What is a good SUV for a big person?

SUVs seem like a perfect choice for larger individuals who are not yet ready to plunge into the minivan world. Even though some sedans are equally as spacious, an SUV is almost always more practical than a sedan because it’s easier to get in and out of.

What is a good SUV for a big person

The Jeep Wrangler is a great choice both for taller and overweight drivers because it offers plenty of headroom, waist room, and legroom. The GMC Yukon/Chevy Tahoe/Chevy Suburban is also a great choice as it offers plenty of room any way you look at it.

Other spacious suv cars

The Ford Expedition comes second as the most spacious full-size SUV trailing only behind the Yukon/Tahoe/Suburban. If you want a more luxurious, but equally accommodating SUV, you are best off opting for the Cadillac Escalade.

Finally, if luxury is what you desire, be sure to check out the BMW X7 or the Mercedes Benz G-Class as these two are the most spacious, and most luxurious premium SUVs on the market.

1. Jeep Wrangler is a great choice for a big person

The Jeep Wrangler needs no further introduction as pretty much everyone is familiar with this adventurous 4×4. Whether you want a more docile and urban-oriented Wrangler, or you want an off-road spec Rubicon variant, there is plenty to choose from if you opt for the Wrangler.

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With 41.6 inches of headroom and 43 inches of legroom, the Wrangler can easily accommodate both tall and overweight people. There are many engines and trim options to choose from, and all are decently reliable. If you need more cargo space, you can always opt for the Jeep Gladiator pick-up truck.

2. GMC Yukon/Chevy Tahoe/Chevy Suburban

The Yukon/Tahoe/Suburban full-size SUV is one of the most spacious SUVs on the market as it offers an abundance of passenger and cargo space. You can choose between these three models and between the various engine and trim options.

The Yukon, the Tahoe, and the Suburban are all built on the same platform, and the differences between them are rather marginal with the Yukon being the more upscale model while the Tahoe and the Suburban are classic Chevy products. All of this means that these should be dependable long-term.

3. Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition is a USA classic because it offers a long-lasting lineage of extremely popular full-size SUVs with impressive all-around capabilities. Ford has managed to up the ante with the latest Expedition model which means that it’s difficult to make a wrong decision while opting for the Expedition.

With a record 9300 pound towing capacity, the Expedition leads the way for those interested in camping and similar. The Expedition is large enough to accommodate larger drivers with just a few adjustments. It’s worth mentioning that the Expedition is also one of the most spacious full-size SUVs on the market.

4. Cadillac Escalade

Even though all of the aforementioned SUVs are indeed great buys, they can not compare to the brand new Escalade. Cadillac has managed to freshen up the Escalade, equip it with all the latest safety and autonomous driving technologies which make the Escalade feel like a true 2021 flagship SUV.

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Even though the engines could be a bit more efficient, there is enough power on board to traverse all kinds of terrain. If you love the good old big SUV large V8 combo, the Escalade is probably the best SUV on the market for you.

5. BMW X7

The BMW X7 is BMW’s flagship full-size SUV which comes with all the bells and whistles. It’s extremely easy to get comfortable in the new X7 as it offers multiple-way electrically adjustable seats and steering wheel. Lots of technology and luxury features are sure to impress even the most ferocious tech geeks out there.

The X7 is a perfect family SUV for those who want to enjoy long road trips with up to 6 additional passengers and a dog. Even though the X7 does cost considerably more than most SUVs in this article, it sure is worth the money.

6. Mercedes Benz G-Class

The Mercedes Benz G-Class is an icon when it comes to luxury, styling, road presence, and off-road muscles. Thanks to its boxy shape, the G-Class offers lots of interior room for both the driver and the passenger, but the rear passengers are a bit robbed when it comes to foot space if the driver decides to push the seat back.

Cargo space is also not ideal when compared to all the other SUVs in this article, but it is more than adequate for 99% of people. The best thing about the G-Class is the technology as it makes the G-Class feel like a spaceship no matter where you decide to drive it.

FAQ Section

What is a good car for a big person?

Even though SUVs are great choices for larger individuals, there are a few sedans, crossovers, and minivans you ought to consider if you are thinking about buying a new car. The Honda Fit, Chevy Impala, Subaru Legacy, Kia Optima, Cadillac CT6, Hyundai Sonata, Nissan Versa Note, and the Genesis G90 are all plenty spacious.

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However, if this is not enough for you, you should opt for a minivan, and the Honda Odyssey is probably the best minivan out there right now.

Which is the tallest SUV on the market right now?

Tall SUVs seem like tanks while driving down the road, and that’s a reason why many people prefer buying SUVs in the first place, and the tallest SUV on the market right now is the Range Rover Vogue with an 11.7inch tall roofline which makes it as tall some commercial vehicles.

The Range Rover is plenty spacious on the inside, and it’s hard to believe that even the smaller Range Rover variants are too small for anyone, except the Evoque of course.

Why should I buy an SUV?

There are many reasons why people prefer SUVs to sedans and other cars. Whether it be the raised driving position, easy access, increased levels of safety, or the looks, SUVs are dominating the market right now, and it seems like the SUV craze is not going to slow down anytime soon.

There are endless different luxury, economy, premium, and affordable SUVs on the market right now so it may seem impossible to pick a single one.

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