by replacing the weak battery in this model with a more advanced and powerful battery. 

Faulty cooling fan

The cooling fan on certain Fiat 500x model years is known to have issues. As a result, this leads to the engine overheating with the warning lights flashing. And like most Fiat issues, the company hasn’t recalled the affected models or even found the right replacement parts. 

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So, if your Fiat 500x is having such a problem, you should visit the mechanic for diagnosis and fixing. 

Faulty wiring 

Faulty wiring in the Fiat 500x can be caused by various issues, including loose wires, a dying battery, or a malfunctioning alternator belt. Because of faulty wiring, the electronics in the car may malfunction and the car may also enter limp with warning lights flashing on the console. Other signs of faulty wiring are the engine not cranking as it should, and fuses keep blowing out.

To fix this problem, the owner will have to visit a professional mechanic to have the broken or corroded wires repaired or replaced.   

Fire outbreak

Some users have reported their cars catching fire while it was parked and stated that there was a burning smell before parking the car. Surprisingly, the manufacturer has not found any cause, which is very disturbing if the issue reoccurs. 

Warning light 

Another common issue with the Fiat 500x is the warning light coming on due to dashboard problems. It can be due to condensation or a faulty fuse. But if the fuse is okay, a simple reset by a professional mechanic should resolve the problem. 

On the contrary, if the fuse is the problem, then you will have to remove the blown fuse and replace it with a good one. 

Bad alternator 

Most alternators on the Fiat 500x fail due to age. Nonetheless, some fail because of use-related wear, leaking fluid that damages the alternator, or jump-starting the car the wrong way. Some of the common signs of a failing alternator are a dead battery, difficulty starting the car, the smell of burning wires, and frequent stalling. 

The best way to fix a bad alternator is by replacing it with a good one. But before you replace it, you should visit a professional mechanic and it will be inspected. 

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Failing radio frequency hub 

This problem is normally caused by negligence or lack of maintenance of the car. Many Fiat 500x owners have complained that their radio frequency hub failed or stopped working due to water leaking into the car. As a result, this causes the car not to start or randomly stop while driving. 

In some cases, the car stops locking the car’s braking system and not enabling the doors to open. Ensure to have the car checked and the problem fixed. The issue is usually with the trunk hatch which is supposed to be sealed, but it allows water to sip through. 

Faulty key fob 

Even though not very common, some Fiat 500x users have complained that their key fob became faulty. The remote key fob will unlock the car as it is intended to, but it could not lock it and they had to do it manually. This issue is normally caused by dying batteries in the key fob or a faulty key fob. 

To fix this problem, you should visit a professional mechanic to check and fix the faulty key fob. 


Is the Fiat 500x reliable?

No, the Fiat 500x is not a reliable car. According to many reliability surveys, the Fiat 500x is among the least reliable cars in its class. Nevertheless, it still gets an above-average reliability score, which is good news. And even though this car is not so reliable, it is still cheaper to maintain. 

What are the common mechanical problems with the Fiat 500x?

Apart from electrical, exterior, and braking issues, the Fiat 500x also faces mechanical problems. Some of the common mechanical issues with this car include engine problems like engine shaking vigorously, excessive oil usage, transmission shifting to neutral while driving, and brake locking in some cases. 

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Is it expensive to fix Fiat’s electrical issues?

No, fixing a Fiat 500x is considerably cheaper compared to most of its rivals. For instance, the cost of labor for fixing electrical issues is around $95. Note that this will depend on where you’re located. It is also crucial to note that the cost of parts will vary from one area to another and it can be costly or cheap. 

However, finding Fiat 500x spare parts can be challenging in some areas. 

How long does the Fiat 500x last? 

With proper care and maintenance, the Fiat 500x can last for more than 200,000 miles. Some owners have reported clocking more than 300,000 miles, which is exceptional. Aside from proper care and maintenance, good driving habits should also be practiced for the car to last longer.  


The Fiat 500x is a nice, modern, spacious, and practical subcompact SUV. Nonetheless, it has several issues that users should know about. Aside from electrical problems, this car also experiences mechanical, engine, transmission, and braking problems. 

Common electrical issues with the Fiat 500x are battery issues, a bad alternator, faulty wiring, a failing key fob, and a faulty cooling fan. Despite having these issues, this car can last longer when properly maintained and cared for. 

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