Cars similar to Hyundai i10

Is Hyundai i10 a good car?

The popularity of small city cars has been on a definite rise for the past few years as these cars are becoming really affordable to live with while also offering all the state-of-the-art technologies that don’t come with all the drawbacks of owning a large car in the city. As such, these cars offer enticing packages that feel perfect for a city as they are small, nimble, efficient, cheap to live with, and easy to drive.

This is where cars like the Hyundai i10 come in as these are incredibly popular in many globally populated cities. Even though we could go in-depth about what makes the i10 so popular, we are going to focus our attention on cars similar to the Hyundai i10. This means that we will tell you everything you need to know about these cars, and how they compare against each other.

These cars include the Volkswagen UP which is often the preferred choice for those wanting a small city car that can do everything while also sporting a semi-premium badge. The Kia Picanto is likely the most similar car to the i10 in general as these two share most parts with each other.

The Toyota Aygo is also a really popular car in this segment, and so is the Fiat Panda. All in all, these small city cars are the most similar and most popular while also covering a wide range of markets globally.

Hyundai i10

In the UK, the Hyundai i10 carries a starting price of around £13,430 to £17,980 which gives you a choice between a few trim levels such as the S trim, SE trim, and the Premium SE trim. The best one to get is likely the SE trim as it balances features and costs the best while also offering you everything you need. You can choose between two gasoline engines, both of which are efficient and quiet.

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The i10 is one of the sharpest cars in its class which means that it drives really well. It is a nimble and agile car mostly preferred by younger buyers which makes a lot of sense. Reliability is also better than with most other cars here.


The price of a Volkswagen Up kicks off from £14,070 and rises to around £18,220 for higher-end models. This means that the VW UP is one of the more expensive cars on this list which means that it should retain value better than most other cars here, especially due to having a more premium badge.

The similarities between the Up and the i10 are size, space, and driving experience. However, the VW UP does differ from the i10 when it comes to technology, assistance systems, and the fact that the VW UP comes with a higher-end GTI trim which balances performance and usability perfectly.

Kia Picanto

The £13,400 to £17,450 Kia Picanto is the most similar car to the Hyundai i10 because these two are built using the same parts and are almost two sides of the same coin. This means that the Picanto and the i10 are identical when it comes to engines, transmission, dimensions, driving experience, price, and reliability.

The differences are the fact that the i10 does get the two engines you get with the Picanto with the addition of a 1.2L 90hp which is not available with the Picanto. The i10 offers slightly better safety credentials while the Kia Picanto feels more agile and fun to drive.

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 Toyota Aygo

You can expect to pay between £13,930 and £16,980 for the Toyota Aygo which puts it firmly in the same segment as the Hyundai i10. The Aygo is really similar to the i10 when it comes to the driving experience as it is really similar. However, we do need to mention that the Toyota Aygo does get a naturally aspirated engine which is not available for any other car on this list.

The interior quality is where the i10 takes a lead as it is both newer and cladded with better-looking materials. The Aygo lacks space compared to the i10 and it does not get the newest technology. However, the Aygo is older and you can feel that the moment you step inside the cabin.

Fiat Panda

£14,310 to £17,485 is the price you have to pay for the Fiat Panda which is the most authentic car here as it also offers off-roading credentials while being a city car first. The Panda is similar to the i10 when it comes to price, quality, reliability, and space, but it differs from the i10 when it comes to capability, comfort, and technology.

The Panda gets all-wheel drive in some iterations which are unheard of in this segment, but it offers less powerful engines and isn’t as comfortable or as good-looking as the new i10.

FAQ Section

Is the Hyundai i10 the best car in its class?

The Hyundai i10 is one of the most interesting cars in its class and many people believe that it is also the best car in its class. The reasons why are that the i10 is well priced, it is really well equipped and offers really good engines with great reliability results, all of which are really important factors for a daily driver.

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As such, the i10 is indeed one of the best cars in this segment, but it does not drive as well as the Picanto, nor does it have the badge appeal of the VW UP.

Are supermini city cars worth it?

These types of cars are popular in a selected few markets around the world, mostly in the UK, parts of Europe, and parts of Asia. These aren’t available in the US or in many other markets because they are primarily designed for navigating tight city streets and are designed to be cheap.

If you want a daily commuter that is easy to drive and live with, a supermini city car is a good idea. On the other hand, if you can’t fathom owning supermini cars, you should just skip them.

Are small cars better with electric engines?

Small city cars are perfect for electric powertrains because those can offer you enough range and power without being as thirsty or as harmful to the environment as ICE cars are. EVs are cheaper to live within the city and are quieter and more in line with the current city commuting philosophy of sustainability.

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