Can you negotiate with Volvo?

As hard as negotiating is, it is often still possible to negotiate with car dealers.

If you buy a new Volvo, then it is definitely hard to negotiate the price. Most dealers have the same prices for their cars, and the dealership profits are also almost the same. However, having said that, there is some wiggle room. Comparing prices online is the best place to start.

Negotiating with car dealers

People always want to pay less for their new things. This is because not everyone has excess cash, and they want to pay for the value of the product. However, negotiating with the car dealers is tough because the prices they demand are pretty much the same across the country.

Most people research about prices before going to the dealership, so that’s why most new car dealers have almost the same prices. For the dealers, there’s not much profit left, so there’s not a lot of room for massive discounts. Of course, it’s still possible to negotiate a bit, especially about add-ons.

Negotiating tips when buying a new car

Negotiating with car dealers can be tough, but there are some things you can do to encourage them to wave off some cash from your grand total. Follow these tips to help you in negotiating a better price on your new car:

  • Research – always research before buying a car. You can check the prices online and have a look at the finance options and discounts available before going to the dealership.
  • Don’t get too attached – just think of buying a car as a business transaction and nothing more. The car salespeople always act polite, but you have to be neutral and look at all the options.
  • Look at the total cost – car dealers present many good financing options for your car and monthly payment, but you should look at what it will cost you in total at the end.
  • Negotiate the price – never speak first while giving any price. Always let the salesperson give you a rate first because once they give you a rate, they can’t go any higher.
  • Good timing – salespeople usually have commissions and bonuses at the end of the months and years, so try to go to the dealerships at that time.
  • Check all the dealerships – you should visit all the car dealerships of a certain car brand before making your decision.
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Volvo Prices

Luxury cars are generally expensive because of the materials used making them. Luxury cars have the best quality features, but all of this comes with a big price tag. As with all the other luxury cars, Volvo is also pretty expensive. Volvo cars are also much more expensive in the States because they are imported from Europe.

The cheapest Volvo starts at $34,000, which is the Volvo XC40. This is also the standard version of the car.  The electric variant of the XC40 is around $55,000. Other car prices are as listed below:

  • Volvo C40 Recharge – starts from $58,750
  • Volvo S90 – starts from $51,850 and the hybrid version is $60,050
  • Volvo S60 – starts from $39,250 and the hybrid version is $47,650
  • Volvo XC90 – starts at $49,900 and goes up to $63,800
  • Volvo XC60 – starts at $42,650 and the hybrid model is $54,250
  • Volvo V60 Cross Country – starts at $45,700
  • Volvo V60 Recharge – starts at $67,300
  • Volvo V90 Cross Country – starts at $55,200

Chances of negotiation with Volvo

The chances of negotiating the price with Volvo dealerships are rather unlikely. It mainly depends upon the person who owns the dealerships, but almost all of them have the same prices. The automotive market is changing from a negotiable sales model to being more of “the price you see is what you pay.”

Volvo is even working on selling its EVs directly online, which will decrease the chances of negotiating with a dealership significantly.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for a great deal, but the best thing you can do as a buyer is know when to stop asking for more. After doing your research, make a realistic offer. There isn’t a secret code word or phrase that will get you the best deal.

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Negotiating with car dealers is hard, and it is even harder with Volvo because they have fewer numbers of dealerships around the country. Rather than trying to get a big amount off the car price, you could try negotiating for freebies like upgraded tires, winter floor mats, or smaller add-on accessories.


What are Volvo cars known for?

Volvo is a luxury car brand that mainly prioritizes providing the best quality safety features. The luxury brand is famous for its minimalistic interiors with many features. The brand is also known for its durability and reliability. The engines they make last longer than any other brand.

The Swedish brand provides the best quality rides and comfort for families. They are good family cars because of their dependability and consistency. Volvo cars are also good performance-wise and provide smooth rides. They basically work on the minimalistic principle of “it just works.”

How many Volvo dealerships are there in the US?

Volvo is a big brand, but it has very limited production all over the world. Volvo also has a smaller number of dealerships as compared to other big giants like Toyota or Audi. Volvo has around 288 dealers in the US. Just for comparison, Toyota has around 1500 dealerships in the US and Honda has 1068 dealers in the States.

Why are Volvo cars expensive?

Volvo cars are expensive because they make luxury vehicles with expensive products. They use 4 types of steel for the whole car’s body. The safety features are very expensive. Volvo has the best crash safety facility, and they research the collisions. All of this makes Volvo very expensive. The interior quality and the technology are also premium quality.

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Why is it hard to negotiate on new cars?

Negotiation on new cars is pretty hard because the car’s price is almost the final. Dealerships mostly offer the same price for the car because if someone increases their price, people would not go to them. However, the invoice price is always less than the price they are offering. So, try to have 2% above the invoice price which would be a good deal.

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