What is the BMW M Sport Package?

BMW is not only one of the leading luxury car brands in the world, but it also offers a variety of car makes and models. In total, BMW offers 11 different groups of cars. Among the different groups, the M-Series is one of the most preferred as it provides powerful cars. But what is BMW M Sport Package? 

The BMW M Sport package makes your BMW look sportier outside and inside. However, it lacks the engine and tuning of M-Series and M Performance cars. In short, it makes your car look like the BMW M-series, but without the speed and at a cheaper cost. Besides, this package is available from the BMW 1-series to the BMW 8-Series. 

Note that the BMW M Sport package varies from one BMW model to another. Regardless, all M Sport packages come with parts or features that add a unique exterior and interior to your BMW. Some of the things included in the M Sport package include large wheels, a sportier-looking body kit, better trim finishes, and body-hugging sports seats. 

What is the difference between M-Sport, M Performance, and M-Series? 

M Sport 

The M Sport is the lowest trim in the BMW M line. Unlike the M-Series and M Performance trims, the M Sport is an accessory package. This package can be added to any BMW, with the inclusion of the lower affordable trims. As stated earlier, the M Sport Package makes the car look sportier but without the speed and performance of the higher trims. 

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M Performance 

Unlike the M Sport trim, the M Performance trim comes with certain cars. So, it cannot be added to any BMW model. Additionally, the M Performance trim not only provides sporty looks but as well as better performance and speed. Besides, the M Sport usually has a simple badge, such as “340i or 135i,” while the M Performance trim has badges with M in them, such as “M340i or M240i.” 


The M-Series is different from the M Sport and M Performance trims because it comes as a separate model. On top of that, it doesn’t have trim designations and its badge is very simple. For instance, M3, X3 M, M5, or X6 M. However, the M Performance trim is faster than the M-Series. 

What does the BMW M Sport Package entail?

The BMW M Sport package includes a darker exterior, interior trim, small M Badges, larger wheels, a peculiar steering wheel, and a sportier-looking body kit. Note that the wheels come in different sizes and types. You can get 19-inch M Double-spoke wheels or 20-inch M Double-spoke wheels. 

When it comes to trims, you can an Aluminum Rhombicle interior trim or 4LH – Fineline cove matter finish wood, or even 4LF – Fineline ridge wood trim. Aside from the features mentioned above, the M Sport Package also comes with ZDH – dynamic handling package. 

Why should I go for a BMW with an M in it? 

BMWs M models are more powerful and good-looking than normal BMWs. However, they are also costly, meaning that you will have to pay more than standard BMW cars. Note that the cost of the BMW M Sport Package differs from one BMW model to another. 

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Why buy the BMW M Sport?

The BMW M Sport looks more spectacular inside and outside than traditional BMWs. Besides looking more elegant than standard BMWs, the BMW M Sport is cheaper to run and maintain than the BMW M Performance or M-Series cars. 

Why should you stay away from the BMW M Sport package?

Even though the BMW M Sport package looks sportier than traditional BMWs, it lacks the power and speed of the M Performance and M-Series. Also, maintaining the car is much costlier than a traditional BMW because of the add-ons. 


What is the difference between normal BMW and M Sport?

The main difference between a normal BMW and M Sport car is their looks. The M Sport cars look sportier than traditional BMWs. Nevertheless, both of these cars usually have the same engines options and it solely depends on what you want. 

How does the M-Series mean in BMW?

The M in the BMW M-Series stands for motorsport. There are a total of three different kinds of BMW motorsport cars and they include the full M-Series cars, M Performance cars, and M badged cars. Nonetheless, all of these M variants vary and it’s important to know what you’re looking for before choosing any variant. 

Is BMW M the best trim? 

No, it depends on your needs and demands. If you want a high-performance and powerful car with a sporty look, then the M trim is the best for you. But if comfort and practicality are what you’re looking for, then you can consider some lower trims that don’t have the power or speed of the M-Series. 

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Is the BMW M Sport Package worth it? 

Yes, the BMW M Sport Package is worth it if you want a sporty-looking car. This package makes your car look outstanding compared to the usual BMW cars. However, if you want a sporty look and drive, this is not the car for you as you won’t get a similar speed or power as the BMW M-Series. 

What is the M Sport Pro package? 

As its name suggests, the BMW M Sport Pro package comes with the features found on the M Sport Package and much more. For instance, this package comes with larger & sportier wheels, a detailed kidney grille, and a high gloss Shadowline exterior.  


The BMW M Sport Package is an accessory package that can be added to any BMW Model to make it look sportier or like the M-Series or M Performance models. However, unlike the M-Series or M Performance cars, the cars with the M Sport Package are not as powerful or fast. 

Overall, the BMW M Sport Package makes your ordinary BMW model look more spectacular than normal BMW cars. Note that this package comes at an additional cost of about $4,000. It may cost you around $2,450 on a BMW coupe and $6,500 on an SUV. 

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