Common problems with Audi A7

Audi A7 problems

The Audi A7 is a more stylish version of the beloved Audi A6 four-door sedan. This means that the A7 takes the Audi A6 platform and turns it into a sleeker four-door coupe with frameless doors. Audi did this to make the A7 a competitor to the Mercedes CLS and the BMW 6-Series Grand Coupe as these cars were incredibly popular a few years ago.

Nowadays we live in an era dominated by SUVs and crossovers and these cars took somewhat of a sidestep. Either way, they are still some of the most impressive models these three legendary automakers offer, and the A7 might just as well be the best one of the three.

However, no car is perfect, and the A7 definitely isn’t. This means that it is complex and packed with numerous delicate electrical and mechanical systems which are known to break after a while. Therefore, if you want to own an A7 and you want it to last without decimating your wallet, you will have to maintain it according to Audi’s recommendations.

The most common Audi A7 issues are related to the engine, the electricals, the transmission, vehicle speed control sensors, and issues with the differential. Most of these can be stopped with preventive maintenance, but not all of them.

Audi A7 – Engine issues

The Audi A7 comes with a bunch of engine options starting from a 200hp V6 engine and moving all the way up to twin-turbocharged V8s with upwards of 600hp. Many engine choices mean many different engine problems, but most A7 engines seem to be working just fine. However, 3.0L V6 engines are known for timing chain issues that need to be resolved asap, otherwise, they can destroy the entire engine.

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Other engine issues are related to potential overheating caused by a faulty thermostat or oil leaks which are more present on older A7 models. Either way, these engines are sturdy and should be able to last a long time, but be sure to do your own part and maintain them as best as you can.

Audi A7 – Electrical issues

Non-engine electrical issues are a common trait with the A7, and the most common electrical issues the A7 suffers from are associated with tire pressure sensors, sunroof problems, infotainment system problems, and various issues with in-car phone connectivity such as Bluetooth handsfree streaming.

Sadly, electrical issues on older A7 models are a lot more common, probably because these systems have seen lots of use during the lifespan of an A7. Audi makes some of the most complex cars these days because they come with features you simply can’t find on most cars these days. Audi loves technology, but technology is delicate and can cause a lot of headaches.

Audi A7 – Transmission issues

The Audi A7 is available with either a torque converter automatic gearbox or a DCT dual-clutch S-Tronic gearbox and it seems like the DCT S-Tronic is the one being more stubborn. Various owners have complained about the car becoming jittery and sluggish, especially while maneuvering the A7 at lower speeds or on an incline/decline.

The Tiptronic automatic transmission is a lot smoother, yet it does not manage to shift gears as fast as some owners would like it to. All in all, these issues are mostly down to software which means that updating or resetting the modules can fix them.

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Audi A7 – Vehicle Speed Control sensor issues

The A7 comes with a bunch of advanced driver assistance systems which are designed to keep you safe and make your life a lot easier on a daily basis. However, when these systems fail, they do the exact opposite and make your life a lot more difficult. Owners have stated that some of these systems are way too intrusive and can even cause an accident.

Most of these issues can also be resolved with software updates, but sometimes you will have to replace hardware components because software updates can only do so much.

Audi A7 – Differential issues

The A7 also sometimes suffers from issues related to the differential, more specifically, weird noises coming from the differential. If you hear clunking, grinding, or whining noises, chances are that your A7 is experiencing differential issues that need to be fixed as soon as possible, otherwise, they could cause additional damage.

If your tires are wearing unevenly, you should also check the differential. Some say that these issues are down to the diff not being lubricated well enough, but be sure to take your A7 to a mechanic to be 100% sure.

FAQ Section

Is the Audi A7 better than the Audi A6?

The Audi A7 is the more stylish version of the A6 and it comes with better equipment straight from the factory. The A7 does not get 4-cylinder engines while the A6 does, the A7 does not come without LED lights, while the A6 does. This means that even the most basic A7 is a relatively well-equipped car.

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On the other hand, an almost $15,000 difference between the two can get you pretty much every option you want. The answer to this question boils down to your personal preferences. It’s also worth mentioning that the A6 is slightly roomier at the back and that it also comes in estate form while the A7 comes with a more practical hatchback trunk.

How many miles will an Audi A7 last?

The Audi A7 should be able to last at least 200,000 miles without needing major overhauls. Many Audi specialists state that 10-15 years of constant use should not strain the A7 too much if you take proper care of it.

As such, with proper maintenance and a reasonable amount of stress, the A7 should be able to last a lot longer than 200,000 miles. Audi knows that many people use the A7 for long-distance journeys and that is why they made sure that the car can do that for a long time.

Are SUVs more popular than sedans?

SUVs are a lot more popular than sedans these days and only crossovers can threaten the dominance of SUVs. That is why many brands around the world are investing most of their money into pumping out new SUVs and that is why many brands have also discontinued many sedans and especially 2-door coupes and convertibles.

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