Common Ford Tourneo Custom Problems

Ford Tourneo Custom

The Ford Tourneo van is essentially a more plush version of the Ford Transit as it is designed to carry people and luggage instead of carrying tools and machines which means that it is both more comfortable and better equipped than the Transit. It is also a really popular van throughout the globe as many use these vans for taxing purposes.

For a vehicle to be a good taxi car, it needs to be able to withstand all of the abuse that comes with taxi driving in addition to being able to churn immense mileage in a fairly narrow time period. Therefore, we are now going to mention all of the common Ford Tourneo Custom problems and tell you what it is bound to break on these.

Loss of power seems to be the issue most people are talking about while premature brake and tire wear are also really common. Various issues with the car’s electricals also seem to be present, especially with the air conditioning system. The driveshaft coupling can fail and allow the vehicle to roll away while in park.

Lastly, we need to talk about throttle body problems which can make the more comfortable version of the Transit not comfortable at all. All in all, the Tourneo Custom seems to be a decently reliable car that does deserve its place in the market, but only if you stay vigilant and take care of all of its issues before they take place.

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Loss of Power

The Transit and the Tourneo are two sides of the same coin which is why it makes perfect sense that both of these suffer from this problem. These problems seem to be most common with the 2015-2017 Tourneo models and are most often caused by water leaks clogging the fuel and air filters. This blocks fuel passage and causes the engine to struggle, maybe even stall.

A clogged fuel injector is also closely related to these problems and is often linked to a check engine light. To repair this issue, you will first have to make sure that a leak truly does exist. If it does, you will have to take care of it, flush the system, and replace all the damaged/clogged filters and fuel injectors.

Premature Brake and Tire Wear

There are quite a few reports roaming around the internet that the rear brakes on the Ford Transit/Tourneo often last less than 15,000 miles per set. This is indeed a problem as those who own fleet vehicles can get easily scared by these as they increase the essential maintenance costs of these vehicles significantly.

The calipers seem to be the main reason why this happens as they are prone to get stuck. If this does take place, there is also a great deal of chance that it is going to cause premature uneven tire wear as well. All in all, if you stay on top of this, you should be alright.

Electrical Issues

Electrical issues are something most cars suffer from in one way or another other and the Tourneo isn’t any different. The most problematic area of them all is the air conditioning system which can sometimes refuse to cool the cabin down as efficiently as it should. The possible causes of these problems are dirt and debris getting stuck inside the system or even system leaks.

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Other electrical issues include problems with the accessories being slow to respond or failing, or problems with stuff like power locks, power windows, or the radio/infotainment system.

Driveshaft Problems

One of the more dangerous problems with the Tourneo is the fact that the driveshaft coupling can fail and thus cause significant damage to the engine, possibly even making the car roll when in park. If these couplings break off, they are sure to cause mechanical damage to most of their surroundings which means that they can destroy the brakes as well.

Understandably, this is an immensely dangerous issue, one that needs to be looked at immediately. Ford even once did a Transit recall for this very issue which is why these are also happening for the Tourneo.

Throttle Body Problems

The throttle body controls the amount of air that enters the engine via the throttle pedal which means that if it breaks, the van is going to run terribly as the mixtures needed for the engine to combust properly are going to be all over the place.

This issue can be fixed either by cleaning the throttle body (if possible), or if not, you will have to replace it as everything else isn’t going to solve the problem.

FAQ Section

Is the Ford Tourneo a Good Van?

The Ford Tourneo is one of the more popular passenger vans out there because it is based on the Transit, but is much more usable and comfortable. The Transit is arguably the most successful global van in the past two decades which means that the Tourneo should be equally as successful.

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The reality is that the Tourneo isn’t nowhere near as successful as the Transit because people love the Transit for being a tool, but the Tourneo is supposed to be a bit more “lux”. For these purposes, most owners are interested in German-made vans, but that still does not take away from the fact that the Tourneo is indeed a really good van.

Are used Ford Tourneo Vans Reliable?

A Ford Tourneo is decent when it comes to reliability which means that it should remain that way for the longest. However, if the van hasn’t been properly taken care of before you try to buy it, it’s just best to not go for it as improper maintenance always ends up being more important than the inherent characteristics of the van.

On the other hand, if the van has been maintained thoroughly and timely, there are no reasons why you should not consider one.

 Is the Ford Tourneo a 9 Seater?

Yes, the Ford Tourneo is a 9-seater car because it is designed to carry people. All of these nine seats are large enough to accommodate an adult, but adults are better off sitting in one of the seats in the middle or the front of the car.

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