Best BMW for a woman (+video)

best bmw for a woman

Women enjoy style, comfort and beauty. If you are looking for a car to drive in city traffic, we give you the BMW i3, a rear-wheel 5-door hatchback, powered by an electric BMW eDrive synchronous magnet rotor of 125 kW. With an average range of 150 miles per battery charge and compact B-segment dimensions, this car might be a good fit.

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Video: BMW i3 – Used buyer’s guide & review with Ginny Buckley

Best women’s BMW for a city car – BMW i3

The BMW i3 is specifically designed for city driving. It lacks a lot of luggage space but provides enough to carry your groceries, bags or briefcase. It has a wheelbase of 101 inches, a length of 157 inches (4 meters) and a width of 70 inches (1.75 meters), which makes it relatively easy to park with.

The BMW i3 is rather tall and very narrow, so the suspension needs to be quite firm to keep it steady on the road, which it is. You will notice bumps on the road but it’s a manageable ride. In terms of handling, this small BMW offers consistent steering with good control of the vehicle. Not only that, but it also has a tiny turning circle, making it perfect for city traffic.

On the other hand, at faster speeds, the BMW i3 feels quite nervous and provides less grip than you would expect from a BMW. This vehicle is not highly recommended for outside of city trips.

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Brake and gas pedals are both very responsive. Another advantage is that this car is fairly easy to drive with the so-called “single-pedal technique” as an automatic car in the city.

Talking about the suppression of outside noise, the electric motor is quiet, however, there are some suspension-produced sounds that you may often hear.

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BMW i3 engine and gearbox

The BMW i3, despite being a city car, can be quite fast as it reaches from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 7.3 seconds. And the i3s, the more powerful version does that in 6.9 sec.

The i3s has a range of 175 miles and the regular i3 can do 181 miles. This is what we found in the documents, but the real mileage range per battery charge is more likely to be 150 miles.

If you often travel outside of town on longer trips, do not purchase the i3 as it has a shorter range than most fully electric vehicles.

BMW i3 interior and features

The driving position of the BMW i3 is amazing. Electric seat adjustment is there like you would expect, and the steering wheel also can be manipulated to find a perfect fit for any driver. Sadly, there is no adjustable lumbar support, which might result in some complaints if you decide to go on a long journey. In a BMW i3, you have narrow side columns and a tall field of view both in front and to the sides.

Contrary to popular belief, the BMW i3 has ample front space, equipped with a great center console. A lot of that is owed to the position of the gear shift selector, which is placed near the steering column, instead of being in the original position, between the seats. Legroom is also solid, and there are no issues with head room in the front cabin.

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On the other hand, the backseats are very tiny and people over 6 feet are not advised to ride for long in the back of a BMW i3 since they will get some back issues in the long run due to sitting slightly arched. In addition, the pillars in the back are very thick and might cause claustrophobic feelings in children and adults alike.

There are only two seats in the backseat of the car, instead of three, which is understandable, given the dimensions. What comes as a surprise is that you need to open the front doors, in order to be able to open the backdoors as well.

The digital screen is close to the steering wheel and is quite intuitive to use. Parking sensors are the standard option included. Front sensors, an automatic self-parking feature, and a rear-view camera are all available in the so-called Park Assist package.

The infotainment is a 10.25 inches standard screen and it comes with USB, Bluetooth and DAB radio. The system is intuitively easy to use and offers many shortcuts as to not distract the driver from the road. The navigation of the BMW i3 was specifically designed to point out the electrical charge points available near you so you do not run out of battery.

Sadly, Android Auto is not available and you need to have an iPhone to connect it to the Apple CarPlay on the vehicle. Overall, the vehicle is well made and would perfectly suit the needs of a business woman, often driving around town.

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More information about BMWs

Does BMW have an entirely electric SUV?

Yes, BMW recently unveiled the iX SUV which will have the estimated impressive range of 300 miles. The first produced units are expected to arrive in the US by 2022, while production will start in 2021.

The BMW iX3 is a fully electric SUV that you can purchase right now, with a range of 285 miles.

Is the BMW i3 a fully electric car?

The BMW i3 is considered a fully electric car, but also has the option to include a gas generator that somewhat extends the range of the vehicle in case of an emergency. The gas tank contains between 7 and 9 liters or 4 gallons of fuel that allow you to reach the nearest charging or gas station.

What is the best BMW SUV for a woman?

The best BMW SUV a woman might enjoy driving is the BMW X1, a quite reliable vehicle with not overwhelmingly large dimensions, yet very satisfying to drive and bringing style to the table. The BMW X1 is fun to drive both in city traffic and on long road trips. It has a sporty demeanor, enough luggage space, and very reliable park assists, making it a good pick for most women.

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