Best old BMW to buy?

BMW is among the most prestigious luxury car brands on the market. It has top-notch engineering, a luxurious interior, lots of space, exceptional performance, and powerful engines. However, buying a used BMW is not easy as some models are very unreliable. But what is the best old BMW to buy? 

The best old BMW to buy is the 2006 to 2011 BMW E90 3-Series. This is an excellent car as it is elegant luxurious, and with top-notch features. Yes, it may not be the most powerful BMW on the market, but it’s among the most reliable BMWs of all time. 

What’s more, the BMW E90 3-Series was fitted with one of the most reliable BMW engines of all time. The BMW E90 3-Series was made up of 325i and 328i trims. Both of these trims had the N52, which is considered as one of the most reliable engines ever made by BMW. 

With such a powerful engine, the BMW E90 3-Series reports fewer problems than other old BMW models. So, if you want a more reliable but still exceptional old BMW model, the BMW E90 3-Series is a good option. 

Features of the 20011 BMW E90 3-Series


The 2011 BMW E90 3-Series is a true definition of BMW’s slogan, “Ultimate Driving Machine.” Aside from that, this car is beautifully designed and different drivers have different car designs to choose from. There is a coupe, sedan, convertible, and wagon. 

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Every 2011 BMW E90 3-Series body type comes with elegant tailgates, rear light cluster, a broader hood, wide kidney grille, and an optional sunroof. Nevertheless, some features may vary depending on the car’s body style. 

When it comes to the interior, this car oozes class and luxury. It boasts lots of wood and aluminum trim packages. Additionally, it has leatherette seats, heated mirrors, keyless entry, leather-wrapped steering wheel, adjustable steering wheel, cruise control, and much more. 

Furthermore, this 4-door sedan is a premium midsize sedan that can fit up to 5 passengers. However, if you select a coupe, it only comes with 2-doors. The 4-door sedan has a wheelbase of 108.7-inches, a length of 178.2-inches, a width of 71.5-inches, and a height of 55.9-inches. 

Overall, the BMW E90 is one of the best-looking BMW cars of all time. So, if you want to acquire a reliable but still good-looking old BMW car, this car is an outstanding Purchase. 


Since the 325i and 328i 2011, BMW E90 3-Series trims didn’t use the N54 engine, they were less powerful. However, the BMW E90 3-Series 335i featured the N54 engine, which was more powerful than the N52 engine. This engine had tunning, making it more powerful than the N52 engine. 

Nonetheless, the BMW E90 3-Series was still powerful compared to its competitors. The base model, which is the 325i was fitted with a 2.5-liter 6-cylinder engine, which delivered a maximum of 215 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque.  

However, the 2011 BMW E90 model had an improved engine with a capacity of 3.0-liter and an inline 6 engine. Additionally, the engine was more powerful as it produced a maximum of 230 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque. 

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But for those who needed an even more powerful car, the BMW M3 offered more horsepower and it was exceptional in performance. This sports car delivered a maximum of 400 horsepower. It was fitted with a 4.9-liter V8 engine, making it one of the most powerful sports cars at that time. 


As stated earlier, the 2011 BMW E90 3-Series comes with different body types. The most popular body type is the sedan, which comes with 4 doors and seats up to five passengers. Besides, it has a spacious cabin than most cars in its class. 

The BMW E90 3-Series Front head room measures 38.5-inches, the front legroom measures 41.5-inches, the rear legroom measures 34.6-inches, and the rear headroom measures 37.5-inches. With such space, this is a very comfortable sedan. It also comes with 12.0 cubic feet of trunk space, which is enough for storing luggage. 


BMW makes some of the safest cars on the market. The BMW E90 is not an exception as it comes with several top-notch safety features. These include electronic stability control, traction control, child safety locks, brake assist, and much more.  


The price of a used BMW E90 varies according to year, body type, and the condition that it is in. Nonetheless, most of them range between $8,900 and $15,00. 


What is the least reliable used BMW?

The title for the least reliable BMW model goes to the BMW E60 M5. This car reported several engine failures, making it one of the least reliable BMW models ever. Other problems that this car comes with include rod bearings and throttle actuators. 

Are old BMWs reliable?

It depends on the car’s make, year of manufacture, and how well it has been maintained. However, some BMWs are more reliable than others. On the same note, most old BMW models are not reliable. So, before you buy an old BMW, find out whether it is a reliable model or not. 

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What is the best year to buy a used BMW?

BMW has had several outstanding and reliable cars over the years. However, some years stand out more than others. For instance, the best years to buy a used BMW 328i are between 2006 and 2011. Other years include 2004 to 2008 for BMW 330CI and 2005 to 2008 BMW Z4 3.0si. 

How many miles do BMWs last? 

The lifespan of your BMW depends on your driving habits and how well you maintain them. On average, a BMW will last between 150,000 to 200,000 miles. But if you maintain your car properly, it will last over 200,000 miles. Nonetheless, some BMW models are reliable and more durable than others. 


If you’re looking to buy an old used BMW car, then the 2006 TO 2011 BMW E90 3-Series is the best option. This car comes with the N52 engine, which is among the most reliable BMW engines ever made. On top of that, this car registers fewer issues than other BMW models. 

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