Common problems with Audi TTS

Audi TTS problems

The Audi TTS is the mid-spec version of the Audi TT which means that it slots between entry-level TT models and the range-topping TT RS model. The TTS is made for people who like the TT as a whole, but also want an experience that is not just about looks. They want substance but aren’t able or willing to pay Audi TT RS money.

As such, the TTS satisfies a market niche available with pretty much every Audi model. Audi S Sport models are basically regular Audi models but usually are a bit more performance-oriented. This means that cars like these can do all the regular Audi stuff while also being able to rival certain sports cars and even older supercars.

The TTS is a relatively reliable model these days because Audi makes the TT for more than 2 decades. However, the most common Audi TTS issues are related to the electronics, increased levels of oil consumption, issues with the equipment, water pump issues, and issues with the steering system.

Some of these can be taken care of with regular and timely maintenance while others are likely to cause issues no matter what you do. Either way, the TTS is a cool car, but it certainly isn’t perfect.

Audi TTS – Electrical issues

Electrical issues are present on both the newer and older TTS. The instrument cluster can sometimes freeze up or glitch out on newer Virtual Cockpit TT models while older classic gauge cluster models are known to often misinform you. Other electrical issues include problems with exterior lightning which can go out after a while.

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The electronic windows switches are known to fail on older TT models regularly and the TTS is very much the same. Some of the interior switch gear can fail, the reverse lights can fail, and the interior lights can also fail. Older TT models are considerably worse in this regard, but new TTS models are still no strangers to electrical issues.

Audi TTS – Oil consumption issues

The Audi TTS gets a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine with about 320hp and 295lb-of of torque. This engine is more or less a beefed-up version of the entry-level 4-cylinder which means that these two share most of their parts together. This engine, and many other Audi engines, are known to burn engine oil at an alarming rate.

Some say that this is completely normal, but that is not the case as many high-end performance cars with three times the power output of the TTS don’t suffer from oil burning. As such, be sure to always top up engine oil whenever necessary as a lack of engine oil can literally destroy the entire engine in no time.

Audi TTS – Equipment issues

The TTS comes in either a coupe or a convertible form, and both of these have their own niggles. The coupe can often suffer from issues related to the rear spoiler while the convertible can have serious issues with the roof mechanism. Some owners have also reported the car suffering from front trunk opening lever snapping.

Other TTS equipment issues include saggy seats which can look 20 years old only after a few thousand miles. This issue seems to be annoying many TTS owners online because such a premium car should not have issues that make the car seem like it costs three times less than it truly does.

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Audi TTS – Water pump issues

VAG cars are known to experience issues with faulty water pumps and the TTS is very much the same story. Some say that the water pump on the TTS has a lifespan of about 60k miles which means that an owner is likely to replace the pump 2-4 times during the car’s lifespan.

Sadly, this is a story of many Audi models, and a faulty water pump is not a small issue. Your engine can overheat and that can lead to catastrophic consequences. Some owners have reported the car even catching fire due to water pump-related issues.

 Audi TTS – Steering system issues

If you hear any knocking sounds while steering, your steering rack is likely the one to blame. These are most noticeable while turning sharply and can sometimes even break and make you lose control. Thankfully, these issues can be noticed fairly early on and repaired in due time which turns everything back to normal once again.

FAQ Section

Is the Audi TTS a sports car?

Many people have doubts about calling the Audi TT a sports car, and I can agree with that. However, the TTS is designed exactly for those people who want a sports car but deem the regular TT to not be a sports car. The TTS is a lot more focused than entry-level TT models are as that is apparent the moment you sit behind the wheel of the TTS.

The range-topping TT RS is a completely different story as that car is as rapid as they come. However, if you are not into spending huge amounts of money on the TT RS, you can opt for the TTS and tune it to 400hp for not all that much money.

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Is the Audi TTS good for tall people?

The Audi TT is a two-seater car which means that even though it looks compact, it really isn’t all that compact for a 2-seater. As such, the TTS can accommodate larger people, but that is often a stretch if you are someone over 6 feet 5 inches.

If you are shorter than that, you should have no issues. If you are as tall as that or more, the TT is not a car for you.

How fast is the Audi TTS?

The Audi TTS can reach 60mph from a standstill in about 4.5 seconds and reach a limited top speed of 155mph. The roadster is about 0.3 seconds slower than that. The quarter-mile time of the Audi TTS is about 13.5 seconds which is okay for an entry-level sports car.

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