Buying a used Skoda Superb – things to check 

Skoda Superb

The Skoda Superb offers limo-like space for an affordable price. It is also sleek with multiple engine options. But is a used Skoda Superb worth buying? What are the things to check on a used Skoda Superb? 

Some of the things to look at in a used Skoda Superb are the state of the engine, gearbox & clutch, bodywork, interior, exterior, and wheels and tires. Furthermore, you should also check the car documents, and vehicle history, and test drive the car. 

Things to check before buying a used Skoda Superb


The engine is the heartbeat of the car. So, if you’re looking for a used Skoda Superb, this is the first part that you should inspect. Note that the Skoda Superb 1.8 TSI engine is the worst of them all as it comes with various issues. 

Furthermore, it is also vital to inspect high-pressure fuel pipes if you intend to purchase the 2009 or 2011 used Skoda Superb model. The problem of leakage is very severe in these model years, especially models that run on petrol. 


Another thing to check out in a used Skoda Superb is the bodywork. This is one of the easiest things to look out for in a used car. Since the Skoda Superb is a large and spacious car, you need to look carefully for any damage or scratches. This can suggest whether the car was involved in an accident or not. 

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Look for any signs of repainting or replacement panels. Note that Skoda Superb parts are quite expensive and so is its service. 

Gearbox and clutch 

The DSG gearbox is one of the common problems Skoda Superb users usually encounter. So, you cannot overlook it as it can lead to serious and costly repairs if it’s damaged or failing. The most affected model years are those made between 2008 and 2011. What’s more, it is common in the 3T Superb with the 7-speed DQ200 DSG. 

In 2013, Skoda issued a recall for Skoda 3T Superb models fitted with the 7-speed DQ200 DSG. Hence, before you buy a used 2008 to 2011 Superb, ensure that this problem was fixed. 


Like any used car, you should also check the exterior of a used Skoda Superb. You should inspect the body, mirrors, panels, boot, headlights, and even the sunroof. However, more focus should be placed on the panels, tailgate, and bumper. 

Skoda users have reported having misaligned panels, a damaged tailgate, and a rusted bumper. Check and see if these parts are in good condition or were replaced. 


When you’re done inspecting the exterior, you should check the interior thoroughly. Look at the seats, electronics, roof, and even the carpet. Ensure that the seats fold properly and the carpet in the cabin and boot should be in a good state. Moreover, look for any stains on the seat fabric or carpet. What’s more, ensure that all electronics work in the car.  

Wheels and tires 

Wheels and tires are also very crucial parts to check when buying a used car. You don’t want to have the wrong wheels or worn-out wheels on the car. Many Skoda Superb users have complained about excessive tire wear. So, you should examine the tire’s tread depth and wheel tracking. What’s more, check if the alloy wheels are damaged. 

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Test drive 

After you’ve inspected the car inside and outside, it is now time to test drive the car. Ensure that the engine drives smoothly and the car handles well. It is vital to have an expert opinion, so having a mechanic drive your car can help a lot for a second opinion. 

Vehicle inspection and history 

If the car drives well, then you should go ahead and check the car’s history. You wouldn’t want to invest in a car that has been owned by several drivers in a short span. Furthermore, it is vital to know some of the issues that have troubled the car over the past few years and whether the car has been involved in an accident before. 


The last thing to check on a used Skoda Superb is the documentation. You don’t want to invest in a stolen car or one with court issues. So, ensure to do a background check and find out if it has any insurance. 


Is a used Skoda Superb reliable?

It depends on how the previous user maintained the car. But if the car was properly maintained, then it should be reliable. This is because Skoda Superb is one of the most reliable Skoda models on the market. And with proper care and maintenance, this car should clock more than 200k miles. 

What are the safety features of the Skoda Superb?

Whether new or used, Skoda Superb is fitted with some top-notch safety features. It was also awarded a 5-star EURO NCAP rating. Some of the safety features that this car comes with are electronic stability control, lane keep assist, driver attention detection, auto emergency braking-city, airbags, reverse camera, blind spot warning, and vulnerable road user auto emergency braking. 

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How much does a used Skoda Superb go for? 

Skoda Superb is a commonly used car in the taxi business in Europe. That’s why some of its used cars are even costlier than some newer Skoda Superb models. In the UK, a used Skoda Superb has a price range of between £1,500 and £52,999. The price of a used Skoda Superb depends on how well the car is maintained and the model. 

What are the most common problems with the Skoda Superb?

The Skoda Superb may be an outstanding mid-size car, but it also comes with multiple issues. Some of the issues include engine problems, airbag problems, seatbelt tensioner issues, rear wheel bearing shutters, electric problems, and DSG gearbox problems. 

Final thoughts 

Buying a used Skoda Superb can be quite a daunting task. But if you inspect the car properly, then you can end up with a good, reliable, and durable car. The first thing to check on the Skoda Superb is the state of the engine, followed by the gearbox. Next, you should inspect the interior state of the car, more so the seatbelt tensioners. And when you’re done, you can do a test drive to have the feel and comfort of the car. 

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