Which car is cheapest in spare parts

Buying a car is a huge expense in itself, but you also need to take into account the running and repair costs if you want to make a sound long-term financial decision. Costs such as these can dramatically change the value of a certain car which means that you need to consider them beforehand.

As such, spare parts costs are the most talked-about expense when it comes to repairing a car because labor costs are usually not as exaggerated between different brands. It comes as no surprise that many Japanese economy cars rule the charts, but there are a few US-made cars that also made the charts.

The Toyota Corolla is a car known to many as extremely reliable and cheap to run so it’s not all that surprising that the Corolla makes it on this list. The Honda Accord is also fairly cheap to repair, and so is the case with the VW Jetta which is one of the cheapest to own German-made cars out there.

As far as pick-up trucks are concerned, the Ford F150 also offers low running costs which also includes cheap parts. If you want a sports car, check out the Mazda MX-5 because this little sports car is one of the cheapest cars on the planet as far as spare parts and maintenance are concerned.

Toyota Corolla – One of the most popular compact sedans on the market

According to many online sources including RepairPal, the Toyota Corolla ranks at the very top of the cheapest cars to maintain list. This comes as no surprise because most Toyota models are known for superior reliability and efficiency.

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This means that the Corolla combines both the lack of need for parts because it is so reliable and the fact that even if you do end up needing spare parts, they are certainly not going to break the bank. Besides being cheap to run, the Corolla is a nice car to drive because it comes with loads of standard and additional equipment.

Honda Accord – A comfortable family sedan on a budget

The family sedan segment is mostly associated with expensive German luxury sedans which are both expensive to buy and to maintain. However, if you opt for the Honda Accord, you are getting most of what the Germans offer, but you also get lower running costs which includes cheap spare parts.

As previously mentioned, cars that combine reliability with cheap running costs are exponentially cheaper to own long-term than most cars. If you set aside all the maintenance and reliability data, the Accord is also a well-equipped family sedan with lots of gadgetry to keep you entertained for a long time.

VW Jetta – One of the cheapest German cars to own

German cars are not exactly associated with reliability and cheap running costs because they mostly focus on technology, comfort, and luxury. However, the VW Jetta has always been known for low running costs because it is a VW Golf in sedan form.

This generation of the Jetta is getting on a bit now but that also means that they managed to iron out all the problems throughout the production years. There are loads of trim levels to choose from and all of them are competitive. There are loads of spare parts and they are significantly cheaper than anything else from BMW, Mercedes, or Audi.

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Ford F150 – The most popular pick-up truck in the US

The Ford F150 has been the most popular car in the US for a long time now which means that the F150 certainly offers a lot for the money. Huge popularity also means an abundance of spare parts and an abundance of spare parts means cheap parts prices.

Even though the F150 is a large pickup truck, it is still relatively cheap to own one considering the size. The Chevy Silverado is not far off, but it can’t match the F150 when it comes to maintenance costs. Considering the number of F150s sold each year, you should never worry about finding spare parts.

Mazda MX-5 Miata – One of the cheapest cars to own in general

The Mazda MX-5 is a fan favorite for both supercar owners and baby drivers because it combines an incredibly playful yet agile chassis with now already iconic styling at a silly low price. If you combine that with the fact that Mazda is a brand known for superior reliability, you are in a treat if you buy yourself an MX-5.

Almost every car enthusiast out there has nothing but kind words for the MX-5 because it is cheap to buy, cheap to run, and easy to drive. There are loads of spare parts everywhere and there are many aftermarket companies that specifically design parts just for the MX-5.

FAQ Section

What is more important: Reliability or cheap parts?

The benefit of a reliable car is that it does not break down all that often which means that you will not have to pay for spare parts often because you will not be needing them for the most part. On the other hand, if a car is so popular that there are loads of cheap parts around, that means that even if the car does break, you are paying a lot less to get it fixed.

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Between these two, choosing the more valuable factor is rather difficult, but a reliable car is a generally better idea due to many other reasons such as convenience and dependability.

Is it okay if I use aftermarket parts for my car?

Many owners out there constantly dwell on is it better to sometimes spend twice the money for an OEM part, or is it better to opt for a cheaper aftermarket one? The decision between these two primarily depends on what the part is and how does it affect the car and the resale value.

If the part in question is not all that important, then it’s better to opt for an aftermarket part if the price difference justifies it. On the flip side, if we are talking about vital car components which do affect safety and performance, it’s better to go through the OEM route.

Which types of cars offer the most expensive spare parts?

Supercars, sports cars, and high-end luxury cars are known for increased costs, and when compared to every other car segment out there, they are the most expensive ones when it comes to spare parts. That’s because the availability of these parts is not as constant as is the case with more popular mass-production cars.

Furthermore, these parts are also built to a higher standard because they need to satisfy a specific purpose. Either way, it’s better to opt for a warranty of any sort with these cars rather than risking potentially catastrophic prices.

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