All about 2023 Ford Escape

2023 Ford Escape

The Ford Escape was one of the most popular Ford SUVs a few years ago when Ford manages to shift upwards of 300,000 units of the Escape. However, for two recent years, the Escape has been on a continuous downward spiral as it has become a bit dated and isn’t competitive with most of its competitors.

With the addition of the new Bronco Sport, the Escape is going to take a dive even more. So, in order to revitalize the Ford Escape range, Ford is going to refresh the Escape for the 2023 model year. In this article, we will tell you all about 2023 Ford Escape, why you should consider one, and what are you going to get.

The 2023 Escape is not going to be a completely new model, but rather a modernization with which Ford aims to make the Escape more attractive. This includes a new wider grille, new headlights with a full-length light bar, new taillights, a new infotainment screen, and a few additional touches here and there which all add up to a new experience.

The powertrain range remains unchanged as is the case with most other systems. Some say that the new Escape is also going to get new names, new trims, and potentially even new models, but this is not yet been confirmed by anyone from the company.

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2023 Ford Escape – The Powertrain

The entry-level engine option is going to be the familiar 1.5L 3-cylinder engine with 191hp and 190lb-ft of torque. This version of the Escape can be optioned with either a FWD or even an AWD system. The 2.0L model is only available with AWD and offers 250hp and a healthy 280lb-ft of torque.  The Escape also retains its two hybrid models, one offering 162hp while the other one offering 203hp.

As far as fuel economy is concerned, you can expect the Ford Escape to return 28MPG in the city, and 34MPG on the highway with the 1.5L while the 2.0L can do 26MPG in the city and 31MPG on the highway. The FWD hybrid model is the most efficient model of the Escape you can buy because it can return up to 44MPG on the highway and 37MPG in the city.

All in all, the powertrain options with the Escape are all decently powerful and are equipped with Ford’s familiar 10-speed transmission which shifts gears seamlessly and shouldn’t do anything you don’t want it to.

2023 Ford Escape – Design and Driving

Design-wise, the 2023 Escape offers a few new touches over the outgoing model, such as the new front grille, new headlights, new taillights, new wheels, and a few additional details all over the car. The interior is now equipped with a larger infotainment screen housing the multimedia interface while the driver’s dashboard can now also be had with a digital screen.

When it comes to driving, the Escape remains pretty much the same which is no bad thing because the Escape is comfortable and relatively agile for its segment. Ride comfort is good, wind noise is good, and the Escape does not roll into corners quite as much as some of its Japanese-made competitors.

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2023 Ford Escape – Reliability and Common Issues

This generation of the Ford Escape was quite troublesome when it first came out but later models were considerably better. As the 2023 Escape isn’t going to feature mechanical differences all that much, it is likely going to adopt the existing Escape platform which should be backed with all the learnings from the previous generation of the Escape.

However, potential issues could be associated with the transmission, the ignition system, the engine, and potentially the power steering system. If you take proper care of it, your 2023 Escape is going to last a long time, but if you don’t do everything you need to, your Escape is going to suffer.


2023 Ford Escape – Value and Practicality

The entry-level Ford Escape is going to cost around $36,000 for the FWD model while top-end Ford Escape ST PHEV models will start at more than $54,000. These prices are quite a bit higher than the 2022 model when it came out, but that is to be expected as inflation is rather here to stay.

Practicality is okay and remains unchanged from the previous model year. So, if you are used to a Ford Escape, you can expect pretty much the same amount of space.

FAQ Section

Is the 2023 Ford Escape better than the 2022 Escape?

The 2023 Ford Escape isn’t too different from the 2022 Escape which is obvious. However, if you want a modern-looking Escape, you will have to go for the 2023 model because the 2022 model is starting to show its age a bit both inside and outside.

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However, if you are only interested in having the same driving experience, the 2022 Escape is more than good enough. Moreover, you will also save quite a bit of money if you go for a used 2022 model, especially as you are going to avoid all the potential dealership markups that are likely to arrive with the 2023 Escape.

When can I buy the 2023 Ford Escape?

Ford has opened its ordering process for the Ford Escape which means that it can now be pre-ordered. The very first 2022 Ford Escape models will become available by the end of the year while most customers will get their cars in early 2023.

You will have to pay a small-ish deposit fee to the dealer, and that deposit is going to later be included in your final purchasing price.

Where is the 2023 Ford Escape made?

The new Ford Escape is going to be built in the familiar Ford factory in Louisville, Kentucky. This factory was first opened in 1955 and is one of the largest factories Ford currently operates as it employs more than 4,000 people.

This plant makes all the Ford Escape models for the US, but also makes the Expedition, the F-250 Super Duty, F550 pickups, and the luxurious Lincoln Navigator.

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