Are Jaguar F-Types expensive to maintain?

Maintaining your Jaguar is a great way to prevent costly repairs. Jaguar F-Types are not expensive to maintain during the first few years if you keep up with a regular maintenance schedule.

Like other cars, you need to change your F-pace’s engine oil, filter, brake fluid, and a couple of other things to ensure the vehicle runs smoothly. However, maintenance costs shoot up as the car ages or when you fail to carry it out on time.

Jaguar F-Type maintenance costs

The maintenance costs of the Jaguar F-Type are usually low for the first year. But you will see a significant increase in price as the car ages. As the car works over time, different parts will become weak and need to be rejuvenated. A good example is wheel rotation. You may not have to do it in the first year, but the need may arise in the second year.

The most popular maintenance of the Jaguar F-Type is an oil change, accompanied by filter change and other minor things. Note that maintenance can become costly repairs if not done on time.

Over the first five years, you’re likely to spend about $8,000 on maintenance of your Jaguar F-Type. Regular maintenance to carry out on an F type includes:

  • Oil change
  • Filter change
  • Wheel alignment or tire rotation
  • Inspections
  • Tire replacements

Oil changes

Most Jaguar F- types require changing the oil between 7000 to 10,000 miles. However, you can check your owner’s manual for manufacturer recommendations on when to change the oil and what type of oil to use. It is important to note that engine size and type of oil determine how much you spend during an oil change.

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Full synthetic oil is usually more expensive than conventional oil, and an 8-cylinder engine will consume more oil than a four-cylinder engine. Nonetheless, expect to spend between $300-$340 for this task. This includes parts and labor, with parts being around $260- $274 and labor around $50- $70.

Filter change

The filter is usually replaced during an oil change. So the cost is added together with the total cost of doing an oil change. However, if you’re doing the job yourself, you only need parts. Oil filters are sold for between $5-$15.

Wheel alignment or tire rotation

Since the front of the vehicle carries most of the vehicle’s weight, chances are that the front tires will wear quickly. Tire rotation ensures you don’t have uneven tire wear and also extends the tire’s lifespan. Professionals advise that tire rotation should be done during every oil change.

Most people do theirs every 5000 miles, or generally between 3000 and 7000 miles, depending on how often they drive. However, your owner’s manual is a good place to consult; it will tell you when a manufacturer recommends you to rotate your wheels. Wheel alignment for the F-Type could be anywhere between $20-$225, depending on how many wheels you’re rotating and the expert’s rate.

Vehicle inspection

Vehicle inspection entails checking to see how different car components are doing. While inspection could be done once yearly, most professionals advise that you do one during every oil change. You could have an expert do this, or you can do it yourself.

The cost of having this done by an expert varies from shop to shop but could be as low as $15 to $30. During this inspection, the following should be checked:

  • Fluid levels
  • Hoses
  • Air filters
  • Belts
  • Battery
  • Tread depth
  • Tire pressure
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Tire replacement

Some people wait until their F-Type tires are bad before replacing them. However, for others, once they sense they are losing traction or the tire is no longer performing as it should, they opt for new tires. It usually costs between $1000-$1600 for four tires, depending on the brand.

Tire replacement is usually necessary between 15k to 70k miles, depending on the tire you opt for. Summer tires usually have shorter mileage because of the soft rubber compound used to enhance grip.

Other maintenance that looks like repairs

If your F-Type happens to be one with a specific problem, you are likely to spend money on maintenance that looks like repairs. For example, the 2015 F-Type was noted by users to have parking sensor malfunctions. So chances are that you will keep spending money to fix this if you don’t know it’s actually a manufacturer fault.

Maintenance estimation for a Jaguar F-Type

Let’s see how much you could spend on oil changes, tire replacements, wheel alignment, and inspection for an F-Type over 5 years. Note that this maintenance can be twice a year, depending on how frequently you drive.

Maintenance cost for five years for a Jaguar F-Type (parts and labor cost included)

 Year oneYear twoYear threeYear fourYear five
Oil change (together with filter change)$280(sometimes, you might not need it)$280$280$280$280
Tire rotation$300$300$320$340$360
Tire replacement  Chances are, you might not need this in the first year$1300( 4 tires)$1500

Note: the above illustration assumes you change your oil, rotate your wheels, carry out a general inspection every year and replace your tires once every three years. Also, understand that the inspection here does not include changing faulty parts.

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This just entails just the price for inspection, which in some cases can be done by you. So by estimation, you may spend up to $6940 in the space of 5 years if you carry out maintenance, as illustrated in the table above. If this doubles, maintenance cost for the F-Type in 10 years could be anywhere between $13,880 and $15,000.


How do I minimize maintenance costs for my F-Type?

One way to minimize maintenance costs is by doing maintenance yourself.  For example, inspection and oil changes can be done by you. Some people can even rotate their wheels themselves. This automatically means saving costs for labor.

However, you shouldn’t attempt to do these tasks if you are not mechanically inclined. You might not be able to figure out what needs to be changed during an inspection. Or chances are, you might not carry out the task well, and it could end up costing you more in the long run.

What is the most common maintenance on a Jaguar F-Type?

Like every other car, the most common maintenance on an F-Type is an oil change accompanied by filter change. It is advisable to carry out oil changes every 7k-10k miles, depending on your oil type and how often you drive. Tire rotation also comes in handy to avoid uneven tire wear and elongate the tire’s lifespan.

When should I carry out repairs on my F-Type?

Maintenance like vehicle inspection is routinely carried out to check out the vehicle’s state. Here, you can detect any faults and fix them on time before a faulty component damages other components. It’s advisable to carry out repairs right away if you notice any faulty parts during an inspection.

In some cases, as you drive your vehicle, performance might reduce, which should tell you that something is not functioning as it should. A specific light illuminating in your dashboard is another way to detect faulty components or accessories. Sometimes, you can also feel or even hear certain noises from the vehicle.

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