All about the 2023 Fiat e-Doblo

2023 Fiat e-Doblo

The Fiat e-Doblo is the third all-electric van model for Fiat, after the e-Ducato and e-Scudo. Additionally, it is the third electrified model for Fiat after Nuova 500 and e-Ulysse. While the 2023 Fiat e-Doblo is a fine van, it is important to know everything about it before investing in it.

History of the Fiat Doblo

The Fiat Doblo is a panel van and leisure activity vehicle made by Fiat. This car has been in production from 2000 to date. In 2006, it received the International Van of the year award from an international jury from 19 countries. The Fiat Doblo is also known as the Fiat Panorama in Singapore.

Fiat plans to only make and sell all-electric vehicles by 2025. As a result, it recently introduced an all-electric Fiat e-Doblo for its 2023 model year. Nonetheless, it also has a gasoline-powered option, referred to as the 2023 Fiat Doblo.

Features of the 2023 Fiat e-Doblo


The Fiat e-Doblo comes with an elegant design and finish. This includes both the interior and exterior of the car. Some of the notable features that this car comes with are black 16-inch alloy wheels, electric & tinted rear windows, roof bars, a magic window, a magic top, electrically folding mirrors, a soft touch steering wheel, and a 10-inch digital instrument panel. 

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Fitted with an electric with a power of 100kWh, the 2023 Fiat e-Doblo comes with a 50kWh battery pack with a maximum range of up to 175 miles. Furthermore, the car can reach a maximum speed of 81 mph. Besides, the battery can be charged to 80 percent in less than 30 minutes.

Aside from having a decent speed, users can pick Normal, Eco, Power, and B-Mode driving modes. Users can also either select the panel or crew-cab models. A unique feature of the e-Doblo is the Magic Plus feature that makes it possible to utilize the battery’s electric energy for power tools and other electric appliances.

Comfort and cargo space

The Fit e-Doblo is very practical and has ample cabin and cargo space. Nonetheless, many similar cars offer more interior and cargo space. Regardless, users will find this car functional and ideal for family or work.

The small wheelbase Fiat e-Doblo offers a total cargo volume of 116.5 cubic feet of space, while the larger wheelbase model offers a total of 137.7 cubic feet of space. The shorter wheelbase has a total of 4.4 meters, while the larger wheelbase has a total of 4.75 meters. 


When buying an all-electric car, the range is very crucial to consider as it will decide how far you can go. The Fiat e-Doblo has a nice range as it can cover up to 175 miles on a single charge of the 50Kwh battery. Besides, Fit boasts that the battery can be charged up to 80 percent in just 30 minutes. This is very impressive for a van.   


This car is also fitted with various active safety systems that assist the user while driving, enabling them to have a sound and safe journey. The manufacturer provides a complete package of safety features with advanced driver assistance systems. As a result, this is a pretty safe car. 

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The 2023 Fiat e-Doblo is much costlier than its gasoline-powered sibling. It is estimated to have a base price of $32,000, which seems to be more expensive than most of its rivals as many of them provide way better features.  But those who won’t afford the all-electric version can opt for the cheaper mild-hybrid options.

Which cars are similar to the 2023 Fiat e-Doblo?

The 2023 Fiat e-Doblo is an excellent all-electric van with ample cargo and cabin space. It is also practical and has a decent loading capacity. Nevertheless, it has a lot of competition in the market, including Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot Partner, Toyota ProAce City, and Vauxhall Combo. 


  • Excellent design and styling
  • It has a fantastic range
  • It is practical
  • It is cheap to maintain
  • It has lots of advanced features


  • It is made of cheap interior materials
  • It is quite cramped
  • The performance is not so impressive


Is Fiat e-Doblo a reliable car?

While the gasoline-powered Fiat Doblo is not a very reliable car, we expect the 2023 Fiat e-Doblo to be more reliable. This is because electric cars feature fewer moving parts than their gasoline counterpart. Besides, Fiat Doblo is one of the most reliable Fiat models on the market. So, its electric version should be even more reliable.

How long will the 2023 Fiat e-Doblo last?

Like most Fiat models, the Fiat e-Doblo should last for more than 200,000 miles. But since the Fiat e-Doblo is an all-electric model, the battery will have to be changed after some time, which may even prolong the lifespan and make it clock over 300,000 miles.  

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Is it expensive to maintain the Fiat e-Doblo?

No, the Fiat e-Doblo is cheap to maintain as it’s an all-electric van. Besides, its parts and servicing are also cheap, but the customer care has a bad reputation. All in all, you won’t be required to pay much when it comes to repair and maintenance.

Is the 2023 Fiat e-Doblo a good car for daily driving?

Yes, the Fiat e-Doblo is a good car for daily driving as they feature a nice and comfortable cabin that can carry up to five passengers. They are also cheap to run and very economical. However, their ride quality is not the best and some of their rivals are more practical. 

Is the 2023 Fait e-Doblo good for off-road driving?

No, despite the 2023 Fiat e-Doblo being a van, it is not great for off-road driving. This is because it is a 4×2 and not a 4×4 car. So, if you’re looking for an exceptional van for off-road driving, you may have to look elsewhere.


The 2023 Fiat e-Doblo is one of the best all-electric vans on the market. Thanks to its versatility, efficiency, excellent load capacity, and top safety features. Nonetheless, it is slightly cramped with a small cargo space compared to most of its rivals. Generally, it is an outstanding van with lots of useful features for the money.

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