Can a Tesla be serviced anywhere?

Unlike ICE cars, Tesla does not need regular maintenance. This is because it has fewer moving parts, which minimizes rampant breakdown experienced with ICE cars. Regardless, is it okay to service a Tesla anywhere? 

Where can I get my tesla serviced?

You can service your Tesla anywhere. Nonetheless, some services can be done anywhere, while other services have to be done at a Tesla service center. But if you decide to do service outside a Tesla service center, you may void the warranty.

So, if you’re taking your Tesla outside a Tesla service center, there are few services that non-Tesla technicians and mechanics can handle. Most of them can only perform general maintenance services, such as tire replacements and rotations. However, when it comes to serious issues like battery repair, this should be done in a Tesla service center. 

Another main challenge of taking your car to a non-Tesla service center is that finding spare parts can be quite difficult. Most Tesla parts found in the aftermarket are usually from used Tesla cars. If you want Tesla parts, you will have to buy directly from the company. 

Besides, Tesla is a highly-engineered car that needs special attention when handling. That’s why it is important to acquire the services of specialized Tesla engineers to handle your car. On top of that, Tesla has the special tools needed for proper repair and maintenance of your car. 

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How do I schedule a Tesla service appointment through the Tesla App?

If you want to schedule a service appointment via the Tesla App, here are the steps that you should follow: 

  • Open the Tesla App and click on ‘Service’
  • Choose the topics that you will like addressed
  • On the ‘Details’ screen, include an elaborate description of what your car is undergoing. On top of that, include photos connected to the topic. Nevertheless, photos are optional. 
  • Key in the address of the service center that you wish your car to be serviced. 
  • Confirm the day and time that works best for you 
  • Ensure the information you provide is up-to-date. If you want to get automated SMS updates, then you should include your phone number. 

Nevertheless, you can still reschedule, cancel, or add more information to your service appointment if you want. Just follow the right steps to do so.  

How does the Tesla mobile service work? 

Aside from choosing a physical Tesla service center, you can also opt for the Tesla mobile service. However, Tesla mobile service does not cover all the services. But if the service you want can be performed by a Tesl Mobile Service Technician, then your car will be serviced where it is most convenient for you. 

For you to get Tesla Mobile Service, you need to confirm if it’s offered in your area. If not, you will have to select a Tesla service center. To schedule mobile service, you will have to enter the Tesla Mobile App. The app will direct you to select a date, time, and address where you want your service performed. 

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Does Tesla need an annual maintenance service?

No, Teslas don’t need an annual maintenance service. However, the manufacturer recommends different Tesla models to be serviced after a certain period. For instance, Tesla recommends model S owners to service their cars after every 2 years, Model X & Y after every 4 years, and Model 3 after every 6 years. 

Besides, if you feel that your car has a problem or something is amiss, you can take your Tesla for service anytime that you feel like it. Since Tesla doesn’t require regular maintenance like ICE cars, maintaining this car is cheaper in the long run compared to its competitors. 

The only part of a Tesla that needs annual inspection or maintenance is the brake calipers. Tesla recommends its customers clean or lubricate brake calipers every 12-months or 12,500 miles. It is important to note that this applies to Tesla customers in cold regions. If you’re in a hot region, then this is not an issue. 

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Does Tesla have service centers?

Tesla has several stores and service centers around the world. At the moment, Tesla has a total of 100 service centers and 438 stores around the world. This number is quite low considering the number of Tesla cars being built yearly. That’s why many Tesla customers have to wait for days or months to have their cars serviced. 

Does Tesla charge for mobile service?

Yes, Tesla does charge for mobile service. You can pay the service bill using the company’s application. Besides, mobile service is a hassle-free experience that saves you time and allows you to diagnose the issue faster than visiting a Tesla service center. 

The only challenge is that Tesla’s mobile service is currently limited to North America. Nonetheless, this service is growing rapidly and will soon be in all areas. 

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Is Tesla expensive to fix? 

Tesla may not break down often like gasoline-powered cars, but when it does because of an accident or any other reason, repairs are always expensive. Furthermore, it can take days or even months for your car to be repaired as Tesla has limited-service centers. 

Does Tesla need an oil change? 

No, Teslas do not require an oil change. Additionally, you don’t have to change fuel filters, spark plugs, or even do emission checks like ICE cars. Since Teslas are electric cars, they don’t even need brake pad replacement as they don’t wear out quickly because of regenerative braking that returns energy to the battery. 

Bottom line 

All in all, Tesla can be serviced anywhere. However, Tesla does not have a dealership as they run their shops and service centers. Nonetheless, not all Tesla issues can be diagnosed by a third-party technician, therefore, you may have to take your Tesla to a Tesla Service Center if your car needs serious services like battery replacement. 

But if you want to do a tire replacement or rotation, you can take your car to any third-party mechanic. The only problem is that you risk voiding the warranty if anything goes wrong. 

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