What new SUVs have ventilated seats?

Premium SUVs have become extremely desirable in recent times, and that’s rather obvious because the younger generation tends to love SUVs, especially ones that combine both comfort and utility. There are a couple of relatively affordable SUVs out there that do also include the ventilated seat option.

Starting with the rather impressive Mazda CX-5 you can get ventilated seats if you are willing more for the Premium GT package. It’s the same story with the Jeep Grand Cherokee which means that you will have to upgrade to the Traillhawk or Overland trim to get ventilated seats.

The Hyundai Tucson is also available with ventilated seats, but you will have to pay for the Ultimate package. If you want a more premium SUV that also comes with ventilated seats, be sure to check out the Mercedes Benz GLC compact SUV with the premium interior pack.

If you are mostly interested in full-size SUVs, the Hyundai Palisade is also available with seat ventilation as part of the Limited package. All in all, many new SUVs come with ventilated seats, but you will have to pay a hefty premium in order to get them.

Do you want to know more about ventilated seats?

Mazda CX-5 – A great all-around SUV

The Mazda CX-5 starts at around $30k, but if you want ventilated seats you will have to upgrade to the GT Premium package which will set you back an additional $1600. You can also move up the range to get even more additional equipment like fine leather seats, wood trims, ambient lighting, and so on, but the price can easily reach $37k or more.

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Nonetheless, the CX-5 is a great SUV both for families and individuals because it offers superior reliability, practicality, and efficiency. Newer generation Mazda models have become rather superior to many other competing brands within their segment, and the CX-5 might as well be the best Mazda car on sale.

Jeep Grand Cherokee – A well-deserved upgrade

The new Jeep Grand Cherokee is a significant upgrade over the old model because it now looks in tune with all the other new SUVs currently on the market. The new Cherokee comes in as many as 12 different trim levels, 8 of which can be equipped with the ventilated seat option.

If you want ventilated seats, you need to upgrade to the Cherokee Limited and pay for an additional Luxury II package which includes ventilation, pan roof, and heated second-row seats. If you upgrade to the Traillhawk or Overland spec, you get ventilated seats as standard. You need a minimum of $44k if you want ventilated seats in the new Grand Cherokee.

 Hyundai Tucson – A close match with the CX-5

As with the CX-5, the Hyundai Tucson also ticks many boxes when it comes to great compact SUV performance. If you want ventilated seats, you will have to pay $32k for the Hyundai Tucson Ultimate which comes as standard with this package.

Both the CX-5 and the Tucson represent quite a bit of value when it comes to SUVs with ventilated seats because they are both at the very bottom end when it comes to price. Even so, both of these are extremely good SUVs, but they are not all that lux, especially if not in their top-of-the-line trim levels.

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 Mercedes Benz GLC – A true premium executive compact SUV

The Mercedes Benz GLC also offers ventilated seats as a part of a $1000 interior leather package, and if you combine that with the $40-ish thousand starting price, the GLC can be had with ventilated seats for a rather tempting price tag.

Besides the ventilated seats, the GLC comes well equipped from the factory, but if you want the best GLC available, be sure to get the $3900 premium package. However, if you want to max out your GLC, you will have to go for either the AMG package, or the Premium Package, but these cost a lot more money.

Hyundai Palisade – Strong value for the money

With a starting price of $36k, the Hyundai Palisade has a lot to offer. The cabin is rather spacious and it comes with lots of upscale materials. If you want ventilated seats, you will have to upgrade to the Limited or the Caligraphy trim level. The Palisade Limited comes at $45k while the Caligraphy version costs around $47k.

AWD is also an option on every trim level and it costs $1700 and is a must-have for an SUV as large as the Palisade. The Limited is the best one to get as it comes with a dual pan roof, ventilated seats, heated steering wheel, Premium Nappa leather, Harman Kardon speakers, 10’’ display, and a 12.3’’ virtual cockpit.

FAQ Section

Is it worth it opting for ventilated seats?

It depends on how and where you use your car the most. If you have the opportunity, be sure to test drive a car with ventilated seats because many people deem them as a gimmick. Moreover, some people don’t even feel the ventilating effects at all.

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Be that as it may, ventilated seats are a great thing to have during the summer because if combined with the A/C, they are a lovely companion, especially if you need to stay fresh for a long time.

How does seat ventilation even work?

The seat ventilation system is comprised out of small fans within the seats which blow air onto your back and your bottom to cool you down during the summer months. These systems are usually engaged through a dedicated button on either the seat bottoms or the door panels.

Some infotainment systems integrate the seat ventilation button within the menu which can sometimes be a bit tricky for those who are not initiated in how certain infotainment systems operate. Nevertheless, most cars offer ventilated seats for the front passenger, but only a few offer ventilated seats for the rear passengers as well.

Are all seat ventilation systems the same?

There are a few different ways how these systems operate, but they primarily differ depending on if the system refrigerates the air or not. The most basic system simply sucks in the cabin air without cooling it which only makes a difference if the cabin air is already rather cold.

On the other hand, a more advanced system incorporates a more sophisticated design in which the air sucked into the seats is also cooled before being dispersed back onto your back through the seat vents.

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