All about 2023 Peugeot e-Rifter

2023 Peugeot e-Rifter

The Peugeot e-Rifter is an entry-level Peugeot MPV designed for carrying people and/or cargo. It was first revealed back in 2021 and it got a relatively important refresh only a year after it came out. This means that the 2023 Peugeot e-Rifter is going to remain the same as the 2022 model which is certainly a good thing as it is more than competitive as it is.

For the 2022 model year, Peugeot actually lowered the price of the e-Rifter and added two new trim levels. The 2022 model also added some convenience features such as a keyless trunk opening, new colors, and a few additional features on the inside. This made the e-Rifter a fairly complete package which is why it is going to remain that way in 2023 as well.

The battery size remains the same and Peugeot is not likely to offer the e-Rifter with its larger 75kWh battery. The driving experience is not all that particularly special which means that the e-Rifter drives like any other car from its class.

Reliability is also going to stay the same which is not a bad thing at all as the e-Rifter is a fairly dependable car. Practicality is really good with seats up to seven with the long model or up to five with the shorter (normal) model.

2023 Peugeot e-Rifter – The Powertrain

As far as the powertrain is concerned, we can say that the e-Rifter should also come with the Stellantis larger 75kWh battery instead of just the smaller 50kWh battery. The smaller battery powers a single electric motor capable of pushing out 136hp and 192lb-ft of torque which is not great, but not terrible.

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However, the maximum range of the e-Rifter is 171 miles as far as WLTP cycles are concerned, but the real-world range is closer to 110 miles which aren’t all that good for any car. What is much better is the charging rate as the e-Rifter can charge with a standard 11kW charger which recharges the e-Rifter in about 5 hours, great for those who charge their cars overnight.

However, you can also fast-charge the e-Rifter with a 100kW charger which should replenish the battery in around 25 minutes which is a really good time. You can pre-schedule your charging intervals through the Peugeot app which makes it fairly easy to understand where your e-Rifter is when it comes to the state of charge.

2023 Peugeot e-Rifter – Design and Driving

As far as the exterior design is concerned, we can say that the e-Rifter looks relatively nice for an MPV as it does feature a fairly distinct Peugeot front-end look with nice-looking headlights. The entire body is a bit more sculpted than with other vans which makes it a bit quirkier and more exciting, especially in cooler-looking colors.

The interior is really nice as it follows the modern Peugeot design language to the teeth. The interior is dominated by the micro Peugeot steering wheel and the central infotainment screen which towers over everything else. You also get a digital gauge readout which makes the e-Rifter in line with the newest cars in its segment.

The driving experience is nothing to brag home about as this is a van, not a sports car or a luxury car of any means.

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2023 Peugeot e- Rifter – Reliability and Common Issues

The e-Rifter is a more reliable car than most other non-EV vans because EVs tend to be inherently more reliable. Sure, there were some issues with the powertrain such as high voltage wiring problems, charging problems, and potential battery issues, but nothing major as this platform is being used for more than 10 different EVs within the Stellantis family.

2023 Peugeot e- Rifter – Value and Practicality

Price-wise, expect to pay a bit more than £30,100 for the entry-level trim while top-end models are likely going to set you back around £35,000. All in all, it is a high price tag, but that is to be expected for electric MPVs which do come with price hikes over their normal ICE counterparts.

Practicality is also really good as the e-Rifter can fit up to seven people if you go for the longer and larger variant of the e-Rifter. The normal e-Rifter sits five without any issues and still leaves more than enough room for all of your luggage.

FAQ Section

Should I buy the 2023 Peugeot e-Rifter?

If you are after an electric MPV that can do everything you ask from it, the e-Rifter is a really good choice. The e-Rifter and the Citroen e-Berlingo are the two most popular cars in this segment which comes as no surprise as they are really similar. Both use the same basic layout, the dimensions are the same, the engine is the same, and the battery is the same.

They are essentially the same car underneath which makes total sense as both brands are owned by Stellantis. However, if you want a practical car, but you don’t want an MPV or a van, I’d rather go for an SUV or an estate.

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 Which cars rival the Peugeot e-Rifter?

As mentioned a few times by now, the 50kWh battery platform used with the e-Rifter can be seen across multiple different Stellantis-owned models such as the Citroen e-Berlingo or the Vauxhall Combo. There really aren’t too many differences between these two models which is why choosing between them is going to boil down to which brand you prefer and the styling.

It is worth mentioning that Vauxhall does offer the cheapest option here, but many would agree that the Combo is just a bit more dated-looking both inside and out.

Which Peugeot vans are electric?

Pretty much the entire lineup of Peugeot vans is electrified by now and these include the e-Rifter, the e-Expert, the e-Partner, and the largest of them all, the e-Boxer. For commercial purposes and hauling, the e-Boxer is by far the best option as it offers the highest cargo capacity and is the most spacious one of them all.

The e-Rifter is the smallest and is often used for family transport. However, I’d go for the e-Traveller as it is the perfect size for all of these usage scenarios.

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