Volkswagen Scirocco years to avoid – The best and worst years

Volkswagen Scirocco

The first Volkswagen Scirocco was introduced in 1974 and was in production until 1992. The second generation of the Scirocco was introduced 10 years later and was in production until 2017. The first two iterations of the Scirocco are now fairly dated and are not really all that popular, except with classic car enthusiasts.

The best VW Scirocco model years are the 2017 and 2016 models because they are the most reliable ones out of the bunch. When the 2008 Scirocco was first introduced, it suffered from various issues which means that the 2008-2009 models are the worst ones to buy.

This is a common occurrence with many models when they first see the light of day until the manufacturer solves all the issues throughout production. The best Scirocco models to go for are the Scirocco GTS and the Scirocco R models because they retain their value best and are the most exciting ones to drive.

Equipment-wise, the R and GTS models come with a lot more kit straight from the factory which means that adding optional packages is not all that necessary, as opposed to entry-level Scirocco models which can often come in barebone specs, especially those with halogen headlights.

VW Scirocco – Best years

As mentioned in the beginning, the best VW Scirocco model years are the 2016 and 2017 models. The reason why these two model years are the best is that they are the very latest Scirocco models. If you consider the fact that VW discontinued the Scirocco altogether in 2017, these two are likely going to be the latest models for a while, if not forever.

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These two model years have had the least amount of issues throughout time as VW managed to solve a bunch of Scirocco issues during the car’s production. Moreover, newer Scirocco models retain their value a lot better and are in better condition due to their age.

Either way, no matter which model year you go for, it’s a lot more important to focus on examples that come with all the necessary service history records. These cars can be extremely problematic if not maintained correctly, so be sure to avoid those whenever you can.

VW Scirocco – Worst years

The worst VW Scirocco years are the 2008 and 2009 models because these suffer from the highest amount of issues out of all the latest Scirocco model years. The 2008 models were the very first units to exit the factory which means that they experienced issues that weren’t visible during production.

Furthermore, these are typically in the worst condition out of all newer Scirocco models because there is a 10-year difference between the first last-gen Scirocco models and the very latest units to exit the factory. Some issues such as ESC/ABS were a reason why VW issued recalls for early gen Scirocco models which means that later models were fixed directly from the production line.

The starter motor issue is also one that plagued older VW Scirocco models and was also part of a recall. Once again, the very latest Scirocco models have had these issues fixed directly from the factory. Finally, early Scirocco models are also the ones that depreciate the worst out of all last-gen Scirocco models.

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The best VW Scirocco models to buy

As far as trims, engines, and configurations are concerned, the standard Scirocco range comes with 17-inch alloys, an air-con system, a touchscreen system, a multifunction steering wheel, and a few additional pieces of equipment. Moving up the range you can get a lot more kit straight from the factory such as parking sensors, Alcantara sports seats, dual-zone A/C, 19-inch alloys, R-Line styling, and so on.

The best models to go for are undoubtedly the GTS and R models because they come with almost everything, they retain their value best, they are the most fun to drive, and are by far the most capable sports cars out of the lot. You should also go for a DSG-equipped model as the DSG dual-clutch box simply makes more sense than a manual for most people.

If you want a diesel Scirocco, you should go for the 2.0L TDI with 181hp in R-Line trim as this might as well be the best all-around Scirocco model you can buy. It is the most efficient, powerful enough, relatively affordable, and superiorly reliable.

FAQ Section

Should I buy the first-gen VW Scirocco?

Initial VW Scirocco models are not popular in today’s day and age because they are way too old and require thorough maintenance at every stage of the process. This means that these are better left alone if you are not a mechanic yourself, or if you are willing to spend quite a bit of money on a 30-40-year-old classic Volkswagen coupe.

It’s no secret that the most popular VW Scirocco models are the latest ones. That is for a reason as older Scirocco models are not really desirable, fast, or particularly good-looking. The VW Corrado is what early Scirocco models were supposed to be, and that is also why early Scirocco models are unpopular.

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Why did Volkswagen discontinue the Scirocco?

According to a few credible sources, Volkswagen ditched both the Beetle and the Scirocco due to the Diesegate scandal and the necessity of keeping up with the times and investing in electric cars. The VW ID. range is ever-expanding which means that there are lots of newer VW EV models to be introduced in the coming years.

Some sources do say that VW will electrify the Scirocco and return it back to its former glory, but these rumors do not come directly from VW, probably from VW Scirocco enthusiasts.

Is the VW Scirocco R better than VW Golf R?

Even though the Scirocco R is a more focused sports car, it is not able to compete with the Golf R for a few different reasons. First of all, the Golf R is faster thanks to 4MOTION AWD while also being more practical.

The Scirocco might be the better car when it comes to handling, but when it comes to daily driving, acceleration speeds, practicality, and desirability, the Golf R takes it.

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