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The BMW X1 is one of the best compact premium SUVs to drive. It is also practical, fuel-efficient, and cheaper to maintain than most of the cars in its class.

The BMW X1 is a subcompact luxury crossover SUV with a stylish exterior, luxurious interior, and exceptional performance. Even though it is very practical, maintaining this car is still costly, just like many BMWs. Overall, it is a nice compact SUV for daily driving.

History of the BMW X1

Surprisingly, the BMW X1 is among the first subcompact crossover SUVs on the market. This car was introduced in 2009, and the first-generation was based on the BMW E90 3-Series. The first-generation BMW X1 also comes with a rear-wheel drive as standard. However, the second-generation BMW X1 changed to a front-wheel-drive system.

When the BMW X1 was introduced by BMW, it was the smallest SUV in the BMW lineup below the BMW X3. Unlike the bigger BMW SUVs, the X1 is small, fuel-efficient, and cheaper to maintain. After the introduction of the BMW X2, the X1 is now the second smallest BMW SUV on the market.

Features of the BMW X1


The BMW X1 may not be the best-looking car in its class, but it has a sleek and elegant design that will attract onlookers as the car cruises down the street. Thanks to the 18-inch Y-Spoke bi-color wheels, matte chrome exterior finish, satin aluminum roof rails, and non-metallic paint. What’s more, the chrome grille gives it an agile look.

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In terms of interior design and finish, the BMW X1 is still well-done with top-notch materials and finishes. However, some materials are lacking, making it less desirable than its bigger siblings like the X3 or X5 that feature high-end materials.

Some of the notable interior features include SensaTec upholstery, floormats, anthracite headliner, high-gloss black interior trim with pearl gloss chrome highlight, classy gauge cluster, and a flimsy glovebox door.

Overall, the X1 is a nice car for people who desire a reliable, compact, luxurious, and advanced SUV. It has a wheelbase of 105.1-inches, a length of 175.5-inches, a width of 71.7-inches, and a height of 62.9-inches.


The first-generation BMW X1 model comes with the rear-wheel-drive as standard, while the second-generation model comes with the front-wheel-drive as standard. Regardless, BMW X1 only comes with one engine option. It is fitted with a 2.0-liter inline-4 engine.

The BMW X1 may feature one engine, but the engine is powerful enough to deliver a powerful and smooth ride. Also, it is easy to handle and great at cornering because of its weight. The engine can deliver up to 228 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. It can also accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 6.3 seconds.

The 2022 BMW X1 comes with two options; the BMW X1 sDrive28i or the xDrive28i. Note that the sDrive28i is the base model and it is equipped with the front-wheel-drive system, while the xDrive28i comes with the all-wheel-drive system. Besides, the BMW X1 with the xDrive is slightly costlier.

Comfort and cargo space

The BMW X1 is a beautifully built car with a large cabin and ample cargo area. Even though this car is not as big as the BMW X3, the occupants will still be comfortable as its well-built with comfortable seats. It has 40.4-inches of rear front legroom and 37-inches of second-row legroom.

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Furthermore, it has 41.9-inches of front headroom and 39.4-inches of second-row headroom. With a total of 101.2 cubic feet of passenger volume, your friends or kids will fit in the car comfortably. This SUV has a total of 58.7 cubic feet of cargo space behind the front row, which is exceptional.

Fuel efficiency

Since the BMW X1 comes with a smaller engine compared to the BMW X3, X5, and X6, it consumes lower fuel, meaning that it’s more fuel-efficient. It boasts an EPA rating of 23 mpg in the city, 31 mpg on the highway, and a combined 26 mpg.

With such fuel usage, this car will save you a lot as you will spend less money on fuel compared to other cars in its class. Nonetheless, it is still practical as it carries up to five passengers and has ample cargo area.


Like most BMW SUVs, the BMW X1 may be cheaper, but still costlier when compared to mainstream cars. And if you add the cost of maintenance, you will find that having this car can be quite costly in the end. The initial price of the BMW X1 is around $36,200.


Is the BMW X1 reliable

If you compare BMW X1 to other cars in its class, you may be surprised to find that it’s quite reliable. Additionally, it is the second most reliable BMW model after the BMW 3-Series. So, if reliability is what you’re looking for in a compact luxury SUV, BMW X1 is an excellent choice.

What are the common problems with the BMW X1?

Before you invest your hard-earned money in the BMW X1, it is important to know some of the challenges that you will face. The common problems with the BMW X1 include lower control arm/bushing issues, premature brake pad wear, excessive wind noise from the rear door window, shift knob defect, timing chain issues, oil leak, and suspension issues.

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Note that most of these issues develop after covering certain miles. What’s more, some problems are common with particular BMW X1 models. But with proper maintenance and repair, you may not experience some of these issues.

Is the BMW X1 expensive to maintain?

When it comes to the cost of maintaining luxury cars, BMW is one of the most expensive. This also applies to the BMW X1. This car is slightly costlier to maintain compared to other cars in its class. Aside from that, the cost of spare parts and service is also high; thus, driving up the overall cost of maintenance.

Bottom line

BMW X1 is a subcompact luxury crossover SUV built from 2009 to date. This small but powerful car is comfortable, luxurious, fuel-efficient, and very affordable. It is also very practical as it can accommodate up to 5 passengers and it has ample cargo space.

Nonetheless, like many BMW SUVs, this car also has several issues, including premature brake pad wear, shift knob defect, lower control arm/bushing issue, excessive wind noise from rear door window, suspension problems, timing chain problems, and much more. Overall, it is a nice car and more reliable than its bigger siblings.  

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