Audi vs Tesla reliability – Which is better

You’d expect an Audi vs Tesla reliability comparison to be filled with superlatives and the world’s firsts, but this is not the case as far as reliability is concerned. Neither Audi nor Tesla are anywhere near the top when it comes to reliability, especially when we talk about electric cars only.

It is true that electric cars tend to be more reliable inherently because they are simple in construction and they offer fewer moving parts, but not even this is able to make Tesla more reliable than Audi because Tesla is still scraping the bottom of the reliability barrel on a large scale.

Audi on the other hand is decent when it comes to ICE cars, but the e-Tron SUV is actually as bad as most Tesla cars are. The Tesla Model 3 is a lot better when compared to the 1st gen Tesla Model S and especially the Tesla Model X while the brand-new Tesla Model Y is not as good as the Model 3 is.

The most reliable Audi car is the Audi A4 while the most reliable Audi EV is the e-Tron GT which seems to be one of the most reliable luxury EVs on the market. All in all, Audi seems to edge out Tesla in more segments, especially considering that Audi also makes ICE cars.

Audi reliability – Average at best, yet highly dependent on proper maintenance

According to industry-leading reliability charts and competitions run by J.D. Power, Consumer Reports, and WhatCar, Audi is mediocre. The Audi A4 is the most reliable current Audi model because it uses a fairly old platform which has been made progressively better through time.

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The worst Audi when it comes to reliability is the Q7, especially because it also costs a lot to fix. Audi EVs are also mediocre while the e-Tron SUV seems to be the least reliable one of the bunch. This is because the e-Tron was designed on a standalone chassis which was not the case with the rest of the Audi EV lineup.

The Audi Q4 e-Tron shares its underpinnings with the VW ID line while the e-Tron GT shares its platform with the Porsche Taycan. The Jaguar I Pace is arguably the least reliable EV on the market for the very same reasons as in the case with the Jaguar I Pace SUV.

All in all, Audi’s tend to suffer from more common luxury car features which means that you are often aware of what might go wrong with an Audi.

Tesla reliability – All over the place

Tesla is a brand that offers simply chaotic reliability results as some of their models like the Model 3 seem superiorly reliable, while others like the Model X seem like a complete mess, especially after a few years of use. The Model 3 is one of the most reliable executive EVs on the market while the Model X is a collection of problems just waiting to happen.

Many industry-leading reliability charts and organizations deem Tesla cars as some of the worst cars out there. However, it’s worth mentioning that Tesla is doing a lot in order to make their cars a lot more reliable, and it seems like they were able to do so with the Model 3.

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This does not mean that the Model 3 is without fault because it’s not. Every car has faults, but compared to the rest of the industry, the Model 3 is decent. A huge issue with a Tesla is that you are never aware of what might go wrong as there are so many components that tend to break.

 Conclusion: Audi is more reliable

Audi has been in the business of making cars for decades while Tesla only burst onto the scene not that long ago. This enabled Audi to be somewhat continuous when it comes to reliability results and all the potential issues that could go wrong.

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Tesla is all over the place as you are never fully aware of what is going to break, or when. Older Tesla models are incredibly difficult to keep running and they are prone to all sorts of issues, both superficial ones, and extremely expensive ones.

If you maintain an Audi properly, you are likely going to enjoy it for longer. On the other hand, you are never too sure when it comes to Teslas, even if you maintain them as best as possible. That being said, newer Tesla models, excluding the Model Y, are more comparable with Audi models.

FAQ Section

Is a Tesla worth it?

What many people seem to forget is that Tesla is primarily a software company and that is what separates them from most of the automotive industry. Tesla cars do offer class-leading qualities when it comes to autonomous driving, infotainment systems, and an abundance of 21st-century tech features.

As such, if you want an efficient EV that offers a class-leading range and unparalleled levels of charging convenience, a Tesla might as well be a perfect choice. There are many great EVs on the market right now, but Tesla’s are the easiest to use.

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Is Audi worth it?

An Audi is one of the leading executive luxury car brands which tend to offer innovative, classy, and well-built cars that offer lots of luxury features. Audi offers an abundance of models and almost all of them are at the very top of their segments. As such, finding the right Audi for you is rather easy.

Indeed, Audi cars are not the most reliable, not the cheapest, and not the most exciting to drive, but they ooze class and are an incredibly plush way of doing your daily commutes. Furthermore, they also excel at highway driving.

Why are luxury cars unreliable?

Luxury cars are not as reliable as more mass-oriented cars are because luxury car buyers are not interested in reliability as much and because luxury cars tend to innovative and incredibly complex in construction. Luxury cars offer more parts, more features, and more of everything which ultimately means that more things can go wrong.

Furthermore, most luxury cars come with long-lasting warranties which means that buyers from new are not going to feel the blunt anyway. These types of buyers tend to sell their cars when the warranty runs out.

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