Which SUV has the biggest trunk space?

The SUV is somewhat of a default car segment these days because it offers beefy styling, a raised-up driving position, superior space, and a superior safety rating. As such, there is quite a bit of difference between all the SUVs currently on sale, and here we will list the most spacious ones as far as trunk space is concerned.

If you want a compact SUV, but you still don’t want to compromise on trunk space, be sure to check out the Hyundai Tucson Hybrid because this compact SUV offers 21.7 cubic feet of trunk space. The Honda CR-V places second with 21.5 cubic feet of trunk space.

If you prefer mid-size SUVs, be sure to check out the Volkswagen Atlas with its 29.9 cubic feet of trunk space or the Hyundai Palaside with its 26.2 cubic feet of trunk space. If you want a strict 2-seater mid-size SUV, the one with the largest trunk space is the Hyundai Santa Fe with 25.3 cubic feet of trunk space.

Even though some mid-size SUVs are not so mid-size at all, you can still go out and opt for a full-size SUV. If that is indeed the case be sure to check out the Chevy Suburban because this family benchmark SUV offers 41.8 cubic feet of trunk space or 23 cubic feet with all three rows of seating in place.

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Hyundai Tucson Hybrid – 21.7 cubic feet of trunk space

The new Hyundai SUV line-up has gotten a well-deserved design upgrade and now it’s easy to say that all new Hyundai SUVs look impressive. The new Hyundai Tucson Hybrid is no different, and if you pair that with an equally lovely-looking interior, it’s really hard to go against the Tucson Hybrid.

With 21.7 cubic feet of trunk space, the Tucson Hybrid offers the largest trunk space out of all compact SUVs on sale. Furthermore, it is also an economical vehicle with superior MPG results as well, but only if you fully utilize the hybrid powertrain.

Honda CR-V – 21.5 cubic feet of trunk space

The Honda CR-V has long been the benchmark family compact SUV and it seems like the newest iteration of the CR-V is following that very same trajectory. The CR-V comes with a hefty 21.5 cubic feet of trunk space which is way above average for any compact SUV out there.

Besides the space, the CR-V is also relatively affordable and extremely reliable. No wonder that some many families use the CR-V as their daily driver.

Volkswagen Atlas – 29.9 cubic feet of trunk space

The mid-size Volkswagen Atlas is a smart-looking SUV that can comfortably fit in any executive car park while still being relatively affordable when compared to anything that is truly executive level. That being said, with almost 30 cubic feet of trunk space, the Atlas is large enough for almost every situation.

The Atlas is offered with a few impressive engines as well, and the V6 offers the best blend of performance and efficiency. The new infotainment system is responsive and intuitive to use and the 4Motion AWD system is pretty crafty in slippery conditions.

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Hyundai Palaside – 26.2 cubic feet of trunk space

The Hyundai Palisade is also a fairly large mid-size SUV that can even sit up to seven passengers in a pinch. However, if you constantly need all three rows, it’s better to opt for the Chevy Suburban. That being said, if you only occasionally plan to use all three rows of seating, and you want decent trunk space, the Palisade is the one to go.

With a generous 26.2 cubic feet of trunk space, the Palisade is certainly above average for its class, and if you combine that with beefy engine options across the board, the Palisade is truly a worthy consideration.

 Chevy Suburban – 41.8 cubic feet of trunk space

As the trend of futuristic-looking SUVs keeps ramping up, the Chevy Suburban manages to strike a perfect balance between a classic full-size SUV boxy look and a fairly futuristic design language. However, 41.8 cubic feet of trunk space with 5 seats available is absolutely gargantuan for a car with only four wheels.

To be 100% honest, even the 23 cubic feet of trunk space with all the third rows of seats is huge which means that the Chevy Suburban is the undisputed trunk space SUV champion. We started this article by saying that a Honda CR-V with its 21.5 cubic feet is still above average, and then comes the Suburban.

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FAQ Section

Do SUVs offer the most trunk space out of all consumer cars?

Even though SUVs are extremely spacious at the back, they are not the most spacious type of consumer car out there. That honor goes to the good old minivan, and the most spacious minivan currently on sale is the Toyota Sienna with 44.6 cubic feet of trunk space.

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The Honda Odyssey is a family minivan benchmark, but it does lack behind the Sienna when it comes to trunk space with 44.6 cubic feet. The Chrysler Pacifica takes third place with 41.6 cubic feet of trunk space.

Why do people love SUVs so much?

SUVs have come a long way since the 90s, and now it seems like they are the best all-around car for both families and individuals. Thanks to a raised-up driving position, higher safety standards, more trunk space, and an off-road background, the SUV has surpassed the sedan as the most popular car segment on the market.

Another reason why people love SUVs so much is the design because an SUV can look both rugged and sophisticated which is rather rare in the sedan segment. Finally, it’s trendy these days to own an SUV, and we all know how powerful trends can be.

Which electric SUV has the largest trunk space?

The Tesla Model X has the largest trunk space out of all-electric vehicles in general and is one of the most spacious cars money can buy these days. The cargo capacity of the Model X is rated at 91 cubic feet which is rather huge.

Besides being ample spacious, the Model X is also a great all-around electric SUV even though the design of the Model X is a bit blobby and unorthodox.

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