What’s bad about electric cars?

Electric vehicles are slowly but surely taking over, and as such, it’s only right for us to criticize them in order to further improve the technology. After all, asking questions is a smart move, and it should help us get the right answers eventually.

That being said, electric cars are expensive, and there are only a couple of relatively affordable electric cars on the market. Secondly, electric cars suffer from long recharge times and many regions around the world still have a subpar charging infrastructure.

Another great disadvantage is range anxiety as you can never be too sure how long you can go before the battery runs out. Some cities are unable to support an EV revolution because of a serious shortage of power. This means that the entire grid needs to be way more advanced for us to completely transition.

Finally, even though the performance levels can be absolutely insane, electric cars are way too robotized and sensory deprived that it kind of makes no sense to buy a ‘’performance’’ electric car. Sure, you will be able to reach 60mph from a standstill in less than 2 seconds, but that’s pretty much it.

Electric cars still cost way too much money

Many countries around the world offer government grants to those who want to invest in an electric car. However, these grants are extremely limited and are probably going to go away whenever people start buying electric cars on a larger scale. Furthermore, countries used to offer tax cuts to those who buy EVs, but many countries don’t do that anymore.

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Be that as it may, electric cars still cost way too much money, and many people believe that some brands such as Tesla don’t even satisfy the very minimum of quality control standards. Used electric cars are also extremely limited in quantity. If you just want a relatively affordable used car, you are still forced to opt for cars with a traditional combustion engine or a hybrid.

Subpar charging times and charging infrastructure

Arguably the worst aspect of owning an electric car is the fact that sometimes you have to charge a few times before arriving at your destination a couple of hundred miles away. Yes, you ought to do the same with a regular combustion engine car, but a short gas stop takes a few minutes if everything goes to plan.

On the other hand, it can sometimes take up to 3 hours to charge an electric vehicle. Besides that, electric chargers are nowhere near as widely available as regular gas stations are. An average gas station holds around 4-8 pumps, and a regular charging spot offers up to 4 spots at a maximum.

Electric power grid shortages

Many large cities and urban centers around the world are facing severe power shortages, so much so that they sometimes need to rely on importing energy from nearby countries which can also experience a shortage of power. If we transition to EVs too soon, we might encounter alarming power shortages.

It is still unclear how many governments around the world plan to deal with this issue, but it’s safe to say that a massive EV revolution needs an equally massive change in the electrical power infrastructure. Chances are that we are likely going towards nuclear energy on a larger scale, which is a good thing and a bad thing at the same time.

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Electric performance cars are fast but lifeless

The Rimac Nevera and the Tesla Model S Plaid are the two fastest serial production cars in the history of the human race. 0-60mph in around or even less than 2 seconds, quarter-mile times of 8.5 for the Nevera or 9 seconds for the Tesla are absolutely insane.

However, it only takes a few mind-bending accelerations to realize that EVs are not as exciting as regular performance cars are. Even though the Nevera can absolutely destroy the Ferrari LaFerrari in almost every regard, I’d rather take the Ferrari on almost any occasion.

FAQ Section

Are electric cars worth considering?

The answer to this question depends highly on where you live and what do you use your car for. If you are able to fully utilize the EV platform and you have lots of advanced charging stations nearby, be sure to consider an EV. Also, if you are not regularly going on longer journeys, an EV is a step in the right direction.

However, if you are not able to take advantage of an advanced charging station network, then it is better to skip buying an EV at this moment in time. You should rent an EV for a short period just to see how it feels to own an EV because it is never a good idea to rush anything.

Why are electric cars so heavy?

Electric cars are heavy because they carry batteries which on average weigh as much as 1000 pounds. The good thing about this weight is that it’s always positioned at the very bottom of the car which in turn lovers the center of gravity and makes the car feel lighter than it actually is.

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However, increased weight does carry a few mentionable caveats. Heavy cars usually have better traction and are safer in an event of an accident. On the other hand, these cars tend to decelerate slower and are sometimes harder to control if they do break traction.

Should I buy a hybrid or an EV?

Electric cars offer numerous advantages over hybrid cars such as increased environmental awareness, they don’t use fuel at all, they are supposedly more reliable, and they benefit from lots of next-gen technologies which are still not available with regular combustion engine cars and hybrids.

However, if you want to maximize your range, you ought to opt for a hybrid because a hybrid relies on the electric engine and the combustion engine. It’s always worth mentioning that there are a limited amount of hybrid cars out there as the interest towards them is not as intense as it is towards EVs.

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