Are Volvo seats comfortable?

Each and every car made by Volvo is a luxury vehicle that has extremely comfortable seats.

Volvo is famous for its minimalistic interiors with extremely comfortable seats. The seats have many add-on options for maximum comfort. The back rows in all Volvo cars are spacious and can easily fit three passengers. Overall, interior-wise, Volvos are considered to be among the best in the world.

Luxury Volvo seats

Volvo seats are some of the most comfortable ever. The front seats have many features like ventilated leather, a massage option, a heated seat option, and a multi-functional control button which can adjust your seat in many ways. The comfortable seats prove life-saving in long journeys.

The seats are made with the consultation of Chalmers University of Technology’s orthopedic surgeons, who have designed these seats for maximum driver comfort. The massage seat option is available in every Volvo, and can be turned on from the front display.

High-quality seat materials and functions

The NAPPA leather used by Volvo is ventilated, which means it helps keep your clothes fresh and provides better airflow. The ventilated leather also paves the way for heated seats. The massage system has 5 inflated pockets that create waves-like motion behind the driver to ease the tiring journey.

There are 3 multi-functional power buttons that help to adjust the front seats. These multi-functional buttons can move the seat forward and backward, adjust lumbar support, move the front edge, and can also adjust backrest tilt.

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Massage intensity can be changed from low to high, and it has 5 functions. These 5 functions are tread, advanced, lumbar, swell, and shoulder.

Spacious back seat

The back row is also pretty big, so every Volvo model can easily carry 5 people. There are also even more spacious models like the XC90 or the XC60. The people sitting in the back seats can easily fit their legs and head because of the big space.  These seats are also adjustable in some models.

There are also child seat fix points that are easy to find, Isofix or the Latch system, depending on what part of the world you’re in.

Other features of Volvo interiors

Volvos are true luxury vehicles. The minimalistic Swedish design is beautiful to look at and the luxurious interiors are unmatched by most other luxury brands. Volvo has certainly done work on noise-proofing the car by adding extra layers of carpet to the doors, which also gives a high-quality look and luxury feel.


The cabin is designed to maximize the comfort of the driver and passengers, while also providing safety. The steering wheel has all the buttons easily accessible for the driver’s ease. The car has plenty of space for small things, and the driver’s door has a big space which can even fit a water bottle. Then, there’s the armrest, which also has a big compartment in it, containing 2 charging slots.

Infotainment system

Volvos have big 9-inch front displays which have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities. The display functions like a big tablet and users can access many different apps, including a Sat-nav system. The car also has a voice control system that can recognize almost 300 engine phrases and act upon them. Basically, every task that could be done on the display can be voice activated.

Trunk space

All Volvo models have adequate trunk space, but in the case of Volvo’s SUVs and wagons, there’s even more space for cargo. The second-row seats can be folded down easily to create even more space for long journeys. The XC90 has the biggest trunk space of 302 liters, and there’s also a hidden section for the spare wheel and other accessories.

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Ambience Interior Concept

Volvo has many exciting ideas for enhancing their interiors going forward, including the Ambience Interior feature. This luxury feature gives you full sensory experience. It creates in-car sensory feelings that can make you feel like you are in an actual forest, driving through the Northern Lights, or viewing a live orchestra.

The feature mixes up visuals, smells, and sounds of certain environments like the Swedish forest, a calming summer’s day, or an orchestra, for a full experience.

The sound quality is even better in the Bowers & Wilkins’ sound system incorporated into Volvo’s interiors, including even some extra speakers in the headrest. The scent is then adjusted according to your settings and the visual is lit up on the car’s panoramic sunroof. This is a true luxury feature that enhances the overall experience.

Overall luxury

Overall, Volvo produces luxury in every corner of the car. Volvo interiors are even better than other luxury cars due to the quality of material used in the Volvos. The seats are very comfortable and designed to provide safety with seatbelts and other features.


Why are comfortable car seats so important?

Everyone loves comfort. The same is the case with car seats. Everyone wants more comfortable seats for their car because they can make a long journey a better experience. Comfortable seats don’t mean that they have to be plush. Instead, they should be spacious and provide you enough comfort for a big journey.

What makes a car seat truly comfortable?

Most of new cars come with good and comfortable seats. However, if you have an old car, or you’re not happy with your car seats then you can do these things to enhance your comfort:

  • Adjust your seat – it sounds very simple, but most of the problems lie in the adjustment of your seat.
  • Adjust your steering wheel – most cars come with adjustable steering wheels nowadays. Adjust your steering wheel according to your height.
  • Seat cushion – if your seat is old, or it’s too firm, then you can add a cushion to your car seat.
  • Lumbar and neck support – adding lumbar and neck support can ease your tiredness and help you feel more comfortable.
  • Seat belt cover – if your seatbelt irritates you on your collarbone, then you can add a seat belt cover.
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Which is better – leather or cloth car seats?

Deciding between cloth seats or leather can be challenging, but both have their pros and cons. Cloth seats have an advantage over leather seats in affordability. Cloth seats are way cheaper than leather. However, cloth seats are not good in the long run because they can rip, get stained, or attract dog hairs.

Cleaning leather seats is easy and they are more durable. Yet, if you live in a warm climate, then leather seats are not a good idea because they can get burning hot. Leather seats are durable, but cloth ones are more affordable. Therefore, it comes down to personal preference.

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