Can you take a Tesla to a Mechanic?

Tesla recommends all of its clients to have their cars serviced or maintained directly from a Tesla service center. But can I take my Tesla to a general mechanic? 

Yes, you can take a Tesla to a mechanic. However, you may void your warranty if you take your Tesla to a non-Tesla shop for repair or maintenance. So, if anything goes wrong, you will no longer be covered under the Tesla warranty, which lasts 4 years for the body and 8 years for the battery.

Consider this before taking your Tesla to a mechanic

The other challenge of taking your Tesla to a mechanic is that the mechanic may not have the right parts to repair your car. Most of the Tesla parts that non-Tesla repair shops or mechanics use are from former Tesla cars. This is because Tesla has a full monopoly on parts and no aftermarket parts exist. 

Besides, even though non-Tesla or general mechanics can repair a Tesla, they are not capable of repairing all issues on a Tesla. For instance, third-party repair shops can handle most body repairs, but they can’t handle internal motor, internal battery, install new firmware, replace the touchscreen, and perform key programming.  

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So, if your Tesla has a major issue that is not related to the body, you will have to take it to a Tesla service center. This is chiefly because general technicians don’t have the skills and equipment needed to handle technical Tesla problems. On top of that, most of them are not conversant with the electrical system and networked computer systems. 

Therefore, if you make the mistake of taking your Tesla to a general mechanic to repair its electrical system or computer system, you may end up damaging your car and voiding the warranty. What’s more, the process may end up being costlier than visiting a Tesla center and it may also take longer. 

What are some of the advantages of taking a Tesla to a mechanic?

Quick service 

The first advantage of taking a Tesla to a service center is that you won’t have to wait for months or a year to have your car worked on. General mechanics or third-party repair shops will work on your car quickly compared to taking it to a Tesla service center. 

Cheaper service 

Aside from taking less time to repair your car, third-party repair shops are also cheaper compared to Tesla service centers. For instance, a simple tire rotation may cost you about $50 at an independent shop and about $100 at a Tesla service center. So, you will end up saving some cash. 

Why should you have your car repaired by a Tesla technician instead of a general mechanic?

Tesla technicians are more skilled when it comes to dealing with Teslas than non-Tesla technicians. Also, they are equipped with the right tools and equipment that will properly diagnose the issues your car is facing. Finally, you won’t be risking voiding the warranty as it’s a Tesla technician if anything goes wrong. 

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What is Tesla doing to improve their services when it comes to repair and maintenance?

Tesla is constantly increasing Tesla service centers to reduce the wait time and bring services closer to their customers. Besides, Tesla offers many service options, such as roadside assistance, over-the-air updates, remote diagnostics, and SmartAlerts. 

First and foremost, over-the-air updates improve the vehicle’s performance and minimize trips to a Tesla service center. On the other hand, remote diagnostics help you to remotely diagnose an issue with your car and what is required for repair/maintenance. Last but not least, SmartAlerts will take you through a simple fix or connect you to a service team. 


What happens if you don’t take your Tesla to a Tesla service center?

If you decide to repair your Tesla from an independent mechanic or a third-party repair shop, then you risk voiding your warranty. This means that if anything goes wrong, Tesla won’t cover any damage or faults that your car may develop in the future.  

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Is Tesla expensive to fix?

Yes, Teslas are expensive to fix. This is normal as Tesla is a luxury car like Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, and Audi. Besides, it also depends on the problem that your car is facing. If it’s normal service and maintenance, Tesla is quite cheap. But if it’s a serious problem, then it will be expensive to fix. 

Can I work on my Tesla? 

Of course, yes. Working on a Tesla has been made easy by functions like SmartAlerts and the user manual. All you have to do is follow the instructions to the latter so that you don’t mess up. Also, you should do the maintenance yourself if you’re okay doing it. 

As a matter of fact, most basic Tesla service maintenance procedures can be done by Tesla owners. All they need to do is to follow the instructions to the latter.  

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Does Tesla have a lot of problems?

No, Tesla is among the most reliable luxury cars on the market. Nonetheless, Tesla has some common problems that buyers should be ready to face. Besides, most Tesla problems are quality issues and no reliability issues. Some of the common Tesla problems are uneven panel gaps, paint defects, and rust. 

What happens if your Tesla tire bursts in the middle of nowhere?

First of all, you should call for roadside assistance from the bottom of your Tesla app. If roadside assistance is not within range, then you may have to call AAA or look for the nearest mechanic to repair the wheel or replace it if you have a spare with you. 


If you have been wondering whether you can take a Tesla to a mechanic, then the answer is “Yes.” Despite Tesla recommending its customers to service, repair, or maintain their cars at a Tesla service center near you, a third-party repair shop or mechanic can also repair and maintain a Tesla. 

The only challenge is that third-party repair shops don’t have the equipment or skills that Tesla centers possess. Additionally, mechanics cannot repair everything as the Tesla electrical and computer system are very complicated to work on. If the mechanic messes up, you will void your warranty. 

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